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Comment Re:Paper ballots in Canada (Score 1) 172

In a case like that, go to court and get the results thrown out and hold a new election. In Canada, the Constitutional requirements for elections is fairly loose, basically there has to be an election after 5 years or so (actually it is 5 Parliaments). Governments can call elections any time though the electorate gets pissed off if there are too many elections so usually every 4 years, and courts can throw out election results forcing a new election.
Elections are also much simpler, for Federal and Provincial elections, which are held at different times, you tick off one name for your representative and which ever party gets the most seats forms the government. Given a majority of seats, they can pass basically any law subject to the courts up holding the Constitution and in a minority position, they have to work with another party to pass laws and the important budget. Can't pass a budget, can't be the government and usually an election is forced.

Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 2) 507

You're making quite a few assumptions. Consider the Indians, I think it is similar here in Canada as the States, the reservations, while having some sovereignty, are also sorta wards of the Federal government. Land is communally owned, many reservations are as you say, no land improvements, trailers or pre-fabbed houses, basically a slum. These are people who lost their lifestyle, often violently. Have been abused for generations, especially having their families ripped apart. Fact, people can't make good decisions if they don't know their choices.
Some of the natives have really lifted themselves up, even with the communal ownership thing. Take the Osoyoos band. To quote from their web site, http://oibdc.ca/

The Osoyoos Indian Band people honour the hard working, self-supporting lifestyle of our ancestors by developing our own economy through our business initiatives.

Through leases and joint ventures we have built meaningful business relationships that have created social and employment opportunities for both natives and non-natives in the South Okanagan. The Chief and Council of OIB are business people, and we desire to develop more business opportunities

And they've done an amazing job. Helps that they have a good location, just like the next band north, https://www.biv.com/article/20... who are happily leasing out their land for economic advantage.
Then there are the bands who have recently signed treaties, got out of the Indian Act (no special rights anymore), and into actual ownership. Generally they've just sold their assets for way too cheap and can't even claim a bit of the communal land to plant a trailer.

Russia and the Soviet Union. It's hard to claim that a country that went from wealth being considered how many serfs you owned to a space fairing nation in 50 years, while winning WWII through the sacrifice of millions of lives, and suffering under Stalin, didn't increase their GDP. At least their standard of living increased, they had a longer expected lifespan then the average American at one point, then went broke trying to compete with a country that could borrow trillions and was made up of mostly people that were motivated to move to the new world to make a success of themselves.

Other "successful communist experiments" include what was happening in civil war Spain, at least until the Stalinists showed up. Read some George Orwell. Or read about http://www.spookmagazine.com/w... http://webcache.googleusercont...

Sadly socialist revolutions, while easy to sell to a poor population, usually end up with corrupt leadership that fuck it right up. See recent events in S. America. We don't point to Saudi Arabia as an example of the success of capitalism or conservatism and most of the stories of communism are similar.
Personally I think mixed is best, take the best from all the systems. Think of the chief of the Osoyoos Indian Band, a very good businessman who is motivated to employ people, especially his people rather then to get disgustingly rich.

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 639

No, Stephen Harper. And how do you figure a small government can not be a repressive government? A small government is just a small government. Sometimes it's so small that it has to contract out the repression or just support the private police (such as the Pinkertons) in repressing. It's usually not a majority that is being repressed so the government/private interests can get away with it. Slavery was another example of repression by small government, along with what was done to the natives.

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 639

Had a small government type in power here for close to a decade. While happily getting rid of parts of government that helped people, quite happy to expand the parts that spied and repressed the people. Spent lots of time fighting the Supreme Court over the peoples rights and the governments right to remove them.
Sorry, but a government that due to smallness, can do nothing but repress the people, is not a solution. The solution is good government, which is especially hard to do in America due to the way elections work.

Comment Re:License to work (Score 1) 639

Nothing to do with climate change, where the bad gas is CO2. This is plain old simple pollution, the Diesel Exhaust Fluid is to cut down on NOx, something that probably doesn't matter too much on a farm in the middle of nowhere but does matter in populated areas such as where I live. Lots of farms right next to the big city and geography like LA, that traps the pollutants.

Comment Re: Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 639

On the flip side, it was government intervention that forced the automobile manufacturers to play nice with the independent repair shops and after market parts manufacturers. Even the fact that my OBD II reader will mostly work on most any (sold in N. American, not sure about other markets) car built from the mid '90's on is due to government intervention.

Comment Re:I'm totally shocked... (Score 3, Interesting) 613

How is corporate welfare not socialism?

Socialism doesn't mean "for the little guy." It means "the means of production owned or controlled by the state."

Corporate welfare qualifies.

Actually socialism means "the means of production owned or controlled by the people". This can be the State, it can be through co-ops, credit unions etc. Ideally is getting rid of government though it is hard as the Stalinists usually show up and fuck things.
Ideally socialism needs to be combined with libertarianism.

Comment Re:There was a modern MS DOS ... (Score 2) 211

Before OS/2, there was multitasking DOS v4, http://www.os2museum.com/wp/mu... which was the direction that MS was taking DOS before branching out to what eventually became OS/2, http://www.os2museum.com/wp/be...
There was also the family mode programs that ran on simple DOS and OS/2 v1 (as well as NT up to Win2k using the OS/2 sub-system) where the program basically had a minimal OS/2 environment grafted on. The text mode Word v5 is a good example.

Comment Re:I hate it when companies decide what's good for (Score 1) 284

Are you seriously claiming that a few frames of a beheading is harmless compared to a few frames of oral sex?
Personally, even at 55 yrs old, I find a couple of frames of a bloody corpse as something that sticks with me, and not in a good way. I watched my young son doing internet searches, the odd sexual image that came up, he ignored. And when he was in his hamster phase, there were some weird images that came up.
The fact that you consider a few frames of violence to be less harmful then most porn says more about you then the average person. Unluckily the big thing that it says about you is that you're probably from a religious American background.

Comment Re: Oh dear (Score 1) 177

Just curious, but by what authority does Congress get to pass laws denying speech? I've read the American Constitution, good document if unpractical. It was amended very early to stop the government, or at least Congress, from outlawing any form of speech. Perhaps there is an amendment I'm unaware of, namely giving the government the right to deny speech in certain circumstances such as national security and child porn. Probably was passed along with the amendment allowing the government to deny certain people the right to bear arms.

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 2) 227

You have that backwards. Think about it. Drop corporate taxes to zero and raise the workers taxes to 90%-99.9%. Now the corporation has to pay the janitor $200,000 so he can take home $20,000 and pay the CEO one billion so he can take home a million. This is whether the corporation is profitable or not.

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 1) 227

Of course it's a democracy. The people vote for their MP, usually based on party, the MP gets a say in caucus about how to run things, the party governs. If the party can't govern, eg lets say that they fail to pass a budget, the people get to vote again. It's actually possible to have multiple elections in a year rather then being stuck with a government without the support of the peoples representatives.

Comment Re:Punish the serf class. (Score 1) 238

Would it be less tyrannical if the one sheep could decide to starve the 2 wolves?
The UK is ruled by Parliament (actually the Queen in Parliament), not the PM, Parliament agrees on a PM, who has to be an elected MP or become one pretty quick as they need to be in Parliament to run things. Theresa May was elected to serve her constituents and now Parliament has decided that she's the one to herd Parliament. Ideally she'll call an election soon to have a better mandate, but as long as she can get the budget passed and win votes of confidence, she doesn't have to until an election is due.
The American system of the States appointing electors, who vote for President and the fallback to Congress isn't exactly very democratic either.

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