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Comment Re:18:9 (Score 1) 77

Because bigger numbers are better! Only a loser will use a 2:1 screen. Real men? they have a 10,000,000:5,000,000 ratio screen!
and it has a 330,000 uAh battery! DEAR GOD ITS HUGE! MOAR POWER!

And all you thinkers can STFU! stop your freedom hating education and knowlege from getting in the way of FREEDOM!

Comment Re:I am so sorry for him (Score 1) 519

After taxes and medical, his take-home is about $8,000 a month or so. He's spending a little more than 1/3 on his rent, which is not good. That $3,000 a month might not even be a super nice place in a good neighborhood, either. Those would be more in the $4,000 to $5,000 range.

So that leaves him with about $5,000 a month for his other expenses. Let's say he lives frugally and can live life on $2,000 a month. That leaves him $3,000 a month to put into savings. That's not bad!

Now, let's assume he wants to own his own home in the Bay Area someday. Everything is going to be in the one million rage, unless you are buying a tear down or a really small apartment. So you're going to want 20%, or $200,000 as a down payment. Saving at $3,000 a month means he'd have the money after working for five years. That's five years of frugal living, no car, no vacations, and then his mortgage payments would be in the $5,000 a month range.

Yeah, the numbers are big, but he's never going to be in a position to live "the American dream", with a house and kids for at lease five years, and then it'll still be kind of tight.

Comment Re:$160.000 and a hole in your budget at monthend (Score 1) 519

Yep. If you and your partner are both earning six figures and you have been lucky enough to afford to buy, then you can have a kid or two and make it work. But you're looking at $2,000 a month per kid for childcare, so both of you had better make enough to make that worth while. If you move to SF with dreams of saving lots of money and buying a nice place around here, you're insane. Your only hope is to A) Marry someone that has property already (like me!) or work at a startup that hits it big enough that you get a a few hundred thousand in payout. There are a fair number of people in that boat, but it's not the majority. If you don't have equity in a company, you're never going to save enough to get out of being a renter in the Bay Area.

Comment Be careful generalizing (Score 3, Insightful) 205

IQ is like height in basketball. The best basketball players aren't the tallest people in the world but they are all taller than average.

A very good analogy.

two people with high IQ will out-perform a single person of super high-IQ.

That statement is task dependent. For some tasks it is true and for others not so much. There also are failure modes that multiple people are subject to that an individual is not. Much like your previous statement, crowds often are smarter than individuals but not universally so in all cases.

Also, there have been lots of data collected on IQs and success.

That is contingent on what you define as "success". I'm familiar with some of the studies you are probably referring to but be careful with such generalizations.

Comment Not a slippery slope (Score 1) 83

Yeah, everything can be used for good or evil including snooping, but capitalism and greed often shift that equation in the direction of evil.

If nobody bothers to put up a fight then yes. But the evil that corporations do can be overcome. One only has to look at the number of regulations we have to see evidence that we can limit corporations. Corporations can be muzzled if enough people bother to care.

Google even mentioned the fact in their early days (do no evil). Then they started full scale snooping.

"Do no evil" was marketing from day one. Anyone who didn't realize that was either naive or an idiot. Google is an advertising company and has been from jump street. Anyone who didn't realize that they would behave with the incentives relevant to an advertising company was an idiot.

In reality, privacy is going to become a very rare commodity

It never was as common as people believed it was. A lot of stuff we thought was private in the past really wasn't. It just wasn't convenient to get the data. Now we actually have to do something about it rather than relying on the hope that others are lazy to protect our privacy. It will be an ongoing fight to balance privacy with other interests.

Comment Cash trumps your privacy (Score 1) 83

At least one manufacturer will see the marketing value of ''the car that does not spy on you'

More likely one manufacturer will TRY that marketing angle and then quickly figure out that very few people actually give half a shit about their privacy and abandon the attempt. The siren call of all that cash will simply be too much for them to resist for long.

Comment Personally I will wait (Score 1, Informative) 209

I've had AMD in the past, when they were good (pre Phenom days). Then I switched to Intel. It seems like AMD are finally getting serious again, that's good. Because with the rumors flying that Intel is soon going to be supporting Windows only on their chips, there is no fucking way I will continue to buy from them if this turns out to be true.

Price is only a secondary concern. It was important when you were buying a new rig every year. But since the pace of progress has slowed, I don't mind shelling out more for a CPU because I know it's going to last me a good 5+ years and then some. Now what I find important is retaining control over my machine.

Comment Cautionary != Dystopian (Score 3, Insightful) 83

Still driving my 22 year old Eclipse GSX with no onboard recording devices.

I drive WAY too much for that to be a realistic option for me. My current daily driver is a 2009 and I already have over 160,000 miles on it. If I were to keep it for 22 years at my current annual mileage I'd have over half a million miles on it at that point. It's a good vehicle but I have little confidence it will still be on the road after that much use. Mine doesn't transmit any data about my location either. I think it has an onboard black box but I'm not worried about that.

Very surprised people are going along with the 1984 snooping on everyone thing. It was supposed to be a cautionary tale.

Cautionary but complicated. I carry a smartphone because it adds significant value to my daily life. Yes it could in principle be used in a dystopian fashion but in reality it isn't. Like nuclear power or genetic engineering, the technology is neutral and whether it is a force for good or ill depends on how it is used. There are very positive benefits to tracking location and performance parameters of a vehicle. There also are some drawbacks. It's not all 1984 where everything has taken the worst possible outcome.

Comment Re:Less than public transit? (Score 4, Insightful) 314

Uber's venture capitalists and investors are eventually going to get skittish.

Which is why there was such a rush to try and IPO it over the past few years. That way the founders and investors could get out with their cash and Wall St. (read - your 401(k)) would be left holding the bag. After all, the Fed is pumping so much printed money into the system something has to soak up all that extra cash. Nowadays it's IPO's. But god help us when the bottom drops out of the market NEXT time...

Comment Re:do you want $100+ oil changes at the dealer shi (Score 1) 257

Anyone that owns a performance car has been paying $100 oil changes at even a quickie lube for a while now. MY dealer oil changes are $160.00 If I buy the oil and filter myself it comes out to be $65.00 to do it in the driveway.

I'm guessing that you have not owned a car and taken it in for an oil change cince 1980? Even my Honda Civic was $70 for an oil change just yesterday at a Valvoline quick lube.

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