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Comment Seems biased (Score 3, Informative) 858

"Sabotoging" means deliberately destroying something. The author failed to provide any basis that men want to deliberately destroy programming for women and overcome the glaringly obvious reason men voted against certain shows: they disliked the program. In fact, the article dismisses all men's opinion by calling it "sabotage" rather than a valid expression of their feelings. Men may dislike shows depicting guys as the bumbling idiots often portrayed in shows targeting women. Rather than blame men for their vote, the author should encourage women to vote, or ask why such shows portray men that way.

Comment She is being sexist (Score 1) 892

Seems like if she were truly interested in helping women, she would encourage, reward and train women to negotiate since it is a learned skill, not a gender based genetic trait. Instead, she takes the sexist position that women are inherently poor negotiators because of their gender, like it is genetic, so the only solution is to rig the selection process because women cannot be trained or encouraged to negotiate.

Comment Re:We never needed foreign workers (Score 0, Troll) 335

Thank you for your racist stereotyping. Along that same vein, whenever you get over 25% Christian people on a team, you start to see their cultural influence. Christians believe in pedophilia, serial killing, embezzling money, terrorism, and lynching minorities because they think their culture is superior. It starts to kill the team. And that's where I see most teams today in my company. PS Learn to spell, dumbass

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