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Submission + - Respected US Swim Coach John Leonard Suggest China Using Genetic Manipulation ( 4

doston writes: Top US swimming coach John Leonard, the executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, has branded Ye's performance as "unbelievable" and "disturbing" and her speed over the final 50-metres as "flat out impossible".

Leonard told The Guardian that the race brings back memories of Irish swimmer Michelle Smith's four medal win at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996; she was later given a four year ban after failing a drug test.

He added that because she is from China — which has been dogged by swimmers testing positive for performance enhancing drugs in recent years — adds even more suspicion.

He has even suggested that the Chinese could be using genetic manipulation to enhance performances.


Submission + - HTC EVO LTE signal woes confirmed (

doston writes: After experiencing lousy 3G connectivity with my own EVO LTE, Tech Hive has confirmed mobile network connection problems and reports widespread customer grumbling. Sprint's LTE phone, with no LTE network and unusable 3G, might just be the slowest smartphone in America.

Submission + - Sugar is Toxic (

doston writes: For anybody who's seen "The Bitter Truth" UCSF lecture, this will come as no surprise. More and more research suggests that sugar, beyond the additional caloric burden, is a toxic substance. New studies suggest that calories from fats, for example, are not as detrimental as calories from sugars. That's a huge shift in thinking from the old "a calorie is a calorie is a calorie" adage.
United Kingdom

Submission + - Britain Introduces Sweeping Domestic Internet and Phone Survellance (

doston writes: Britain to monitor email, phone calls, text messages and online activity to "protect the public" from terrorism. Internet companies would be required to install hardware that will allow Britain's electronic "listening" agency to gain real-time access to communications data. Not lacking in CCTV monitoring, it seems inevitable Britain's will become the most monitored citizens of any developed, so called "democratic" country on earth. Will Britains allow the trend of total domestic surveillance to continue unabated?

Submission + - Audit Finds Apple Supplier Violates Chinese Work Rules (

doston writes: The first independent audit of Apple's supply chain found excessive working hours and health and safety issues at its largest manufacturer, piling more pressure on the technology giant. This investigation targeted Hon Hai Precision Industry (not Foxconn, for a fresh change). Should Apple be held responsible for these supplier violations? Will the public ever sour on Apple devices in light of the constant media attention on supplier working conditions?

Submission + - Lug Loc Aims To Keep Track of Luggage (

doston writes: Designed by Argentine, North American and Israeli engineers and made in China (of course), the mobile phone sized device is guaranteed to work worldwide. The airline industry spends $5.8 billion annually on lost luggage. Could the device become a standard addition to every suitcase? Would it get past airport security? Will the airline industy object on the basis of its GSM (not GPS) signal with cabin phone precautions what they are? Luggage could be instantly takes 72 hours on average at the moment.

Submission + - Rutgers student Ravi convicted of some bias intimidation and spying (

doston writes: "Dharun Ravi, a former Rutgers University student, was convicted of invasion of privacy and some bias intimidation charges for spying on his roommate with a webcam. He relentlessly spyed on, publicly teased humiliated via Twitter an awkward gay kid who had just come out to his parents and was grappling with sexuality. There's a possibility he will be deported."

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