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Comment Re:Illutrates the flaw in electric vehicles (Score 4, Insightful) 55

The distributed motors are a feature, not a bug. With current designs, manufacturers can't go with more smaller engines due to efficiency losses. The engines installed on aircraft now are used to provide thrust and the resulting wind across the airfoil from that forward movement is what provides lift.

This design is different because the smaller motors have higher efficiencies and are able to direct air over the airfoil directly instead of relying solely on forward thrust to provide the same wind. That adds to lift, which reduces takeoff distance, which reduces friction losses from the wheels.

Comment Re:Can't see past step 1 (Score 1) 239

Wait wait wait. A single mom is immoral by the single fact that she has no man to support her? She couldn't have possibly been put in that situation through other reasons? You can't possibly tell me you can't think of another way that a woman becomes a single mom except through fornication.

Comment Re:... Driverless cars? (Score 1) 301

I say good, let them automate everything. There's going to be a hard choice coming when automation of labor goes to that level. When people don't have jobs anymore, and there's no capital in the consumer market to drive demand; either markets are going to collapse, or we're going to have to go to a new way of doing things. I hope I'm alive to watch it happen. Hopefully the outcome will be beneficial to everyone

Comment Re:Why cloud? (Score 1) 79

I'm calling shenanigans on this one. Here in the US, KBR and Halliburton along with other defense contractors put out the lowest budget product with the largest profit margin possible... that does not make for responsible uses of our tax dollars. Hold your government accountable for its ineptitude and change the culture sounds like a pipe dream, but why go for the easy targets that give us short term roi and long term continued failings? I don't want my government perverted by a profit motive. Its been happening for the past few decades in earnest and it's gotten us nowhere positive.

Comment Re:Leak the code! (Score 1) 176

If I were getting put away for a long time, I'd have a few people with a thumb drive and as soon as the conviction fell, it'd be blasted to every sharing site on the web. Let em spend their cash trying to contain that collateral they use to borrow millions against. It'd be interesting to see what the math geeks and analysts make of the code.

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