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Comment Re:Sounds like their parents aren't parents, (Score 2) 152

But we're not talking in such simple, pedestrian terms. Addiction can be psychological, physiological, or both. What we're discussing here is a psychological addiction which is manifested in poor impulse control. As such, a parent could remove the device without being an asshole ammosexual while still reaching the intended result. Worked for my 4 year old and my 13 year old. Now screen time is moderated and all device cameras are disabled.

BTW, people killing over poor impulse control (taking a cell phone away) should not be given mental diability status. Their poor behavior is just a product of their parents doing a shitty job.

Comment Re:The problems are many (Score 4, Interesting) 274

Prusa Research has been pushing the technology closer to a consumer class appliance. They've taken care of the calibration headaches with their new bed leveling algorithm and heated bed design. The carriage is mounted rigid to the linesr rails, and the mk42 heated bed has more even distribution so there's less chance of a curled corner. They haven't open sourced their design so I'm waiting for that.

All the criticisms of 3d printing are fair, but there's money being devoted to engineering those problems out as we speak. With exotic filaments like continuous strand carbon fiber and all the new ones coming out each week, it's just getting started. I give it 3-5 years before it's ready for mass market. I think the cost barrier is going to be an issue, but costs will come down with economies of scale.

Prusa I3 mk2

Here's a link to the i3 MK2. The videos are definitely worth watching. I have zero financial ties to this company. They definitely have s cool product.

Comment Re:Illutrates the flaw in electric vehicles (Score 4, Insightful) 55

The distributed motors are a feature, not a bug. With current designs, manufacturers can't go with more smaller engines due to efficiency losses. The engines installed on aircraft now are used to provide thrust and the resulting wind across the airfoil from that forward movement is what provides lift.

This design is different because the smaller motors have higher efficiencies and are able to direct air over the airfoil directly instead of relying solely on forward thrust to provide the same wind. That adds to lift, which reduces takeoff distance, which reduces friction losses from the wheels.

Comment Re:Can't see past step 1 (Score 1) 239

Wait wait wait. A single mom is immoral by the single fact that she has no man to support her? She couldn't have possibly been put in that situation through other reasons? You can't possibly tell me you can't think of another way that a woman becomes a single mom except through fornication.

Comment Re:... Driverless cars? (Score 1) 301

I say good, let them automate everything. There's going to be a hard choice coming when automation of labor goes to that level. When people don't have jobs anymore, and there's no capital in the consumer market to drive demand; either markets are going to collapse, or we're going to have to go to a new way of doing things. I hope I'm alive to watch it happen. Hopefully the outcome will be beneficial to everyone

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