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Comment Yes! (Score 1) 168

I will enjoy driving my antique car around (while not being tracked by the government) while all the fools in the autodriving crap are stuck in the traffic jam created by my radar/lidar chaff air cannon that I've installed on the back of the car. Aggressive driving will get me there even twice as fast once super polite to a fault cars yield to every one of my dick moves with no retaliation ever!

Comment Re:The only way this will get fixed (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Wrong. The only way this gets fixed is if cloud command and control goes away. Internet of things is fine as long as each person gets to control their own security destiny and punch holes in their firewalls in ways that suits them. Configuration differences from one place to another make mass control almost impossible. Yes its much more likely individuals sites gets compromised, but much less likely that huge masses of them do all at once. Plus.... why the F*ck do I have to ask a corporation for permission to log in to something that is behind my own firewall. The CORPORATION is the biggest damn security threat we have.

Comment Encryption (Score 1) 98

I simply never trust encryption when it is from the same vendor that controls the device, software, cloud, etc. Unfortunately everyone mentions malware or hackers as their fears. The corporations and government are way worse. If I use a cloud storage app, I encrypt my data on my linux box first, then push into the cloud. Same with this. If Pidgin or some other open, 3rd party makes a client function within the Allo protocols, I'll use my own end to end encryption with an app not controlled by Google.

Comment The good and the bad (Score 1) 54

This is just as good as it is bad. App and device makers are just as much if not more malicious than what we normally consider malware. Our devices and software are flat out being used against us. I agree that encryption should be as near perfect as possible to man in the middle attacks, but there simply MUST be a future way for the owners of endpoints to be able to tell what traffic their apps and devices are TRULY sending out. The biggest spies on the planet are the creators of so called TRUSTED software and devices. I want to know what is leaving my systems and I should have total control over that as owner of my devices.

Comment Devices? (Score 0) 70

But there is evidence everywhere that you can make them use devices they don't want if the marketplace is lacking any real alternatives. The public has been asking for devices that THEY are the owner of since the beginning. When are they going to realize that smartphones are just computers. I'll use the operating system of my choice and I shouldn't have to hack my own device to be able to do so.

Comment Security industry quiet (Score 0) 133

Why has the security industry never came out and unequivocally stated that locking owners out of their devices, regardless of what that device is, is a security risk? Malware is broadly defined as any software that makes a device act outside of what is allowed by the owner of the device. Whether that is locking an owner out of their own device or limiting where they can use it or making it surreptitiously communicate with people/companies not explicitly allowed by the owner of the device. By all definitions most modern software is now malware. It needs to stop and consumers need backing and education on this.

Comment IT professional here (Score 1) 1144

It really does come down to.... Why??? I don't want technology anywhere near my firearms. I want a gun to be as simple and failsafe as absolutely possible. The people that do this are the problem, not the firearms. Even so, the technology you speak of is meant to prevent someone who knocks a gun out of your hand from being able to pick up the gun and use it. Given a few hours and an instruction manual a gun with this technology can be re-trained to another owner. There is not a single case of these mass shootings where the shooter just took a gun from someone and then committed the crime.

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