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Comment Non-negotiable items (Score 2) 244

I have sincerely tried to be legal. I bought HDHomeruns and cable cards so I could consume media in my linux environment legally on a DVR that has capability that is important to me and storage that lets me keep it as long as I want. But the cable co's are now encrypting to make cable on all but a few channels making it impossible for me to view on the platform of my choice. They are using encryption as a way to force you into a rental scenario. As for online streaming, I don't have fast enough internet to stream. I wouldn't even if I could. I will download on linux and view using the player of my choice or I'll work around the artificial crippling.

Comment Re:Price for cheap labour (Score 4, Insightful) 85

There is a price for putting things on the internet that require command and control outside of the owners network. Authoritarian government == Authoritarian company. I love connected things but not when I have to ask someone elses servers to access or do shit with equipment behind MY firewalls.

Comment Re:Sounds like old news... (Score 2) 129

Why does this not infuriate people? Why do web browser designers even expose capability of browsers to do this kind of tracking even if its anonymous? It causes nothing but trouble. It gets used in inappropriate ways and is also used as justification to get more from users. If it doesn't exist at all we can all go back to the web being like a newspaper or magazine. Where advertisers know their fucking place and buy advertising on the CHANCE that you will read and get out of this stupid fucking notion that they have the right to MAKE you see their advertising.

Comment Activate a throwaway or old phone (Score 1) 514

Encrypt the whole thing... then encrypt documents with a secondary form of encryption on the phone... Fill the documents with F-U gubment. Laugh when they say they need to take it at the border and refuse to give them the unlock codes. They'll take your phone and waste time to decrypt documents that simply tell them where to shove it. Hehehehehehe

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score 1) 594

I not only root for non-union shops, I actively avoid buying products that I know are made with unionized work forces. I refuse to pay exorbitant fees for "name brand" that is typically sub par compared to Japanese or Korean made products. Like American made or European made automotive products... big green tractors etc. American and European workers have someone gotten an "entitlement" attitude. No one is entitled to anything in life.

Comment Re:Not what he said. (Score -1) 594

But unionization is outrageous also. Unionization is no longer needed in the United States. There are laws in place to protect worker safety and inflating wages/job protection are the only real things unionization does anymore. Wages are too high in the US in two areas.... the lowest paid unionized workers (floor sweepers, fork truck drivers etc) and the highest paid (CEO's). Middle tier skilled labor positions such as welders have good wage parity between union and non-union jobs indicating the wage is FAIR to both the workers and the businesses. Lowest paid jobs that are heavily inflated by unions simply hurt everyone involved and make us less able to compete in a global market. CEO's wages should be capped at a percentage of average employee wages. This would create incentive to raise employee wages in a way that benefits the LONG term success of businesses without running them in the ground like inflated union wages and retirement programs do.

Comment Yes! (Score 1) 168

I will enjoy driving my antique car around (while not being tracked by the government) while all the fools in the autodriving crap are stuck in the traffic jam created by my radar/lidar chaff air cannon that I've installed on the back of the car. Aggressive driving will get me there even twice as fast once super polite to a fault cars yield to every one of my dick moves with no retaliation ever!

Comment Re:The only way this will get fixed (Score 4, Insightful) 164

Wrong. The only way this gets fixed is if cloud command and control goes away. Internet of things is fine as long as each person gets to control their own security destiny and punch holes in their firewalls in ways that suits them. Configuration differences from one place to another make mass control almost impossible. Yes its much more likely individuals sites gets compromised, but much less likely that huge masses of them do all at once. Plus.... why the F*ck do I have to ask a corporation for permission to log in to something that is behind my own firewall. The CORPORATION is the biggest damn security threat we have.

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