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Comment Re:Understandable (Score 1) 181

I can understand how the mayor feels because software coding is just like finance, it does nothing to contribute to the economy other than offer a service. We need a manufacturing economy to bring jobs back. Service economies are third world. However, banning sets a dangerous precedent.

I'm a programmer, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised by my not understanding.

You're saying that having many many programmers that are really well paid and who provide a service with no requirements other than infrastructure (energy as clean as you provide and no manufacturing needs) who live, buy stuff, pay taxes, and all that - is a bad thing.
But having less well paid blue collar workers who buy less stuff, pay less taxes, and whose jobs require the inflow of goods and the outflow of goods (ie. who have more overhead and infrastructure needs) and who may or may not be replaceable with robots is a better thing.

How does that work?

As a previous resident of neighboring Redwood City I understand about screwing up downtown. Dunno how you'd fix it other than zoning or screwing with tax rates on software companies - and no idea how you'd do that. But the suggested financial angle - that I don't get.

Comment Satellite phone (Score 1) 186

And if somebody buys a Satellite phone and then turns out to be an ISIS member, who then speaks in code so he's not detected, do you then go after the phone provider?

You want info, get a warrant. But the fact that the service exist doesn't mean it does so for the purpose of servicing a terrorist organization.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 2) 65

"Are you OK with him setting his torrent traffic priority to 1? Even if it interferes with your VOIP and gaming? "

There is no reason everyone on the connection can't be given an equal share bucket regardless of the type of traffic. When there is no contention, by all means use all the slots but when the three of us are all pushing packets at the same time we should get an equal number of slots. If I want to priortize one of my traffic types over another within my slots that is my call but in no case should I get more contested slots than my neighbor just because I, you, or the ISP thinks one type of traffic is more important and worthy of service than another. It's important to you to have stutter free voip but no more so than my download finishing faster is to me.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 3, Insightful) 65

"Do you even think it's reasonable to prioritize your torrent packets the same as your neighbors VOIP traffic?"

Absolutely. I think it's reasonable to prioritize MY voip traffic over my torrent traffic but I don't think it's reasonable to prioritize any of my neighbors traffic over any of my own. Some sort of equal token bucket system is most reasonable.

Comment Re:What's the complaint? (Score 0) 65

"Net Neutrality has nothing to do with it. No one's treating the packets differently based on address."

That would make sense if net neutrality were limited in some way to treating packets differently based on address. Net neutrality applies to all throttling of all kinds for all reasons. It is none of my ISP's business what kind of packets I'm sending to who and not their perogative to decide which bits of my traffic are more important than other bits or even to inspect my traffic so they could do such a thing.

Comment Tax laws (Score 1) 206

Or, you know, the affected countries could remove the loopholes that allows this to occur. I agree that "all taxes should be paid where the revenue is generated", but that's a matter of law for the country in which the revenue is generated (including in the Americas). It's not as if this is an unknown issue, it's just that "campaign contributions" (and the fact that your politicians come from the same socio-economic class as these companies) keep the loopholes open.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 0, Troll) 635

Amen! A shotgun can hold more than one shell. Use the first to shoot down the drone and the others (preferably slugs) to shoot the operator.

I carry a .45 on my job, mainly for protection from vicious dogs. The pistol holds 10 rounds in the magzine + 1 in the chamber. The first round is for the dog, the other 10 are for the dog's owner. Haven't had to shoot one yet, but any day now . . . .

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