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Comment International plans (Score 1) 96

International plans are only useful if they let you receive calls from your domestic number for emergencies.

In almost any case I've seen, grabbing a cheap local SIM is much better. In Asia, you can usually buy one right at the airport (at a special short-term rate only available for tourists, even). It does require an unlocked phone but that's getting simpler these days as well.

Comment Re:People also put cases on thicker smartphones (Score 1) 80

It's still going to end up thinner than a thick phone with a case, right

Most rugged cases I've seen haven't decreased any if at all with the new "thinner" phones. They're not being made to thicken phones, but as phones get thinner it can also mean more easily breakable (especially if they get thin to the point of being "bendy") and the cases need to compensate for that.

Comment It's been a long time (Score 1) 249

It's been for far longer than I've been alive that government information couldn't be completely trusted.

There are still people who believe that the federal government ran a surplus during the 1990s but it didn't. There are still people who believe that the US military was attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin, but it wasn't. There are still people who believe that it was a weather balloon that crashed in Roswell but it wasn't.


Comment Re:For comparison (Score 1) 176

Fair enough but it is worth remembering that something like that usage comparison will be true at some point of whatever search does dethrone Google in the end.

The good thing about a search engine is that it is a tool that works equally well regardless of whether others have adopted it or not. This is quite distinct from tools that gain their value through some sort of interaction with data created by other users of the tool.


Comment Class action? (Score 1) 112

Now that they've been fined by gov't, I wonder if we're likely to see a class-action follow by all the people that've been victims of WU's pandering to fraudsters? One doesn't exclude the other, after all (actually, I'd imagine a regulatory fine might be useful to a lawyer in a class-action).

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