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Comment Weird Location (Score 3, Informative) 72

I visited there last year when I was in Austin for Formula 1. We happened to stumble upon the location as it's located in a strip mall right next to a Wal-Mart. The museum is pretty cool and has some neat stuff. If you are in the area it's definitely worth a look. There is also a great Goodwill computer store right next door with parts for older stuff (Mostly Dell, of course).

Comment I'm served just fine by the free Google Apps (Score 4, Interesting) 141

I have been a free Google Apps user for years and I've never had any issues with it. The lack of support hasn't ever bothered me. I've helped several other people sign up for the free version as well and no support has ever been needed for them either. This is just a case where the free version was good enough and was keeping people for signing up for the paid version. It's always about the money. They have been thinking about killing this service for while now. When I originally signed up, I had access to 100 address. Soon after the limit had been dropped to 50 and then to 10 accounts. I think when the service launched, there was no limit on accounts.
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone brings down Duke wifi network

ecklesweb writes: Inside Higher Education has a story that the iPhone is too popular at Duke. In nine incidents since Friday — the most recent Tuesday afternoon — as many as 30 of university's wireless routers have been knocked out of service for 10 minute intervals, after being flooded with as many as 18,000 requests per second that are believed to be coming from the iPhone's built-in 802.11b/g wi-fi adapter.

Bill Gates Should Buy Your Buffer Overruns 196

Slashdot regular Bennett Haselton has written in with his latest essay. He starts "WabiSabiLabi generated some controversy recently by announcing their eBay-like site for security researchers to sell security exploits to the highest bidder. But WabiSabiLabi didn't create the black-and-grey market for security exploits, they merely helped draw attention to it. There's nothing that companies like Microsoft can do about the black market where security exploits sell for tens of thousands of dollars, but there's one obvious thing they can do to help protect users: offer to buy up the security vulnerabilities themselves. If they did that, then the exploits would probably never make it onto a black-market auction in the first place, because the "white hat" researchers would have found them and reported them first. Thus I think WabiSabiLabi is doing the world a favor, by shining a spotlight on the black market that thrives when companies won't pay for security bug reports." Click that magical little read more link below to continue the thought.

Submission + - Intel Launches Core 2 Extreme Mobile X7800 Chip

MojoKid writes: News broke earlier this week regarding Intel's new family of desktop processors that feature a new core stepping and support for a 1333MHz front side bus speed. Intel, however, has also announced a brand new flagship mobile processor, dubbed the Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor X7800. This new mobile CPU is fundamentally similar to other Merom-core based mobile processors. However, the 2.6GHz Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor X7800 sports a number of features that set it apart from the rest of Intel's mobile offerings, like an unlocked multiplier, a new deeper sleep state, and dynamic FSB switching. More details regarding the new Core 2 Extreme Mobile Processor X7800 are shown here.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Dell will sell Linux on PCs outside of U.S.

StonyandCher writes: Dell plans to sell computers with preinstalled Linux outside the U.S. as well as offer the Ubuntu Linux distribution to small business customers.

More details will be revealed later, wrote Lionel Menchaca, digital media manager for Dell on a company blog on Friday.

"I wanted to be clear that Dell does have plans to offer Linux to more consumers in additional locations outside the United States," Menchaca wrote.

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