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Submission + - Another Invasionary Species by the USDA? (

gpronger writes: USDA proposes to use a Spanish wasp for weed control along Mexican-US border. Carrizo Cane, a tall reed that grows along river banks, etc has spread rapidly along the Rio Grande. The height of the reed, and the density that it grows, gives cover to illegal immigrants. The wasp lays it eggs inside the stem, causing the plant to dwarf or die.

The question to ask though, is what other agricultural plants it may go after once released?

Have we ever had a purposeful release of a foreign species that went as planned?


Submission + - Breaking Up With DirecTV ( 1

Drivintin writes: "The Running Tally has a piece on ditching DirecTV for Internet TV. There are tons of articles covering the legal, and illegal, ways of transitioning from broadcast television to broadband television. Once I found the world of Vuze and Boxee the only thing that concerned me is my four year old son. How to replace hours of cartoon network and Disney shows."

Submission + - Backlash over CBS Canceling Jericho

dnssensei writes: After CBS Announced that they are canceling the show Jericho last Wednesday there has been a huge grassroots movement to save the show. There are neerly 70 thousand signatures on a petition to save it. In homage to a line in the last episode almost 7,000 pounds of nuts are being shipped, by fans, to CBS via as of this writing. There have been numerous articles written regarding this. There are a number of web sites now devoted to saving the show. The main ones being and The biggest exchange of information is on the CBS Jericho forum for as long as they leave it up.

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