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Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 366

Yeah, in the US if you signal the person, they'll get on the speaker and yell at you to come inside to pay.

There are still a few post-paid gas stations in small towns, but it's been a few years since I've seen one even there. I was driving through one town recently where the gas station (yeah, only one) used to be postpaid, they had put in new pumps with "pay before pumping" stickers and card readers.

Comment Re:Yeah, nah. (Score 1) 366

Feeble minded has nothing to do with it.

Every gas station here has been pay before pumping for many years now. If I want to pay with cash, I have to pull up to the pump and go inside. Even if there's not a line (there's always a line), that's already going to take a bit longer than a quick swipe. Then I have to tell a cashier that I want to fill up (and I always fill up, so an exact amount isn't a known thing at that point), hand over some cash, and walk back to the pump. Ok, now I fill the tank, then go back inside for the change. If there's not a line (there's always a line) get my change, and walk back to the car. An incompetent cashier can make it take longer, but even best case it's much slower than a card.

Card: Swipe card, pump gas, get receipt, drive away.

Not as much of a big deal these days since I only put gas in about once a month, but still an annoyance.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 398

His lack of command of his native language, his inability to understand relatively simple scientific concepts, his fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of his job, the lack of understanding of the complexity of healthcare, international relations, and just about everything else.

Now, he could be acting, he could be playing stupid to appeal to his deplorable followers, but I think the stupidity is very likely fundamentally real.

Ben Carson is an intellectual specialist. He knows brain surgery, and very little else. That's different than stupidity.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 398

As if loopholes and unearned income taxed at different rates aren't still a problem.

Obviously income is income, there shouldn't be different rates for earned vs unearned, capital gains should be taxed as income, and social security and medicare should be taxed on all income, not just the first $127k of earned income.

And seriously, Joe Louis? Look, it sucks that he blew all his money instead of paying his tax bill, and the IRS eventually agreed to a compromise anyway, but that doesn't mean the rate was too high, and tax debt can be discharged in bankruptcy.

Comment Re:The calm before the storm (Score 1) 398

No, the $15 minimum wage needs to happen, and it needs to be indexed to inflation. Maybe it needs to be $20 to start instead.

Jobs that would be replaced by at $15 would still be replaced at $7.35, would still be replaced at $5, would still be replaced at $2, and would still be replaced at $0.50. It's not going to be stopped because we allow employers to pay slave wages.

All that allowing employers to pay ridiculously low wages accomplishes is to shift the costs associated with their shitty business practices to the public, while privatizing the profits.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 398

Complete and utter bullshit.

There are so many holes and corporate welfare giveaways in that rate that it's an utterly fake number.

But let's actually fix it. There shouldn't be a corporate tax rate at all.

Corporations should be taxed as if they were people. And rich people, who aren't taxed nearly enough. It's time to bring back 1950's tax rates, with a 91% top tax bracket.

Comment Re:Tax Breaks for the Wealthy (Score 1) 160

Well, if your friend lives close to the edge of your range, it might make a lot of sense to charge there. And if I'd installed a permanent L2 charger at home, I'd leave the cable that came with the car in the car, I know my car has a spot to store it, most others do too. And my friends who live far enough away for it to matter have things like "get an electric car" on their list of things to do as soon as they can afford it, so at some point I wouldn't even need my own cable. So yeah, charging at a friend's place is something I'd do.

And yeah, when I get a pure electric car, L3 availability is going to be important, not so much for daily driving, but for road trips. And if I had a pure electric, I'd definitely install the L2 at home, you're not going to get 300 miles of charge overnight on 120V, and that range is pretty much what it's going to take for me to go pure electric instead of plug in hybrid. I'll never need it most days, but if I'm doing electric only I've gotta cover the outliers. 300 miles should do it, it'll cover days when I've got to travel to surrounding states, and with enough available L3 chargers, I'd be able to do most road trips.

Comment Re:Tax Breaks for the Wealthy (Score 2) 160

It doesn't do anything of the sort. Virtually every house in the US has 240V available. Most houses have 200A service.

Sure, if you're plugging in to a 120V wall outlet with the charger that comes with the car, it's a bit slow (and it's actually what I do, it charges my Ford C-Max quite nicely overnight) but if I needed faster charging it would take me maybe a couple hours to pull a 240V circuit to a L2 EVSE, and it wouldn't be any harder for me to pull a 50A circuit than a 30A circuit.

Most days, the 15-20 miles of range I get on battery is enough. I'd like to have one of the new Volts, 53 miles would keep me running on electricity almost all the time, but the C-Max was only $10k.

Comment Re:"stormed off to Arizona in a huff"??? (Score 1) 122

I'm pretty sure the "bribes" you're talking about are a $150 fee for the first 10 test vehicles and $50 for each additional 10 test vehicles.

Yeah, that's it. Far less than it cost to ship the cars to Arizona, and far less than the administrative costs of the program.

Boy, Uber sure came out ahead on that one.

Comment Re:Some hints (Score 1) 118

1) I like my vision sharp, so I have it tuned as tight as I can get it, just a bit better than 20/20.

2) I like my high contrast term.
Terminal background color - white.
Terminal foreground color - black.
Cursor - blinking black rectangle, can't miss it.

Web browsing defaults are also white background, black text.

3) Eh, it's about there.

4) Contacts, all the way. No headache from the frame, and full focus peripheral vision, you can never get that from glasses, there's always a line beyond which things are blurry.

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