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Comment Re:It disarms Western criticism (Score 1) 250

And I was actually referring to Orwell.

Yes, it's a truly dangerous and awful piece of legislation. I'm assuming at this point that you're British, correct me if I'm wrong. I fear for your country, and I fear for my own.

And I've tried repeatedly to say that you're NOT North Korea, and I will make it clear now that Theresa May is NOT Hitler, she's not Kim Jong Un. She's horrible and dangerous, but I don't think she has genocide or complete repression of the population in mind at all.

Laws like this set the stage for evil. Even if the intent is in some way good (and I don't believe it can be, government has no business engaging in such surveillance of their own population) the outcome will not be. The danger is obvious in misuse of these laws, which is why, no matter the good intentions of the government passing them, they cannot be tolerated. But the danger is there even if these laws are never misused, because they diminish the privacy of everyone. Even if they are never used for truly evil purposes like genocide, the attack on privacy is an evil unto itself.

And no, I'm not as eloquent as Huxley, I'm not a writer at all, I've never written a novel, the entirety of my published writing is a chapter of a book that likely no one ever read, back in the late nineties covering the Macintosh and how to connect it to the internet. There is no point in criticizing my writing, I know I'm quite terrible at it, and I will never attempt to do it for a living.

But I do think the danger in such laws is obvious, and I do think that a comparison to the truly awful regimes of the past is warranted. Not because I believe that in its present form it's as bad as those, but because it moves your country to a point closer to the danger of becoming those. It's a warning of the horrors that could befall, not a statement of the horrors that exist.

Comment Re:It disarms Western criticism (Score 1) 250

Can you not read? Because it looks like you can't.

I am not claiming it is happening now. No one is claiming it is happening now.

We are warning you that when things start going wrong, they can get worse very, very quickly. We are warning you that laws like this are very dangerous.

We're not saying Britain is like North Korea. We're saying it's not impossible for that to happen, and laws like this make it more likely.

There was a novel written a long time ago. It was written by a British man, warning about the possibility of a future surveillance society. It was set in London. You've probably read it at some point.

Comment Re:It disarms Western criticism (Score 1) 250

I hardly said it won't happen. I think Britain is on a path that absolutely WILL lead to tyranny if it isn't stopped. The constitutional safeguards to prevent it aren't in place. The people are disarmed. The laws to enable it are being enacted now.

Ignore me and the rest of us telling you this at your peril.

Comment Re:It disarms Western criticism (Score 3, Insightful) 250

Nothing will happen to you YET for criticizing her. Not today.

Right now, they're just going after people for things like BDSM porn, which you probably don't like. But with no real constitution, all it takes is one bad act of Parliament and you ARE like those places. The tools are already in place.

Keep in mind that the US Constitution with its protections of rights held above ordinary law was written because of the bad things the British were known to do.

Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 145

They've been critically flawed for longer than that.

I will never forgive them for nearly killing the digital speedometer. They gave a bad review to every car that had one, to the point that it became almost impossible to find a car with one for years.

I drive a plug-in hybrid. Literally nothing else on the dash is analog, the rest of it is LCD panels, but it still has an analog speedo. I've got a GPS that I use just so I know how fast I'm going without having to translate dial to number. If the Chevy Volt hadn't been $5k more with significantly less interior space I'd have bought it instead just for the digital speedo.

Comment Sigh (Score -1) 53

You know, I discussed the issue of crashes caused by bad video files with a few members of the QuickTime team back in the early '90s.

Back then, any bad video file would crash QT, and pretty well take the OS down with it. It was too resource expensive to fix, there was no way to sanity check the video file and successfully play it because any extra checks would make the video unplayable.

Back then, the concept of a maliciously crafted .mov didn't exist. Nobody thought about it.

The concepts from back then have been carried forward because they had to be.

Comment Re:layout == replacement? (Score 5, Insightful) 191

No kidding. It's a cancer that's affected all operating systems. Linux has gotten some of the worst of it, but Apple is suffering too. Somebody needs to pull out Apple's old Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines and read it.

And MicroSloth never got it anywhere close to right to start with.

Comment There is none, and never will be. (Score 0) 315

Windoze just can't replace macOS. It's been almost 31 years now that MicroSloth has been pushing their horrifically bad copy of Apple's GUI, and it's still a miserable failure.

Just get the MacBook Pro. Yeah, it's not what we really wanted to see, but it's still a few billion times better than anything that runs that MicroSloth garbage.

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