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Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 2) 369

Yet he turned a few millions from his father into Billions. His father was never worth as much as he is. If that's a failure or someone else's success, I'll take that any day.

If Trump took the few millions and put them into an S&P500 index fund on Day 1 and never worked another day in his life, he would've ended up with a networth more than TWICE larger than what he has now. Not exactly a good example of "success".

Comment Re:H-1B Workers (Score 2, Interesting) 267

This, a billion times this.

At my level, I could probably make five or more times what I make over here in Europe in the US. Easily. Trouble is, I don't even need the money I make here, so why bother?

But here I get 25 days paid vacation plus sick days on top of that (no, they don't count as vacation days here), perfect healthcare, unemployment benefit should I for some reason get unemployed (not bloody likely unless I want to, but in that case it pays, too), retirement plan, worker's protection (law commands I MUST NOT work more than 50 hours a week and even that only for a very short time, with no more than 45 hours a week on average during the year. Oh, and no more than 10 hours a day).

Try to beat that, US.

You almost had me until the "perfect healthcare" part. Good one!

Comment Re:What is Facebook thinking? (Score 1) 122

BBC tells FB that there are inappropriate child images on FB and FB turns around and reports the BBC to the police that BBC is distributing these images?

I take it FB is unfamiliar with the Streisand effect.

You almost made it sound like somebody at the scale of influence of Facebook gave 2 shits about "streisand effect".

Comment Re: Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 627

That's not how border security works. They don't need a warrant. The courts have decided this.

There was nothing illegal that happened here.

Even if you're a returning US citizen?

This word "freedom". I don't think you (or most of the USA) knows what it means even though you spend your entire lives repeating it.

Yes, even if you are a US citizen and yes, the "border" means up to 100km from actual border.

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