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Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 2) 256

I'm curious how this will butt heads with the First Amendment in the United States as this will inevitably be a system that will censor information that is embarrassing or uncomfortable to the chosen few who will decide what is "extremist".

This won't butt heads with the First Amendment in the slightest, because the limitations it applies only applies to government entities, not private ones. You have no right to free speech on somebody else's private platform. They decide the rules and you are free to not use their service.

Comment Ridiculous stats (Score 1) 533

When you make it so that after somebody has spent a year looking for a job (might be 6 months now, actually) and then give up is no longer considered unemployed (you need to be both in the labor market AND unemployed AND actively looking for a job to qualify as officially "unemployed"), your unemployment statustics become utterly meaningless. Now if you look at the "labor market participation rate", which is at it's lowest point in many decades (if not ever), an entirely different picture presents itself...

Comment Re: Very flawed legal analysis (Score 1) 1321

Contrary to opinion of many, intent or lack thereof does not matter. Yes, I am aware FBI said they won't prosecute because they can't prove intent. Yes, it's utter bullshit excuse on FBI's part. You should tell this "news" that intent matters to all the people currently in prison for breaking the exact same laws. That intend does NOT matter is one of the things constantly drilled into your head when you are going through the process of obtaining clearance.

Comment Re:So 2% is considered reasonable then? (Score 1) 168

The number should be 100% whom understand that you have to monitor the vehicle and be willing at any moment to (re)take control. Tesla is selling a couple hundred cars a month into Germany. Does Tesla Motors feel that there being 5 drivers every month who think you can push a button and then go on the Autobahn while watching a DVD and eating breakfast is OK?

This is a big deal. It should be zero drivers thinking that way. And I mean ZERO. This is not vindication for Tesla, it's indicative of how they are thinking about this all wrong.

The number of people who believe that Sun orbits the Earth is above zero. Ditto for the number of people who believe the Earth is flat.
What are you going to do?

Comment Re:Thats a shame (Score 1) 34

Every once in a while I have no choice but to use my phone or tablet to look something up online. I just cringe every time.
It's a really crappy user experience. Ads, tracking, crazy slowness, and the ugliest possible layout.
I really feel sorry for people whose only web device is mobile.

You and I are not the average user. The average human finds a computer too complicated, too complex, bulky and ugly.

Comment Re: They just now added 802.11n support? (Score 1) 121

It's more appropriate to say they customized FreeBSD for their own purposes for both the PS3 and PS4. They do make use of the userland, as well as the kernel. In particular, they appreciate the port of LLVM and Clang to FreeBSD. The graphics stack I imagine is all theirs, but the networking stack is pretty much all FreeBSD, for example.

This begs the question: PS4 has supported 802.11n since launch (November 2013), how come FreeBSD is only getting 802.11n support 3 years later?

Comment Re:Good for him (Score 1) 255

Growing is quite an operation. I doubt most consumers don't grow marijiuana just because it is illegal, some yes, but I doubt the number who are interested is over 10%. You have to have the space, money, time, blessing of your landlord, etc.

You can literally have a grow inside a large PC case (and many people do exactly that for purposes of stealth). That removes the "space" and "blessing of your landlord" from the equation.

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