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Comment Re:No different from China (Score 1) 262

Tell me how this is any different than what China does, then. You might as well have a Ministry of Truth.

I'll be glad to tell you the difference. In China, the censorship is from the government; this article is referring to private businesses. Clear enough?

In China government is from government, here government is done by private business.

Fixed that for ya.

Comment Re:Seems logical (Score 1) 104

I think it is a good start, but you also need to be careful that your data doesn't pass through outside networks before getting to your home. For example, when I get a page from slashdot, it may travel around the world and back again to get into my computer. we need ways to keep control of which paths the datas take.

There is a tool that allows you to explore the travel paths. And from the stats that the tool has gathered so far it appears that most of the local/domestic Canadian traffic gets routed through a few very specific points in US. See here:

IX maps has been sending request recently through asking people to download the tool and submit their stats. The tool is here:

Comment Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 227

Personally, I think there are a lot of things they could do with the iPhone to make it better, but I think it would hurt their bottom line so they don't do it. The iPhone is $700. Why not ship the base unit with 256 GB of storage. They could do it and still remain profitable. Then they would only have 1 option for storage space, and they could differentiate models on things like battery life. Have a thick version with a headphone jack and an extra large batter, and smaller, thinner version with a smaller battery and no headphone jack (since they insist this is what people want).

Are you from the ThinkPad team?

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