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Submission + - SPAM: NASA’s future: Now the battle begins

coondoggie writes: When it comes down to it, NASA is the most accomplished space organization in the world but its human spaceflight activities are at a tipping point, primarily due to a mismatch of goals and money. That was the conclusion of the Augustine Review of United States Human Space Flight Plan Committee report delivered to the White House today. The report's 157-pages worth of findings will now be debated and in the end, dictate the future of NASA and space flight operations.According to the report, NASA's fundamental conundrum is that within the current structure of the budget, NASA essentially has the resources either to build a major new system or to operate one, but not to do both. This is the root cause of the gap in capability of launching crew to low-Earth orbit under the current budget and will likely be the source of other gaps in the future. Either additional funds need to be made available or a far more modest program involving little or no exploration needs to be adopted, the repot stated.

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Submission + - Engineers built fingernail sized 1TB chip (

Lucas123 writes: Engineers at North Carolina State University were able to create a chip the size of a thumbnail that they say can store up to one terabyte of data using a process called 'selective doping', which at a nanoscale level adds impurities to ceramics to change their properties. Compared with today's storage mediums, the selective doping technique reduces the space required to store 1TB by 90%. Also, by introducing metallic properties into ceramics, the engineers said the technology could lead to a new generation of ceramic engines able to withstand twice the temperatures of normal engines. The engines could potentially achieve fuel economy of 80 miles per gallon.

Submission + - Nokia Sues Apple over iPhone (

An anonymous reader writes: Nokia has sued Apple for violating ten patents that Nokia holds inside its mammoth portfolio. They state that Apple has failed to agree to appropriate terms to use Nokia's intellectual property.
The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: FCC takes first step toward net neutrality rules

alphadogg writes: The Federal Communications Commission has taken the first step toward creating formal net neutrality rules, despite a huge lobbying effort from opposing groups in recent days. The FCC voted Thursday to open a rulemaking process and begin receiving comments on a proposal to create new net neutrality rules following a contentious debate on whether new regulations are needed. The FCC is still months away from voting on the final regulations, but the rules, as proposed, would allow Web users to run the legal applications and access the legal Web sites of their choice, while prohibiting broadband providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web content. Providers could use "reasonable" network management to reduce congestion and maintain quality of service, but the rules would require them to be transparent with consumers about their efforts.
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Submission + - SPAM: Worlds Top 10 Greatest Job

Asif2BD writes: Its funny and i am really jealous. Check’s Worlds Top 10 Greatest Job. It could be said as dream job for lots of people. Image like you are beef burger lover and you are appointed to test all the fast food of the town. Read the news details below.
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Submission + - Nokia sues Apple for patent infringment in iPhone (

AVee writes: "Engadget (amonst many others) report that Nokia is sueing Apple because the iPhone infringes on 10 Nokia patents related to GSM, UTMS and WiFi. The press release doesn't contain much detail, it does state that Apple didn't agree "appropriate terms for Nokia's intellectual property", which sounds like there have been negotiations about those patents."

Submission + - Apple Sues Nokia (

wpiman writes: Nokia is suing Apple for iPhone patent infringements.

According to the suit:

"The basic principle in the mobile industry is that those companies who contribute in technology development to establish standards create intellectual property, which others then need to compensate for," said Ilkka Rahnasto, Vice President, Legal & Intellectual Property at Nokia. "Apple is also expected to follow this principle.

Details are sketchy, but this brings up huge implications on the creation of standards. Isn't a standard open for anyone to interface to?


Submission + - Seismic Algorithm to Settle Global Warming Debate? (

An anonymous reader writes: 'Not enough data,' is the familiar retort when scientists claim that warmer ocean temperatures are causing more frequent and violent storms at sea. The reason is that data on storms, especially hurricanes, has only been digitized since the 1990s. If you include analog data, that only goes back to about 1960 when the first satellites were being launched. Climatologists, on the other hand, need at least 100 years of data to settle the global warming debate. Now a geophysicist thinks he may be able to supply the missing data by converting seismic records into storm data. The National Sciene Foundations (NSF) is supplying the funds for him to create an algorithm to convert the tiny, seemingly random fluctuations of the seismic needle--called microseismic noise--into a history of storm centers at sea. By recognizing the signature of storms in microseismic noise, the global warming debate could be settled once and for all.
The Courts

Ted "A Series of Tubes" Stevens Found Guilty 565

techmuse writes "According to a series of tubes sites, Senator Ted Stevens has been found guilty of lying about free home renovations that he received from an oil contractor. He faces up to 5 years in jail, and the outcome of his current reelection bid is now in doubt. 'The conviction came after a tumultuous week in the jury room. First there were complaints about an unruly juror, then another had to be replaced when she left Washington following the death of her father. Finally, jurors on Monday discovered a discrepancy in the indictment that had been overlooked by prosecutors. Jury deliberations in this historic trial have at times been as contentious as some of the proceedings The Justice Department indicted Stevens on July 29, and the Alaska Republican took a huge legal gamble and asked for a speedy trial in order to resolve the charges before Election Day. Judge Emmet Sullivan complied with Stevens' request, and in less than three months from the time of his indictment, Stevens was found guilty.'"

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