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Comment Re:No one should be blamed for the spread of virus (Score 1) 324

That's pretty much the problem with new diseases. People don't know they carry them.

People were used to some STDs, and probably they even took care they don't spread them once they noticed they had them. AIDS is vastly different to them. AIDS does not manifest until years after it's too late. Today, there's a test for it. Back then, there was none. Until the 1990s IIRC there was no way to determine whether you have AIDS until your T-Cells were already gone. That happens, as mentioned before, long after the infection, when AIDS fully manifests.

Most sane countries now have laws that consider it assault or even manslaughter if you know you have AIDS and still engage in unprotected sex with someone else and infect them. Anything past that and accusing people who cannot even know they carry the disease is bullshit.

Comment Re:GRIDS! (Score 1) 324

Relax. They have the right to say their bullshit, I have the right to ignore their bullshit. Or even ridicule it as the bullshit that it is.

Free speech is self sealing. If you use free speech to say something idiotic, free speech allows others to show you in no uncertain terms that you're an idiot.

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