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Comment Re:Curly braces = good. Indents = bad. (Score 1) 99

I don't know about everyone else, but I find it *immensely* helpful to write debugging statements without indentation. This makes it so that they stand out from the normal statements among which the debugging statements are inserted. This is the reason I won't even consider using Python.

Just stick "# XXX" comments around your debug code. Many editors automatically highlight XXX so prominently that it's just as easy to spot as unindented code.

Now, all you Python-indentation-style lovers, consider how you would code this kind of Go initializer:
        arr := [][]int{{1,2,3},{4,5,6}}
(This declares the variable 'arr' as a slice of slices of ints and initializes the variable.)

You mean, like:
arr = [[1,2,3][4,5,6]]
What's the problem?

Comment Re:Stupid comments aside... (Score 1) 33

Viruses. In English, at least. In Latin, it would be vira. Third declination, not second.

And while I can at least understand that people who don't understand Latin but somehow learned that -us becomes -i in plural (yes, if it's 2nd and masculine instead of neuter), where the fuck does that second "i" come from?

Comment Re:I have a out of this world solution (Score 1) 33

Brilliant. Pure genius. Nobody ever could come up with this idea.

No, but seriously. The point is that this thwarts automatic detection tools. Of course, if a human is examining the malware, he will dissect it and analyze it and quickly realize that it counts documents. The automated tool will only notice that it does ... well, nothing.

Comment Re:Could this be FUD? (Score 1) 28

Most people don't get an unfiltered email feed any more; your ISP or webmail provider will be rejecting or dumping a lot of the more obvious junk long before it even comes close your spam folder, let alone your inbox, so unless you are running your own mail server and can see all the inbound email unfiltered and are monitoring SMTP rejects it's much harder to tell. Cisco Talos is essentially going to be using the SpamCop feed and traps to make their assessments, so they have access to a *lot* of "raw" SMTP traffic on which to base their judgement. I only run a relatively small number of spam traps to get some spam for teaching Bayes because my MTA level filtering blocks out upwards of 90% of the crap before it even gets to SpamAssassin so there's a larger margin of error and not the >100% rise Talos is seeing, but even so I'm seeing a sharp uptick in volume and a lot more port scanning for SMTP servers than has been the case for quite some time.

Comment Re:Trump & spam (Score 2) 28

I'm sure there's a lot of election related phishing out there too, and I've got lots of examples of that too, but as I noted all of this is pointed entirely at genuine Trump/GOP domains with a few MSM ones thrown in for citations; it's almost certainly genuine campaign spam from Trump or one of his supporters acting (possibly independently) on his behalf - there are no dodgy domains at all (unless you want to count Fox News), including in the mail headers, which are from a legit ESP. They're also hitting spamtraps that go back years (some were only ever seeded on Usenet over a decade ago) so either someone in Trump's campaign, officially or otherwise, has been buying really low quality mailing lists, or someone has fed them a bunch of email addresses from them.

Comment Trump & spam (Score 2) 28

Donald Trump's name appeared in 169 times more spam emails than Hillary Clinton's.

Can't say I'm at all surprised by that. I've been getting a steady stream of what appear to be genuine emails from the Trump campaign (all the links are to legit Trump and GOP domains, plus a few MSM ones) asking for donations for a few weeks now. There's a whole bunch of problems with that, other than it being UBE - I'm a British citizen so I don't think Trump can legally accept my donation anyway; several of the domains involved are within the .uk ccTLD; and the addresses concerned are all (and always have been) spam traps. And yes, I have been forwarding them all to the FEC.

Seriously, Donald, if you're going to let your campaign team buy email lists from who-knows-where and spam the shit out of them, they could at least do some basic list washing first - it's starting to look like Hillary isn't the only one with an incompetent email admin team...

Comment Re:Ah, yes, the sins of the father rationalization (Score 1) 219

So, in other words, if someone is a dipshit and still has a good life, it doesn't mean that God is an asshole that favors dipshits, it means that somewhere down the line of his descendants, one of them will get punished for it.



In other words, we just have to wait long enough until some random act happens to his son, grandson or whoever, then we can say "see, god is just".

I'd call that bullshit, but I've called stuff that was less harebrained bullshit and hence wouldn't do it justice.

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