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Comment Re:This is news...? (Score 1) 263

It 2017 anything goes for news. I expect the Los Alamos National Lab is worried about its funding so will repurpose one of its old hypothesis and try to get it on Fox News so the president see it and decides to keeps it funding. These organizations if smart realize how manipulatable the president is, and just a few simple things can cause him to change his mind and course. Just as long as you stroke his ego you can do whatever you want.

I am sorry I didn't want to make this political, but we had a problem with bad science news for a long time, because the people eat it us, and they use it to keep their funding. Unfortunately for some areas such as climate change due to some early overzealous hypothesis created a situation of mistrust of science where the general population and politicians just don't get the scientific process and are unable to weed out what are strong results and poor results and the difference between a hypothesis and a theory.

Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

A lot of this bloat we see in today's programs is actually future proofing the code vs just being lazy.
The systems of old on computers that were not as powerful didn't have room for for this and most developers didn't have history to realize what are the average changes overtime are. So they wrote tight code to do exactly what was needed. Today a lot of resources goes into hooks in code to allow to expand featured, change UI elements. With gigs of ram available some algorithms can work faster with more readable code using more RAM and less CPU especially on higher load systems.

Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

A lot of these performances features of language such as C isn't from the language but the compilers. The language itself is just a wrapper to the machine code being generated.
Sure there are some low level features that may allow assembly code but that is rather rare in today's coding methodology because we have with most compilers and OSs a big set of libraries to do most of the stuff we need.
That said compiling a language such as Python could have just as good performance as C over time as the compiler gets optimized.

Comment Re:A more basic question (Score 1) 722

Luckally money is a unit of measurement.
1. How much money did you use to tax the population vs how much you will need to tax the population now.
2. Find out if the average percentage of a persons tax per wage has gone up?
3. Factor in any government dept needed to be payed for the service.

Now if we find the side effect of a basic income is laziness then you will find that incomes will stagnant so your tax revenue will too if using a progressive income tax. If you find that people invest into this safety net to further education and take risks over time you should see a rise in income so to pay for the basic income would be less percentage of the taxable income.

Now I applaud counties for trying it out. However if it doesn't work then it doesn't work and we shouldn't get so suck on the idea.

Comment Re:Why bother hoping? (Score 1) 153

Well there are many reasons.
1. In the grand scheme of things those connector problems isn't an issue at all.
2. Apple started the current smartphone market so many people are stuck with Apple because if they switch then they will loose their apps that they have.
3. Companies often do not support Android apps as well as for Apple.
4. Apple echo system has more high quality apps then android.

Apple will be a major phone product unless they really screw up or someone else can successfully get something past the square touchscreen phone.

Comment Re:obvious (Score 4, Insightful) 197

In your office it is very easy to get stuck with your own way of doing things and your companies approved products. You could be suffering at your job and you don't know it. Going to these conferences even just visiting the sales booths you get to see what else is out there and how to approach a problem differently. Realizing you may need a new class of products to stay competitive. That is companies pay for people to go to these. Also it gives your company exposure too. Sometimes those vendors may not sell anything to you but can become a partner were you can both expand the customer base.

Comment Re:Doing it wrong? (Score 1) 600

I think we all missed the memo.
Now there are some places where it is misused.
1. Can make code too cryptic. When tracing code a recursive algorithm forces the observer to understand the full algorithm vs just the part which can make debugging an odd use case difficult.
2. Limited stack space. So if you don't know how deep that routine will go. You could end up with some hard to fix problems.

However some language like JavaScript really don't give you much of an option. Such as a lack of a sleep command and poorly implemented synchronize way to call data. Means using recursive method is necessary where one normally wouldn't.

Then sometime there are problems where recursion is much more logical way to solve. While can be done with a loop but you need to make a stack by itself vs using the natural one that is in a recursion.

Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 1) 173

I agree that is a useful clarification for businesses but for home users. That normally will have a cable modem, router and wireless access point as part of one unit called a router. A normally call it a wireless router mostly because I use the cable modem provided by isp as just as the final gateway and use my one router/access point so I have my own control of my network.
But the solution to move it past the Display even 2 meters isn't a good answer.
If someone is going to be using a high end monitor. They will probably also be having a good desktop based gaming system or a high end workstation and may prefer to plug it in directly to the wired part of the "router" for faster and more consistent data speeds. Leaving the wireless for lower end devices such as phones tablets and laptops.

Comment Re: Considering how often it is down... (Score 1) 353

I would like better detail here.
Were you out for 5 years? Or is it that you had isp problems every day for 5 years? Or is it that you had one day of outage but your company had 2000 employees and you calling it a 2000 day outage?
Even the stupidest of CEO. Wouldn't tolerate not having his email for more than a few hours a day.

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 1) 171

This article reeks of anti-corn lobbies.
Corn should only be part of your diet not all of it. Granted we use corn as a sweetener and a grain and filler. But it's flavor and cooking diversity doesn't mean that it will have all the nutrients of a full balance diet.
Hamsters have been known to eat other hamsters in time of stress. If they are not having a balanced diet for hamsters then they will be under stress.

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