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Comment Re:And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 244

It is a choice to have children and the full consequences of doing so aren't a secret.

Yes, but men tend to get a small boost in earnings when they become fathers, and women tend to be penalised fairly heavily. It's not a choice to be the gender that gets penalised.

It is a choice to listen to people who try to tell you what you can and cannot do in your own future.

That's not how child psychology works. Children are not rational beings with all the facts and the ability to evaluate them as an adult would. That's why most religions focus on teaching their ideas to children, before they become adults and are better able to reject extremely improbable stories about the supernatural.

Comment Re:You forget that (Score 1) 244

I think you have to understand what the mental state of people contemplating suicide is like. They tend not to research it too heavily, in fact often it's a hasty decision. Men tend to have higher gun ownership and access to guns too. I was going to suggest that one way to help men would be more gun control, but that's another powder keg that will only distract people. There are other gendered issues too, like women wanting to not mutilate their corpses by jumping or shooting themselves, which is quite common in many cultures (e.g. Japanese women would use a different suicide method to men for that reason), but they tend to affect women. Well, I suppose you could argue the toxic masculine idea of taking everything to the limit, maximum available force is a factor.

I don't have all the answers, I'm just saying that the claim that men are more prone to suicide is wrong, and focusing on that isn't really helpful, especially when the focus is on blaming women.

Comment Re:You forget that (Score 1) 244

You are looking at the wrong stats to support the claim, i.e. that men generally do worse in legal custody battles. It's not the percentage of time that the child lives with the father that matters, it's the percentage of time when both parents want custody and the father doesn't get it that matters. Otherwise you are including all the fathers who didn't want their children to live with them for any number of reasons.

Here's a page summarising the stats from your source, Macooby & Mnookin, and others:

Trend: "In 1970, 2.8 million single mothers had custody of their children. By 1994 the figure had almost tripled. The number of fathers with sole custody practically quadrupled during that same time period."

So actually, between 1970 and 1994 men actually gained a greater percentage of custody than women. Unfortunately those are the most recent stats I could find, but it certainly seems that despite feminism being very strong during that time (remember that equality has actually declined in many areas since the highs of the 80s and early 90s, e.g. percentage of female engineering graduates) it wasn't negatively affecting men's ability to get custody.

Note also that only 4% of cases actually go to court, and only 1.5% are decided by the court. For most men, any bias in the legal system is of little concern because 98.5% of the time it isn't decided that way. Thus the often repeated claim that the law now favours women is actually making things worse for men by distracting from the more more common mediation route.

In SJW-world this would mean any contested cases should automatically go to the father right?

I can't speak for those people, whoever they are, and I certainly don't agree with that.

Comment Re:You forget that (Score 0) 244

I know, it's a shame there is nothing we can do to actually help people, all we can do is make it equally bad everyone. Maybe some kind of "guns for suicidal women" programme, or a leaflet with tips of successfully killing yourself.

Joking aside, the really useful thing this information tells us is that for men intervention has to come earlier and that the reason many of them do kill themselves is probably not because society is biased against them or the number of hot women has decreased because feminists oppose shaving armpit hair or something... In fact the most common cause is toxic masculinity, the feeling that they don't meet some impossible standard of manliness or the shame of being a 26 year old virgin, that sort of thing.

Comment Re:Feminist/SJW Echo Chamber Circling The Bowl (Score 1) 125

Milo faked a racist tweet from her, made a few of his own and encouraged his followers to do likewise. It's well documented, in multiple places.

Stop trying to mythologise him and turn him into a martyr. He's not the messiah, he's a racist twat.

Comment Re:missing the point (Score 1) 244

This is why I don't discuss current/previous salary. It just punishes loyalty.

It's also odd that men get a daddy bonus when they have kids, which if you are right would make them more risk averse and less able to job hop (kids in the local school etc) and thus paid less. Yet the discrepancy seems to be down to then being seen as more dependable.

Women get penalised for having kids, which does fit your theory.

Comment Re: And the other end of the deal? (Score 1) 244

So, if a manager decides to hire a man because he thinks that the young woman might want to take maternity leave one day and the guy won't, it adds to the pay gap.

That's where your argument falls apart. The woman ends up in a lower paid job, but gets the same pay as men in that job. Equal pay for equal work, but she was unfairly denied the better job.

And that explains why companies don't hire women for less. Aside from it being illegal in many places, that's just not good the bias works.

Comment Re:And the other end of the deal? (Score 2) 244

This myth about it being a choice needs to die.

It's not a choice to be the only gender capable of carrying and breastfeeding children.

It's not a choice to be told from birth that engineering isn't for girls.

It's not a choice to be paid less because your boss rates masculinity highly when being asked for a raise.

It's not a choice to have to take all the parental leave because the pay is lower for men.

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