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Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 0) 405

More like norther European countries.

Your argument is the standard anti-socialist straw man. Pick the worst examples of extreme socialism, rather than the moderate (but still extreme by US standards) socialist countries where it works and which exceed the US in almost every metric that matters.

Comment Re:The American obsession with self-reliance (Score 0) 405

the whole Western Europe as it faces mass immigration!

Germany, which accepted the most immigrants quite willingly, has a conservative government.

Socialism isn't about community its about the state as a stand in for community!

No, socialism is about ensuring that the community is fair to everyone. Otherwise it just becomes another Animal Farm.

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 200

Which is easier: subscribe to a service and then try to rip its streams yourself, having to play each one out in real-time, re-encode into a better format etc, or just download the .torrent/pirate stream?

People who want to make copies will do so anyway. People who don't want to pay, won't. DRM only punishes your customers.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 118

Lots of commentators on Slashdot have recommended LastPass over Keepass too, despite repeating warnings that having your password manager running in the browser process is a really, really stupid idea. Seems like even people who should know better are for some reason keen to trust LastPass.

This is now the 4th major severe security incident to affect LastPass. Do they have an affiliate scheme or something?

Comment Re:All too true (Score 1) 255

It's not even clear if some of the stuff he says is a bug. For example, his aligned memory allocation example takes 100ns longer than it "should" when calling an Intel specific function. It's not at all clear what the Intel function does differently, if anything... Seems to be part of one of their frameworks that makes cross-platform aligned memory allocation easier.

It may not be comparing like-for-like. I have a feeling Microsoft will respond to his bug report with little enthusiasm.

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