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Submission + - CEO Threatens to Law Off Employees if Obama Wins (

digitrev writes: From Gawker: "Huge mansion. Huge fortune. Profitable company. What could David Siegal have to complain about? Well, the demonization of the 1% by Barack Obama, for one thing. This truly amazing email went out to all Westgate employees yesterday."

Submission + - G8 Pushes ACTA Completion By End of 2008 (

digitrev writes: "Michael Geist has an short blog post regarding ACTA, and the wish to pass it by the end of the year, which has been discussed here previously. From Canada's G8 site:

We encourage the acceleration of negotiations to establish a new international legal framework, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), and seek to complete the negotiation by the end of this year.



Submission + - RIAA Demands Radio Royalties

digitrev writes: "Wired has an article regarding the RIAA's latest foray into procuring royalty payments from the radio industry. From the article

On Monday, the recording industry sent the National Association of Broadcasters — the trade group representing the $16 billion a year AM-FM broadcasting business — a can of herring to underscore that it believes its arguments against paying royalties are a red herring. The NAB says its members should not pay royalties because AM-FM radio "promotes" the music industry.
musicFIRST, another industry group, sent the NAB four different songs, "Take the Money and Run" by the Steve Miller Band; "Pay me My Money Down" by Bruce Springsteen; "Back In the U.S.S.R" by Paul McCartney and "A Change Would Do You Good" by Sheryl Crow.

It's also worth noting the 6 year old Onion story. Yet another sad case of reality imitating fiction."

Submission + - Canadian DMCA Tabled in House of Commons

digitrev writes: "Michael Geist has an article summarizing the major issues with Bill C-61, or as Geist is calling it, the Canadian DMCA. According to him, this is even worse than the American DMCA, as it "promotes a strategy of locking down content and launching lawsuits against Internet users." From the article:

As expected, Prentice has provided a series of attention-grabbing provisions to consumers including time shifting, private copying of music (transfering a song to your iPod), and format shifting (changing format from analog to digital). These are good provisions that did not exist in the delayed December bill. However, check the fine print since the rules are subject to a host of strict limitations and, more importantly, undermined by the digital lock provisions. The effect of the digital lock provisions is to render these rights virtually meaningless in the digital environment because anything that is locked down (ie. copy-controlled CD, no-copy mandate on a digital television broadcast) cannot be copied. As for every day activities like transferring a DVD to your iPod — those are infringing too. Indeed, the law makes it an infringement to circumvent the locks for these purposes.

Submission + - LA Pirates could lose Property (

digitrev writes: "Wired has news telling us that LA has passed an ordinance declaring detrimental to public health. From the article

The county retains the right to shutter a property for up to a year for violating ordinance 13.90.010 and also gives local authorities the right to bring a civil action to "temporarily restrain, preliminarily enjoin, and/or permanently enjoin the person or persons intentionally conducting, or knowingly maintaining or permitting the public nuisance from further conducting, maintaining, or permitting such a public nuisance."

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