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Comment I gotta say (Score 1) 1469

I knew this story would be on here, knew it'd have more comments than any other story and that a ton of them would say "This isn't news for nerds." Because the supposed non-/. stories always get a crapload of comments. That's probably why they go up; it's well-known that topics like these will garner the most attention, and we prove it time-after-time.

I don't have a problem with it being up myself (it's important, even if it's not tech-y), but if anyone else does, just don't comment and give it attention/hits. I dunno, seems logical to me.

Comment Re:Does anyone realize the consequences? (Score 3, Insightful) 407

Don't you love it when a new, wonderful and advance in science is reduced to "YEA! Now we can get even with the wimmins for all those RIGHTS they have!" with these guys? It's not about, "Nice, now I can control what my body does and what it WON'T do, preventing unwanted pregnancies." No. It's an immediate, ill-perceived tool of revenge.

I'm just gonna say it, cos' I've had it: to those guys, with all your accusations and revenge tactics? We don't want to be pregnant with your kid. Sorry to disappoint, but we're not all lining up for your DNA like you think we are. It's like being scared of a gay guy cos' he's gonna check you out--the assumption that you're worth being checked-out makes most of them laugh.

Comment Re:Beats paying child support! (Score 4, Insightful) 407

I don't see how my saying that a man should support his child means that I think total absolutes about women getting everything they want with no accountability. I'm honestly trying to find the words to say to this, because I'd said I wasn't going to say anything else (I've raped this topic comments-wise today), so I want to make everything clear in these "final words". Or what I HOPE are final...

Never once have I said anything about women getting everything and men getting nothing, but that doesn't seem to matter; to some men, it seems that anytime someone brings up a disadvantage in the 'Woman's World', they jump up and start pointing fingers, saying "we have it bad, too!" What's funny is that while I have a small feminist side, I see the bullshit that goes on on my side of the court. I could give examples, but I've been too wordy already. Fact is, I try my best to be a reasonable, well-rounded and deep-thinking individual. I can shoot off the mouth and be opinionated, but if no one did that, there wouldn't be anything interesting on the internet.

We DO have a little more responsibility. And in a lot of cases, that's what fucks us up the ass without the benny of a reach-around. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. If you're a pregnant teenager, some schools will try to bar you from attending but let the baby-daddy (gah, hate using that, but it seems right here, dunno why) roam the halls without repercussion. If we choose to abort when the man doesn't want us to, we're baby-killing bitches. If we choose to keep the baby, we're money-hungry bitches. If we choose to not have sex on the first or second date, we're labelled prudes. If we DO have sex on the first or second date, we're sluts. We do have options, and we DON'T have options, simply because we can be vilified for any one of them. Saying this, I'm not trying to play the tearful, "WOE IS ME, I'M A WOMAN!" card, it is what it is. How do we win? Give the man the decision entirely? Compromise, when it's already too hot to touch? What about the families on both sides, do they have a say? I DO side with women on this issue a little more, yes, because the products of both abortion and pregnancy will stay with her forever. I know the latter well; I had to have a c-section, because my son was born at 11.6 pounds, no lie. I've never recovered from it, even when I joined a gym and went through serious fitness and dieting routines. I'd never take it back, however. All this doesn't mean the man doesn't get a say in what happens, but it IS hard to say how it's finalized, as yes, the woman is the most affected. Sorry... you might not like it as a man, but it's just fact. Sometimes I don't like it either, because I'm a person who wants to be completely impartial, even in things like this. But I always keep coming back to the "who's affected the most by this?" point.

The best solution is what a lot of men (and some women) do not want to hear: this can allllll be avoided in NOT having sex with someone on the first, second or even third date. This goes for both sexes. If Jane and Joe have sex on the first date and Jane gets pregnant, neither one of them can bitch about the decisions being made on either side, whether or not the woman's insisting on it being her way. If Jane got to know Joe, she'd learn he didn't want kids and would want an abortion be done and nothing but. If Joe got to know Jane, he'd learn that she didn't want an abortion, even if it was with some guy she just met. Would this seriously kill anyone? I'm not talking "Wait for marriage," crap, just KNOW the person you're going to sleep with before you sleep with them. Neither side can feign ignorance. And it doesn't even have to be a two-hour lecture on 'Why Joe Doesn't Want Kids: Part VII, Money'... just, "Not without a condom--too young for kids *wink*" or the like.

It's not hard. In the end, it's 50/50, because someone else isn't responsible for another person, no matter how deceitful the man or woman may be. If a man has sex (especially unprotected sex, taking her word that she's on the pill) then they have to understand that not even birth control is 100%, and she may not be lying but forgot to take the pill two days before and poof, the statistics go up in pregnancy's favor. Or maybe she IS lying. It happens--just not in the proliferation or as exponentially as the guys here are saying. If it's happened once to one guy, it happens all the time, or in 90% of pregnancy cases? I thought this site was more aimed at scientific observation, not making facts out of a few personal experiences...

If you've read my original post/comment to this article, you'd find that I WANT this option on the table, because it gives the man an edge and gives him a level of personal responsibility, instead of relying on the woman solely. I myself always had to have a combo of condoms and contraceptive foam, because I had awful, mentally-crippling reactions to birth control (seriously--three days after starting the regimen, I'd cry every time I heard the pill's timer go off, constant insomnia, depression, etc.). If I were back to being a college-aged girl, wanting sex without the kid and this sort of option was out there? Betcher ass I'd go for it. And if I make make a superficial statement? A guy that would do that would attract a LOT of girls, almost in the same way as a man buying tampons for his wife/girlfriend. It means you're willing to take part, take care and share sexual responsibility. I don't know what kinds of girls half the guys here are talking about, but I'd only say that they should pay more attention to the female population. Someone like me would find it hawt. That's with an A-W, hawt.

So there, my last statement, and I'd state it again if I had to... if I don't reply, it's only because I've done this one too many times for my tastes. I'm not going to argue anymore, I'm not going to keep defending my opinions/views/personal facts, it is what it is.

Comment Re:Can't wait for January 1, 2013. (Score 0) 201

Sure, we've done damage. But are we going to turn the planet into kitty litter? No. The planet will just shake us off then rebuild itself, sans people. As George Carlin once said, who knows, maybe the planet would make something really cool, new life and what not out of plastic.

Mainly, the only reason we want to "protect the planet" is self-preservation. For US, it's important to live, but what effect do we have in other solar systems? Hell, half a solar radii away--what's our impact there? I don't see this view as virtuous, I see it as realism. It makes my life a little richer, knowing that all I've got is me and what I do with my time. So I make it valuable, and try to make an impact, because it's all I've got.

Comment Re:Beats paying child support! (Score 0) 407

Waaaaaitaminnit. I've been commenting a lot around here, and all I've been saying is that I WANT the male birth control. Where the hell do you read my NOT wanting it in here? My entire stance is based on men taking part in the birth control process, instead of it being on the woman solely, having control over the choice to have kids or not. Why twist everything around? Are you that desperate to give chicks the shaft? Seriously, I'm SUPPORTIVE of men having this choice, wtf is your deal?

Comment Re:Wishful thinking (Score 2, Informative) 407

I said voice, didn't I? Even if I didn't, the voice change doesn't last longer than a few years, neither does the formation of an Adam's Apple. By the time a man is grown at 18-21, they're basically in the same body they'll be in at 60. Changes, yes, but the norm for both sexes. Erectile dysfunction is stay or go, yes. But I'm talking long-term effects that you have to deal with, some quite unpleasantly.

"Perhaps we don't actually give birth, but aside from that, the physical frustrations of our sexes are at least equal, any day." ...now I'm sorry, but this is so completely false. I'm not being snarky, it's just that... you don't bleed out of your penis every month with severe cramping and even vomiting (that was a big, big issue in high school and college for me--still happens every now and again), you don't lose your penis' functions as a whole through male-menopause (erectile dysfunction doesn't trump menopause, I'm sorry; you can still have a kid at 80, if you so chose) and your chest doesn't explode out at 12 or so to make back-breaking lumps you gotta lug around for the rest of your life. Men have their changes, but they don't come close.

Comment Re:Beats paying child support! (Score 2, Insightful) 407

The only way I would agree with you is if it was decided beforehand that she WOULD have an abortion if she got pregnant. I mean... honestly, do you understand what most women go through in having an abortion? It's not a flippant contraceptive, but something that can destroy you mentally, emotionally, etc.

I'm being serious now, really, because the two options you have here is something that involves instant gratification: "abort the baby, done," and "she had the kid, I'm outta here." Do you understand how either one of those can affect you later on in life? Do you really and truly understand that 18 years later, you're going to be loathed and reviled by the person you fathered, or that maybe, just maybe, you might regret the abortion? It's not to say "THIS WILL HAPPEN!" it's to actually think. I'm a scientist at heart, and calculate every single little thing, not just how I feel at this very moment.

In the end, if you don't want a kid, don't have sex on the first date. Maybe not even on the second. Get to know the person you're interested in, let them know how you want things to go and see if you match. Not every woman is out to get you, you know. It's about being selective. I think this about friends of mine that hooked up with losers, thought they were great but ended up being abusive deadbeat-dads that won't take care of the kids they gave life to. I feel for them, but I went for the geeky guy all THEIR 'love interests' teased for playing violin instead of going to keg parties. "Well, you made your choice, even knowing what kind of person they were."

Comment Re:Beats paying child support! (Score 2) 407

"I also think that a father has the right to know if he has a child, so I'm completely in favour of paternity testing"

Absolutely. The only times I'd say "Oh, c'mon," is if it's obvious he's just being a dick. Some men will do anything to get out of that responsibility, even if it takes lying, calling her a 'whore'. But even then, fine, have your paternity test. In that case I'd say that the father would have to pay for it, unless it turned out it wasn't his kid. That's to prevent defaming the woman he's accusing of cheating on him.

I think what a lot of men who bitch and accuse women of "trapping them with a kid" (because women can control the sperm count and what it does after it gets up in her uterus; let's face it, most women who get pregnant didn't have some master plan to keep the guy around. Some? Sure, but...) don't think on is that they've created a human, who will one day know that the man who fathered them saw them more as a trap than an actual person. I can't imagine that kind of feeling, especially if when I turned 18, they'd suddenly want to be in my life. What a hurtful, psych-bill inducing insult, knowing that your entire existence was spit upon by the person who should have loved you most.

Comment Re:Wishful thinking (Score 3, Interesting) 407

I actually dislike women who do that. I find it disingenuous, and really, if you want to feel productive and empowered, do it your own effing self. Can't bitch later, "I'm a strong woman, don't treat me like a second-class citizen!" if you're pulling crap like that.

ANY-way. I was an insecure, introverted thing growing up, so it didn't take teasing. You can relate it to a guy's experience, getting an unwanted erection, only it's ALWAYS there. You feel like you're getting stared at, and I hated that feeling. I usually wore baggy shirts and other unflattering items of wear, but I'll never forget when we had to dress up for a mock trial of 'Mr. Alcohol' for a science-health class. I grabbed the only good clothes I had, a sweater I never wore (my Nana had the most boring taste in clothes) and it ended up being WAY too tight than I'd wanted. Suddenly, the geeky girl boys never paid attention to gained a crowd of sudden admirers. I find it funny nowadays, but back then I knew why and hated it.

You're right, not all girls feel that way. But when you're a sensitive, relatively unpopular girl who actually feared sex (for ex., I told my sixth grade boyfriend that I wasn't getting married, because my view was that marriage meant sexsexsex... funny, eh? Lol) you do NOT want guys staring at your boobs. I still feel that way sometimes, mainly because I'm the opposite of that girl you mentioned: I like being noticed for actual attributes, not my body. It ain't much to-do anymore, anyway. ;)

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