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Comment You should *NOT* be projecting.... (Score 3, Insightful) 30

... stuff onto the road because it will only distract and confuse other people. On a closed course, that might be fine, but when you are sharing the road with other drivers, there is just way too much that can go wrong with this (with potentially fatal consequences).

If you want to help the motorist with tech like this, put a HUD inside of the car that will show the necessary info on the windshield to the driver, because there is no reason for anyone outside of the car to see that shit.

Submission + - Nikola Motor Company Reveals Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck With Range of 1,200 Miles (

An anonymous reader writes: Nikola Motor Company just unveiled a huge class 8 truck which will run on hydrogen fuel cells. Nikola claimed that the truck’s operational range will be as much as 1,200 miles (1,900 km), and it will be released in 2020. Nikola designed the Nikola One for long-haul transport across a large landmass. The truck will deliver over 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. Provided these claims are true, the vehicle will provide nearly double the power of the current-gen diesel-powered semis/articulated lorries, notes Ars Technica. The leasing cost of the trucks will include the fuel price, servicing costs and warranty, but exactly how the lease will work is not known now, notes Ars Technica. The company says it has already accepted nearly $3 billion in future orders. A fully-electric drivetrain which gets power from high-density lithium batteries runs the vehicle, and a hydrogen fuel cell charges the batteries on the go. Its reach is presently limited, as hydrogen fueling stations currently exist in only small numbers. This made Nikola decide to construct a network of 364 hydrogen fueling stations across the U.S. and Canada, just like Tesla with its network of Superchargers. Milton claims it will come with a smart dashboard which has the capability of picking the most cost-efficient route for drivers. Also one or two full-size beds will be included inside the vehicle’s enormous cab. It will have other luxuries and necessities as well, such as Wi-Fi, a refrigerator, 4G LTE connectivity, freezer, a 40-inch curved 4K TV with Apple TV and a microwave.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 220

No matter the subject, as AI grows, its capabilities will become exponential.

Except it can't, really; the universe is bound by physics and can't support exponential growth that way.

You can't exceed Carnot efficiency.

You can't defeat the square-cubed law (for things that involve getting resources/waste into/out of a particular volume (including heat - where do you think this AI is going to get all the energy it needs to do all this stuff?).

So while AI might be able to do certain things efficiently, it can't grow without bounds - the universe just doesn't allow it.

Now, that said, AI will probably indeed handle most of the deterministic things in the world - it will probably equalize a lot of sub-optimal things.

But we aren't going to have AI playing sports, we aren't going to have AI taking all creative jobs, we aren't going to have AI "replacing" tourism - you can't "AI" a trip to the grand canyon for instance. You can't "AI" having a family.

So if we let the AI figure out how to distribute all the resources it creates, rather than letting people do it, we'll all be fine. But that is going to be the trick - actually letting the AI do it.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 220

And what happens when one no longer needs humans to do the work since they provide so little value?

Why doesn't someone just use one of these astonishing AI programs to figure it out for us?

Seriously, if the AI is going to do all the work for us, why don't we also let an AI figure out how to transition people to post-scarcity society without massive bloodshed?

Comment Re:Milton Frieldman? (Score 1) 218

So.......we just had an article on Slashdot that showed there are more jobs in America now, at the end of the Obama administration, than there ever have been in the entire history of the US. More people working.

First, I'm not about to claim that Trump is going to improve anything for the common man. Having a populist revolt that emplaces a Billionare cabinet...

Yes, Obama got more people to work than anyone else ever. However, middle-class well-being has not correspondingly increased (meaning wages aren't great for a lot of those jobs) and the disparity between the most rich and everyone else has become much larger.

I haven't researched AI job reduction, but I think we could be no more than two decades away from the point where much menial labor is robotic and where professional drivers are for the most part replaced with machines.

Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 1) 87

I would not expect a lot of real CPU for $12/month. It works for me (small mail/web server, VPN endpoint, etc.).

If I were relying on a machine for work, it would probably be better to pay for a dedicated machine, or to install my own hardware in a datacenter.

The problems I have seen have been the time when they started shutting down the infrastructure and one class of VMs. I only found out because I noted that the RDNS wasn't working. They claimed that they had sent me an email telling me that I needed to migrate to a new VM, but they had not sent emails to me about this.

Comment Milton Frieldman? (Score 3, Interesting) 218

Both Brexit and Trump can be seen as the final stage of neoliberal economics: it ends in a populist revolt.

It's not as if labor is just now facing the threat of automation. But nobody in the US - not the unions, not the companies, not the government - is solving the education gap that might help future workers.

Comment Re:Mozilla's 990 Form (Score 1) 103

MoCo could have paid as little as $1 for the license, along with an agreement to return profits, and that would be fair value. There's no question that the profits were returned.

However, there was never any possibility that any other entity would have been offered the license regardless of what they offered, and IMO had they considered that transaction based on the amount returned rather than achieving their purpose of a free internet, they would have disqualified themselves as a 501(c)3.

Comment Re: Less politics (Score 2) 103

Fogle was a company spokesperson, who got fired before the trial started because whether or not he had actually committed any crime, the appearance of his behavior made him unsuitable as a spokesperson.

Was Eich similarly a company spokesperson? You need only look at Mozilla's press releases. He's quoted in them while he's CTO, and if you go on Youtube, you can see that he makes a number of conference keynotes representing the Foundation. Once he's CEO, he writes this piece on inclusiveness which is linked to in this Mozilla Foundation press release. So, there's Eich representing the Mozilla brand on exactly the issue they already know he has a problem with. He doesn't get a chance to represent the foundation again, as they know they have a problem.


Climate Change Will Stir 'Unimaginable' Refugee Crisis, Says Military ( 229

Citing military experts, The Guardian is reporting that if the rise in global warming is held under 2 degrees Celsius, there still could be a major humanitarian crisis to sort out. From the report: Climate change is set to cause a refugee crisis of "unimaginable scale," according to senior military figures, who warn that global warming is the greatest security threat of the 21st century and that mass migration will become the "new normal." The generals said the impacts of climate change were already factors in the conflicts driving a current crisis of migration into Europe, having been linked to the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency. Military leaders have long warned that global warming could multiply and accelerate security threats around the world by provoking conflicts and migration. They are now warning that immediate action is required. "Climate change is the greatest security threat of the 21st century," said Maj Gen Munir Muniruzzaman, chairman of the Global Military Advisory Council on climate change and a former military adviser to the president of Bangladesh. He said one metre of sea level rise will flood 20% of his nation. "Weâ(TM)re going to see refugee problems on an unimaginable scale, potentially above 30 million people."

Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 240

It makes perfect sense when you realize that if someone steals cash, the thief receives an effective reward for their behavior, but if all they steal are cards that require a PIN to utilize, then the perpetrator has nothing of value that they can use, along with an increased chance of getting caught if they were to ever *try* and use the cards compared to spending cash. As carrying no cash becomes increasingly common, it leads to the actual reduction of such crimes, because the risk/reward ratio is raised to to much higher levels, resulting in safer streets, at all times of day, for everyone. Rather than making things safer through increased policing, which would be characteristic of fascism, it makes things safer by reducing the availability of the incentive to commit those types of crimes in the first place.

My point being that not everyone who would like a cashless society is necessarily working for the bank or government.

It is further my own perception that much of the paranoia regarding such a system is unfounded... While one may theoretically be more trackable, but in general, you, I, and most other people are simply not important enough for anyone else to want to pay attention to - a metaphorical needle in a haystack, as it were... the average law abiding person is going to fall so far below the radar of being interesting enough for anyone to even *want* to investigate that it will simply never be an issue in their lifetime.

Comment As someone who streams, legally.... (Score 3, Insightful) 61

All I can say is *DUH*.

Why would I pay to download episodes on itunes or whatnot of the same TV shows that I can stream entirely legally for a week following the broadcast from the tv station's website? While I do have to put up with commercials, the online ads seem to be nowhere near as insufferably long or as frequent as the ads seem to be on television these days (although they are unarguably more repetitive).

Comment Re:MODS, GET A GRIP!!! (Score 1) 480

Get a grip!! Seriously. Go back and READ what I wrote.

I was attacking your analysis because it showed Obama in a worse light than is true.

I was pointing out that Obama's numbers are better than your original, incorrect analysis.

I was pointing out that the economy tanked during Bush Jr's term, so that unemployment was far worse at the beginning of Obama's term than the figures that you had erroneously cited.

You think that I am attempting to attack Obama's record. I'm not.

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