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Comment Re:Lack of anonymity impacts freedom of expression (Score 1) 344

I wasn't trying to make my point more valid by inserting "to do" in there... freedom of speech is the same as any other kind of freedom that might otherwise apply to things like an actual action. I was generalizing when I mentioned "doing", but my point is identical without it when talking specifically about freedom of speech.

Other than [protection from slander] there should be absolutely no consequences to free speech

I disagree.... If you really feel like you have the need to say something publicly but you do not want to be held responsible for the consequences that what you are saying might not be well received, then I think you completely deflate the importance of saying it in the first place. If it's important enough to be publicly known, then it is probably important enough to be worth whatever consequences that might entail. I would compare wanting to say something publicly but not wanting to face any undesirable consequences that might arise from it as being akin to wanting to buy a car on credit but not wanting to have the regular monthly payments it entails.

Comment Re:Bountiful Bashing, Batman! (Score 1) 89

Well, there's more to it than "complete disaster". Updates are a disaster. The fact that they are secretive about what telemetry really does is a disaster. The resetting of settings and registry changes made on purpose by the user is a disaster.

I don't think those things are due to engineering incompetence... more like decisions at the upper level that someone hopes will translate into shareholders being happy. Those issues aren't a big deal to a lot of users, and there is a lot of improvements in other areas of Windows 10. This has translated into a 24% stock price increase since Windows 10 went RTM, and shareholders are happy. Goal met... definitely not a "complete disaster".

But I don't really think Microsoft is helping itself long-term with this strategy. It had better have a solution to the bridges that are being burned with the power users. Google is seriously within reach of being able to compete with Microsoft in areas like desktop/laptop/business OS. Chrome proves they can kill a Microsoft monopoly, while Android proves they can (at least help) build a new market that replaces a market that is heavily vested in Microsoft technology. Maybe Azure+Office is the endgame, but I see Microsoft peaking soon and going downhill very fast if it isn't hard at work in the background on fixing this problem.

Comment Re:Soon: One last update to end all misery (Score 1) 89

DDoS Bots and Trojans will vanish from the planet for 24 to 48 hours until people reinstall Windows on their machines and will access infected sites, get infected again... and the whole thing will start all over again :-)

Quite likely, it'll be worse than before. Many of those machines will be browsing the web without the benefit of all the updates from Microsoft, so a very high infection rate is to be expected.

Comment Re:This is why (Score 1) 225

A studio apartment, no. A three-bedroom house that they can't afford, absolutely.

I live in a nice 4-bedroom house in Silicon Valley, which, when I sell it, I expect it to pay back every penny that I have spent in mortgage interest, property taxes, maintenance, insurance, etc.. I expect its net cost over 15 years to be zero. Even if house prices drop dramatically in the next few years, I can still expect it to have cost less per year than your little box.

Comment Re:I'm not a "denier" but.... (Score 1) 256

What the fuck does that nonsense have to do with anything that I said?

My point is that floods like this have been happening for as long as there has been weather. I think one would be hard pressed to blame any one of them on climate change specifcally. Even if AGW were the cause, the scale of any individual flood that didn't span at least an entire sizeable country is simply far too small to generally attribute to it. Frankly, it looks to me like Mr. Nye is just using a catchy phrase ("climate change") to get press without putting some actual hard science behind his reasoning, which is kind of ironic, considering the full moniker he is publically known as.

Comment Re:No surprise - same erorrs in finance & ops (Score 1) 318

In the year 2016, a disturbing amount of human activity is run through Excel instead of proper databases.

A similar study from 2009 tested for errors in various operational spreadsheets and concluded, "Our results confirm the general belief among those who have studied spreadsheets that errors are commonplace." The Financial Times commented on the prevalence of spreadsheet errors in business, saying it's probably a function of training and organizational culture.

I've heard from a few salespeople in the software industry that their biggest competitor in the SMB space isn't $BigCRMCorp, but Excel spreadsheets that have acreted over the years.

This absolutely doesn't surprise me. The concept of thinking about where one's data lives is nearly extinct outside of technical circles, and even Access is seen as "too complicated" by a lot of people. The utility of third normal form is obvious to us, but lots of people are perfectly served with pivot tables. How many people receive formal training in any form of database anymore? Even lots of web designers who use MySQL on the back end of their CMS software don't do a whole lot in PHPMyAdmin unless they have to.

Excel is very simple, ubiquitous, and has a low ceiling of functionality. It's the lowest common denominator, and unfortunately, it's "good enough" for lots of people.

Comment Re:Ironic, Given HoloLense Doesn't do Holograms (Score 2) 108

That's not what makes something a hologram. There is nothing that precludes holograms from being put on glasses to effectively "overlay" on what you see. What makes a hologram distinctive is that your brain perceives it as a truly three-dimensional image. When you focus on a hologram, you are focusing at the distance of the object that is presented in the hologram, not on the surface of what the image is being made on.... like a mirror.

Comment Re:Too Many White Males (Score -1) 108

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Comment Re:What business ?! (Score 1) 76

They never actually owned the market.

And what if they did? Would that make it better? Typically the main reason Slashdot folks hate Microsoft is precisely because of their dominance in a particular market; now you are suggesting dominating a different market would have made it all ok?

You hate the system? That makes two of us. Don't hate the player; hate the game.

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