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Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 179

Yes, in the same way that I would have to buy a new car if my starter gave out.

Having had the starter fail twice in a vehicle that I owned, your analogy is interesting.

My starter failed the same way both times. The first time I replaced the starter, I bought a replacement for the starter. No internal parts were available. The second time, I was more aware and I bought some copper pieces (cost: a few cents) via eBay, took the solenoid apart and replaced the copper connectors.

Now, the simple fact is that a repair shop will never do the repair that I did: they will replace the starter and return it so that a specialist can rebuild it. It's simply not economically viable for a retail shop to repair the starter, because, when time is accounted for, the cost of a repair is greater and the starter may fail in some other way, requiring a second repair.

This is little different to replacing the hard drive on a computer. The original computer was probably an old one so there was an added benefit of the upgrade in the replacement. The replacement probably wasn't an expensive gaming PC: it was probably priced close to the cheapest one available.

Comment Pure BS from the security services again. (Score 5, Insightful) 224

He had been investigated years ago, but cleared by the security services.

1. Either they want to monitor everybody's communications, or
2. They are lying about the effect of having access to WhatsApp messages, or
3. This is just another excuse to monitor everyone's communications.

I believe that western civilization is in the process (if it hasn't already happened) of being taken over by the security apparatus, under the pretext of "protecting" us (in the same was as "devout muslims" "protect" their women by making them wear veils.

It's all about control under the guise of "protection". As I type that, I realize that it sounds just like the mafia.

Comment Re:Since when (Score 1) 224

The bigger question is why aren't the British (and the Americans for that matter) insisting that new citizens (including their children) become CITIZENS of that country in heart and soul, not just a piece of paper with allegiance back to terrorist orgs/states, islamic or otherwise.

At what age do you propose people make some commitment to the UK? A few minutes after they are born? At 5 years old? 15? Note that Khalid was born in the UK.

Or perhaps your proposal is that the UK create an underclass of people who were born in the UK, but not entitled to UK citizenship?

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 244

No, that's why we need truly independent nations and absolute sovereignty. Every nation should be able to determine how to assign the wealth within it's borders. No more "free trade trade agreements" which are really just "property" protection agreements for the international homeless elite.

End ISDS's.

Comment Re: Machines replacing bank tellers? (Score 1) 244

The robot owners also have deeds on pretty much all the land, they control all the robot armies, they have international treaties which say all taxation has to be approved by international tribunals run by themselves. They will have the full legal title on the entire earth and the military hardware to back it up, you'll get what they want you to have ... be it a shallow grave or a ghetto they magnanimously let you live in.

Comment Re:Not hard to fix... (Score 1) 490

Make H1bs more desirable by making switching company easier, giving dependents work status

Not going to work. Those Indian H1B holders incur huge debts for "relocation" and the Indian companies are going to want their pound of flesh if the H1B holder changes company.

No, the suggestion was given elsewhere. It's simple and obvious: prioritize H1B assignment by salary. Highest salary gets the visa. This would have to be backed up by regulations to ensure that the hiring company is not able to claw back that salary somehow.

Comment Re:Uhm... (Score 4, Insightful) 490

He is not more truthful than any other head of state. As every head of state before him, he tries to get through his agenda. But differently than many an head of state before, he vastly overestimates his own abilities. So far, all of the prominent election promises he tried to implement were wrecked because the way he tried to implement them didn't work. Maybe he will learn. Maybe he recognizes that there is more to being a president than making bold promises. Maybe he finds out that there is a reality which does not care about ideology but just is as it is. And reality does not change just because the President of the United States watches TV and misunderstands what he sees.

Comment Why didn't they.... (Score 1) 221

... when the decided that they wanted a monopoly on printer cartridges, and not wanting people to get refills, start manufacturing the printers and cartridges differently, so that the act of installing it in the printer or removing it after installation physically alters the cartridge in some way so that after you remove it, you physically cannot reinstall it again. There are numerous ways this could be done. One way that comes to mind is to use a breakaway tab that is used to lock that cartridge in place, but which must be broken off to remove the cartridge. They patent the tab which secures the cartridge in place so that if someone tries to make an otherwise compatible cartridge with a reusable tab, they are guilty of patent infringement. If there were legitimate problems with the cartridge that would warrant a refund or replacement that were not discovered until after it was installed, those cases could probably be handled individually by the manufacturer. This could be done by having a shipping label to send it back (postage paid by the receiver) supplied in each cartridge box that allows you to ship defective cartridges to them for replacement (or depleted cartridges for recycling). There are some printer companies that already do this for their cartridges for recycling purposes, so conceptually the mechanism is already in place for this.

The manufacturer could easily determine if a cartridge for which replacement is requested *actually* warranted replacement if the consumer supplies a brief letter stating what was wrong with the product and why it was not fit for purpose.

The cartridges would further be clearly labeled "for limited use only", and the printers that use them would be similarly clearly labeled to the effect that they require only the limited use cartridges of the given brand.

This equips consumers with the information necessary for them to make an informed decision about whether they want to use such a printer and its cartridges, and allows manufacturers to control what products are used in theirs without having to rely on stupid-ass shit laws like the DMCA or something similar.

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