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Journal Journal: growing up around here

12 or 13 years on slashdot now.. i knew most of you were kids when i mentioned mac addresses are unique, and all you clever fellers snickered at how stupid i must be for not knowing you learned how to spoof them. But that stuff about operational domains was just a bunch of fluff. sigh

Wireless Networking

Journal Journal: cops with wireshark 1

A cop pulled up to me last night. On his perched laptop was wireshark. He was wardriving. That's spooky.

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Journal Journal: shopampm.com is also evil. 1

Well, looks like shopampm.com stole my 202 dollars for a shuttle PC. 100 was for my birthday and 100 was because i sold my computer to get the damned shuttle.

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Journal Journal: Drivesavers drivesavers.com is evil


We paid driversavers.com 6000 bucks to get a directory back off a 3 disk raid5.

The sales lady tells me they can't do directories specifically. They pull all the data completely before they tell you whether they got what you wanted or not.

They got our directory back.

They told me they had a complete copy of our data on disc.

So my boss, a week later, goes "find out how much it would cost to get a CD of this other fringe directory I'd like."

I call them back. "It will be discounted because you already have a ticket on it. The cost will be exactly 5000 dollars, thats 1000 dollars off! We can mail it to you on a hard drive for 60 dollars, and you can even keep the hard drive!"

so, driversavers.com is evil.

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Journal Journal: D-Link DI-804 or DI-804V 2

the d-link di-804v (which is a di-804 with better firmware i believe) is the worst consumer product I've yet purchased. A Cable/DSL/PPPoE NAT/PAT gateway that supports up to 8 IKE/IPSEC VPN with IP filtering, 4 Auto-MDIX 100 megabit ethernet ports, and an async serial for backup dialup. Everything worked great. 'Cept the darned thing would not keep a TCP tunnel open. I could ssh into a box and leave it flooding data, and it would time out. I could ssh into another box and ping myself (I hear you in the back, yes it's ICMP but the screen updates on the far end are TCP, thank you) What an ordeal. I bought them (100 each new) to avoid FreeS/WAN. Back at it, I am, having learned the lesson the hard way- sometimes breaking down and spending the cash for a canned solution is going to end you right where you should have been- whatever amount of time you would have spent yourself doing the FreeS/WAN is going to be cheaper than just coughing up the 200 for two of these inferior D-Link products. Their technical support, almost obligatory, was horrid. Apparently there's no escalation that yields a literate person.

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