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Submission + - Using Mercurial in a large corporate environment

digidave writes: After a few weeks of fighting off a version control plan centered on Visual Source Safe, my employer has agreed that we should try Mercurial as a replacement for the hodgepodge of version control systems currently in use. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, seeing as how I'm one of the few who were against VSS) I have been put in charge of documenting our policies and procedures, finding an integrated bug tracker, build tool, deployer, and continuous integration software. While I have used Mercurial on small teams I have no experience dealing with the scale of this particular deployment.

The team is about 20 developers and growing. Most applications will be in .NET, with a few Ruby on Rails and PHP apps. The .NET developers will be using Visual Studio 2008 and the others will be using whatever editor they want on Windows, Linux, or OS X. The primary repository will likely be on Windows.

How can I go from managing a repository for a couple of developers and doing manual builds and bug tracking to a highly automated system that will be used by management, project managers and developers? What are the VCS expectations of a corporation who says they are looking for an "enterprise solution?"

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