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Comment Re:This is the way of MySQL too? (Score 1) 128

IMO the most sensible thing to do would be to stagnate but not kill mysql while at the same time using code from mysql to build a mysql compatible interface to oracle and a tool for migrating data from mysql to oracle.

CREATE TABLE ... ENGINE=ORACLE would be a great April 1 joke.

User Journal

Journal Journal: The new user page sucks. 1

Seriously. Now when I click on my name, instead of getting a neat list of the last N comments I've written, I get a big green mess containing the mangled text of the last comment I wrote, followed by the Slashdot homepage. Uh.. is this supposed to be an improvement?

And why do all the Firehose-based pages turn <i> into <blockquote>, anyway? It makes metamod damn confusing, and now I have to deal with it on my user page too!

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