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Comment Beer (Score 1) 154

Another reason to ban beer: It would cost the taxpayers several thousand dollars to launch a pint of beer into LEO. The bill for a small Superbowl party on the ISS would easily exceed the average US worker's annual salary.

If they're going to send up any booze, make it 190 proof grain alchohol. That would only cost about $100 per drink.

Better yet, ditch the whole manned space flight boondoggle and use the savings to fund more real space science.

Comment Sigh (Score 1) 374

In an ideal world, developers of this newly emerging industry would try to avoid the mistakes of the past. They would gravitate towards one of the "safer" low-level languages such as Rust or Ada instead of C.

Of course, from the news headlines it seems that IoT developers are already intent on recreating every bad security practice that's been described since the Morris Worm. So I'm not holding my breath.

Comment Re:Failure of Big Science (Score 1) 457

I've seen you do this before. I'm not wasting my time going down your semantic rat hole.

The preconceived conclusions are so thoroughly baked in to your reactionary mind that there is no possible external input of information from the real world that could ever cause you to admit that you're wrong.

Comment Re:work less (Score 1) 722

That's because machines have historically never had control systems that rival the power of the human brain. The main advantage of automation up to now been just dumb speed and power; you still needed human intelligence to ultimately manage the work.

That's changing quickly. As computing power increases, the realm of activity of more classes of jobs can be managed by a computer more efficiently than a human, and with very little need for supervision.

Sometimes things in this world are nonlinear, and in those cases, making the same old arguments based on past observations doesn't work.

Comment Re:Make America great again! (Score 0) 357

The only thing I see different is the amount of complaining on the internet.

The problem is that much of the complaining on the internet is coming directly from the POTUS himself over trivial slights.

That doesn't bode well for the outcome of any kind of real crisis in a world full of nukes. Then you might not have any friends or shops left to keep you distracted.

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