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Comment Re:Mountain Edition ? (Score 1) 102

To match the capability of a Jeep Rubicon Wrangler, you will need a low range t-case and lockers front & rear. Otherwise you can't compete. While tires & lift may not be big expenses, regearing & locking is. Gears, rebuild kits and labor will likely run you $400 an axle, plus $600 per axle if you decide to add lockers. And that's likely a non-selectable locker. Plan on $900 per axle if you go with an ARB or Ox. Plus you need to get a better t-case in there to even consider playing on the rocks. The Samurai comes with a 2.2:1 t-case, the Rubicon has a 4:1.

Just the other day I saw a used 2003 Rubicon for $8k. To get a Samurai to that level, you'll need to spend $2400 on gears and lockers for both axles, and $600 on a t-case gear reduction kit. That doesn't even include labor, and rebuilding a t-case isn't that cheap. Once you factor in the "upgrades", I wouldn't consider that Jeep a poor value at all.

Comment Re:Mountain Edition ? (Score 1) 102

Are you retarded? How many vehicles come with solid axles front & rear, coil suspension, and have options for locking diffs and a 4:1 transfer case? Today's stock Jeep will floor anything Jeep has ever made in the past, as well as pretty much any other stock vehicle available. And as for that 2nd gen Samurai... by the time you're done it's not a Samurai anymore.

Opera Launches Facial Gesture Capability 199

cstrep writes "Eight years ago, Opera introduced Mouse Gestures as a way to speed up your interaction with the browser, and focus on what's important: Content. In 2005, Voice Navigation was introduced, and more recently we've worked with Nintendo to create a browser that takes full advantage of the 'Wiimote' and later, the touchscreen in the DSi. Today Opera introduces Face Gestures, a revolutionary technology designed to make interacting with Opera easier on computers with cameras. Face Gestures lets you perform frequent browsing operations with natural and easy to make face gestures. By using an internal technology dubbed 'Face Observation Opera Language,' we are able to recognize pre-determined facial expressions and match them to commands on the Opera browser."

Google Loses Cache-Copyright Lawsuit in Belgium 340

acroyear writes "A court in Belgium has found that Google's website caching policies are a violation of that nation's copyright laws. The finding is that Google's cache offers effectively free access to articles that, while free initially, are archived and charged for via subscriptions. Google claims that they only store short extracts, but the court determined that's still a violation. From the court's ruling: 'It would be up to copyright owners to get in touch with Google by e-mail to complain if the site was posting content that belonged to them. Google would then have 24 hours to withdraw the content or face a daily fine of 1,000 euros ($1,295 U.S.).'"
The Media

Submission + - Wikipedia Founder Introduces Open Source Wiki Mags

KingJawa writes: Wikipedia blew away Encyclopedia Brittanica, but can the model be used to upset the magazine industry? Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, thinks so. His company, Wikia, today announced three open-source magazine-style sites where users can write about news, opinion and gossip — one magazine wiki each for politics, entertainment, and local interests. Each open-source magazine hands total editorial control to the readers, allowing them to read, write, edit, and dictate the editorial feel for each topic.

Submission + - Google Loses Belgian Copyright Case

Christian Engstrom writes: "A court on Tuesday ruled in favour of Belgian newspapers claiming that Google News infringes copyright laws. Google said it was disappointed with the ruling and will appeal. "We believe that Google News is entirely legal," the company said in a statement. "We only ever show the headlines and a few snippets of text and small thumbnail images. If people want to read the entire story they have to click through to the newspaper's website.""

Submission + - Microsoft and Novell sketch out interop roadmap

Rob writes: Microsoft and Novell continue to drip-feed details of their interoperability agreement, sketching out virtualization, management and compatibility plans for 2007, while Novell has announced that it can now run Windows unmodified on Linux. While the patent deal has proved controversial and the reseller deal has seen Microsoft distributing Linux support vouchers, the interoperability element has received less attention. Looking to rectify that situation, the two companies have outlined a "roadmap" for joint development, although delivery dates and technical details are still thin on the ground.

Submission + - 50 000 GNOME Linux desktops in Brazil

An anonymous reader writes: BitWay Computadores, EnabledPeople and IMTECH Brazil companies today announced that they made large PC desktops deployments for Computers for All Brazil federal government program. Ready PC solution provided by Bitway includes preinstalled Linux XP Desktop operating system developed by EnabledPeople and supported by IMTECH. Estimated month deployment is about 10000 desktops with 50000 desktops already delivered.

Full press release

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