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Comment Re:No, the US has too much freedom for Apple. (Score 1) 1303

Often, there is additional expense to manufacture in the US. However, my experience working at a now-defunct US contract manufacturer points to other factors than labor costs. First, any new project required "lawyering up" when a newer technology was involved. The patent maze is a very costly to pass through in the US, and that cost cannot be blamed on higher labor costs. Also, I take issue with the idea that "Made in the USA" means lower quality. Again, in my experience, companies would bring their new products ideas to us. We would develop then business and manufacturing processes necessary to produce a reliable and high quality product. Then, those companies (our customers) would take that process either South of the Border or to SE Asia and start churning out product, but make no change or improvements to the initial process... so over time, QA would suffer. The fall-off rate (that is bad items vs good items) would be very small when manufactured here in the US, but inevitably, it would increase dramatically once moved out of the country. Again, that cannot be blamed on the US workforce.


Submission + - Is working for the gambling industry a black mark? 5

An anonymous reader writes: I'm a recent university graduate. I and have been offered a software developer position in a company that supplies software to the gambling and betting industry. At first I was very excited about the opportunity. However, a few of my friends have told me that working for the gambling industry will put a permanent black mark on my career as a software developer. I don't know that many people in the industry with experience in hiring. Google has not helped in any way. And everybody else I ask doesn't know. So I'm asking slashdot. In your experience is this true? When you hire developers, is the fact that they worked for a gambling company a big turn off? Also, I'm currently in the UK, but would like the freedom of working in US or somewhere else later on in life. So experience from anywhere in the world is welcome.

Submission + - TorrentSpy Update on RIAA Bullying

SchadenFraulein writes: TorrentSpy has posted a notice on their homepage giving users an update on the lawsuit filed against them by the RIAA. The note starts, "This message is to inform you about recent efforts by the motion picture studios to shut down TorrentSpy. As you may know, in February 2006 the major movie studios and their Washington lobby, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), filed a lawsuit against TorrentSpy and other search engines." TorrentSpy goes on to share their battle to keep their log files private and re-assure users that they are not keeping personally-identifiable information. Its unclear why TorrentSpy has decided to post this update now, but if past history serves as any indicator, this does not bode well. Similar postings showed up days before SuprNova and LokiTorrent fell down in the never-ending RIAA hunt. http://www.torrentspy.com/

Journal Journal: No good deed goes unpunished...

A few nights ago I was reading my email when I got some phish; an email broken English stating that I MUST use their software. (Not included in the email but linked to instead) to access my Monster.com account. Notwithstanding Monster's WAY too lazy security policy on email addresses (I get a few "shipping coordinator" offers a week); something about this piqued my curiosity.

Submission + - Image Spam Becoming a Growing Challenge

An anonymous reader writes: Image spam is a serious and growing problem, not least because of its ability to circumvent traditional email spam filters to clog servers and inboxes. In just half a year, the problem of image spam has become general enough to be representative of 35 per cent of all junk mail. Not only this, but image spam is taking up 70 per cent of the bandwidth bulge on account of the large file sizes every single one represents.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - IBM Pimps PS3 as Cheap Cell Workstation

Borland writes: IBM has a pretty nice how-to article on using the PS3 as a cheap Cell development workstation. This first article in the series goes over broad technical details & limitations, installation using Yellow Dog Linux, and ends with a brief mathematical "Hello World" program using the SPEs.

Submission + - black hole found inside globular cluster

acidrain writes: Contrary to the prediction of some computer models, scientists have found a black hole resting peacefully in a dense nest of stars called a globular cluster. Previously discovered black holes are either similar in size to a large star, or super massive holes which are millions of times bigger than a star is able to remain stable. This finding indicates there may be an intermediate size range of holes residing within these star clusters.

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