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Comment Re:2016 New Razer Blade (Score 1) 315

I'm interested in giving this laptop a try, it seems to be the most like a MacBook Pro, at least from a hardware perspective. I love that it has a GTX 1060 in case I wanted to try out some VR or do some gaming. I'm most worried about Windows 10 being suitable to replace all my workflows in MacOSX, to be honest, than I am about finding suitable hardware. Since you own the Razer Blade 2016, can you please give some candid feedback on what you consider to be the biggest drawbacks, if any? Is the trackpad as good as the Mac? How's the palm detection for accidental presses? How's the fan noise? Can you post more about the Win 10 alternatives to Mac programs that you found?

Comment Re:Perhaps one of these MSI laptops? (Score 1) 315

The MSI you linked is a great spec laptop for the money, it beats the heck out of Apple on the GPU and on ports... but I would expect a touch screen for this price, even if I didn't plan to use it. The screen is absolutely gorgeous though, better than Retina quality. (One big keyboard nitpick though, the Windows key is on the wrong side of the keyboard -- very infuriating.) I ended up buying but then returning this laptop to Fry's because I just couldn't abide with Windows 10. I ended up buying a refurbished MacBook Pro from 2015, the last sane model.

Comment Re:The problem isn't PowerPoint itself (Score 1) 27

Don't under-estimate the power of Office 365 to draw schools back into the fold... one of the local systems here just rolled it out county wide.
I think the appeal is outsourcing the day to day management and administration of Exchange email... and well... Office just rides along for free.
Many systems also seem to feel compelled to teach Office because that's what businesses use, and they want to prep the kids accordingly.

Comment Samsung (Score 1) 898

You can get a nice Samsung from Best Buy for less than $800. The specs are good, and the design is nice.

Samsung - Laptop / Intel® Core i5 Processor / 14" Display / 4GB Memory / 640GB Hard Drive - Aluminum

(Disclaimer: I do not work for Best Buy, I do not work for Samsung. I don't get compensated one way or the other if you buy this unit. I'm a Mac guy too, and recently went through this same decision, and this is what I found.)


Warhammer Online Users Repeatedly Overbilled 216

TheSpoom writes "A screw-up in EA's Warhammer Online billing system has resulted in many players being charged upwards of 22 times for a one-month subscription, filling bank accounts with overdraft fees and the Warhammer forums with very angry players, who are discussing the issue quite vocally. EA has said that refunds are in progress and that '[they] anticipate that once the charges have been reversed, any fees that have been incurred should be refunded as well.' They haven't specifically promised to refund overdraft charges, only to ask customers' banks to refund them once the actual charges are refunded. They seem to be assuming banks will have no problem with this."

Decrying the Excessive Emulation of Reality In Games 187

An editorial at GameSetWatch makes the case that game developers' relentless drive to make games more real has led to missed opportunities for creating unique fictional universes that are perhaps more interesting than our own. Quoting: "Remember when the norm for a video game was a blue hedgehog that ran fast and collected rings and emeralds? Or a plumber that took mushrooms to become large, and grabbed a flower to throw fireballs? In reality they do none of those things, but in the name of a game, they make sense, inspire wonder, and create a new universe. ... We’ve seen time and time again that the closer you try to emulate reality, the more the 'game' aspects begin to stick out. Invisible walls in Final Fantasy, or grenades spawning at your feet when you go the wrong way in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are examples of kicking the player out of that illusion of reality, and letting them know that yes, this is a game, and yes, the rules are designed to keep you in the space of this world, not the real world. In reality, as a soldier I could disobey my orders and go exploring around the other side. I could be cowardly and turn back to base. Games shouldn’t have to plan for every eventuality, of course, but it’s not so hard to create universes that are compelling but where the unusual, or even simple backtracking, is not so unfeasible."

Comment Re:Lack of credibility (Score 3, Insightful) 628

Notice I said he had a lack of credibility, I didn't say he wasn't a bright guy in other fields. That's like saying, hey my Uncle Lou did some cool stuff with mainframes back in the day, and they had about the same amount of processing power as an iPhone, maybe Google should hire him! Read Tim's own words in his Android Diary.

I've never actually had a "smart" or otherwise fancy phone before, so this is by far the nicest I've owned.

What kind of technologist bought his first smartphone a little over a year ago? And declares his very first one, The Best! It makes me question his methodology for making decisions, at the very least.

Do you ever read smartphone related websites like Boy Genius Report, for example? These people live and breath smartphones, and actually carry and use the devices they review and blog about. There are numerous people that are infinitely more qualified on smartphones than Tim Bray will ever be.

I'm sure Tim is a fine fellow otherwise, and would make an excellent neighbor, who if he borrowed your rake, would return it promptly in good condition.

Comment Lack of credibility (Score 4, Informative) 628

Tim Bray bought his *first* smartphone in December 2008 and declared it the best he's ever owned:


Maybe if he had tried 3 or 4 other phones and then settled on Android, his opinion would have weight.
This guy had never owned a "fancy phone" until 15 months ago and now he's an expert? Seriously Google, is this the best you can do?

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