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Comment In my car (Score 1) 385

I still use them in my car for listening to audio books (in MP3 format). My car *does* have an USB jack as well, but having the disc player means I can switch between two different channels (say, a book on the CD and music on the USB) without losing my place in either. I'd be just as happy with two USB jacks; it's all about having multiple channels of entertainment that each keep track of where you left off.

Comment +1 Snowden, Manning. -1 Ulbricht (Score 3, Insightful) 264

Snowden & Manning are whistle-blowers. They were motivated by correcting what the perceived as illegal or immoral actions by the government. They had little to personally gain (and a lot to lose) by their actions. Ulbricht, on the other hand was motivated by greed. His willingness to commission murder-for-hire in order to keep his cash machine going justifies his conviction.

Comment Terminals? In the 1950s? (Score 2) 342

Terminals (as we think of them with keyboards and a display screen) didn't exist at all until the mid to late 1960s. A 1950's programmer would be sitting at a keypunch, creating a deck of cards. These would be submitted as a batch process, and you'd get your compiler & run results hours (or maybe a day) later, printed in smudged type on a stack of large fan-fold tractor-feed paper. With few exceptions, the sort of interactive programming you can do "sitting at a terminal" wasn't commonplace until the 1970's.

Comment "cyclists are feeling safer on the roads"??? (Score 1) 271

Huh? With every driver now staring at their phone instead of watching the road, I find it hard to agree with this. Distracted drivers are deadly for cyclists. I wish e-bikes made some noise. Navigating streets in Shenzhen last summer, you had to constantly watch out for e-bikes whizzing by from every direction.

Comment Re:We have those here too (Score 1) 111

What's really funny is a bit after I snapped the photo, the girl reached up and pressed the big red CALL SECURITY button. Everybody scattered as the robot was chanting SECURITY HAS BEEN ALERTED....SECURITY HAS BEEN ALERTED...

My wife talked to a clerk at the mall who was creeped out when she walked past the droid and it said HELLO...WE MEET AGAIN!

Submission + - Kindle Unlimited Scammers Gaming the System at the Expense of Real Authors (annchristy.com)

saccade.com writes: Kindle Unlimited is Amazon's book service that lets customers "check out" any book from a large selection without paying for individual titles. Like most things on the Internet, it's fallen prey to scammers. The system is designed to pay authors out of a single pool of money based on how many pages of their books are actually read. However, scammers have figured out how to rig the system by posting large, fake books, then hiring click farms to "read" them. This doesn't affect people using the service to read books (other than the nuisance of occasionally stumbling over bogus titles). But legitimate authors are getting squeezed as more of the KU payment pool goes to thieves and their bogus books.

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