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Comment SlingTV (Score 1) 121

Last time I used SlingTV on Dish, every "skip" button press took about 3 seconds to process. Each commercial break is about 10 "skips" (6 to 8 forward-30-seconds and 2 to 4 backward-10-seconds). On the local Dish DVR, each skip takes about a quarter second to process. (And slower skips make me less likely to go back to see a commercial I'm interested in!)

Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 1) 121

Channel streaming services generally have embedded advertisements.* Netflix, as a content service, does not—they got that correct!

* And the streaming services (apart from Netflix and Amazon) that I've tried have very intrusive, irritating ads, that are frequently broken, so that if you skip to see a part of the show you wanted to recheck, you have to watch minutes of ads. Without DVR features, channel streaming is tedious.

Comment DVR for PC (Score 2, Interesting) 21

This would be good if someone made a DVR for streaming content. I would need my PC to record the network streams automatically, and then I can skip the irrelevant commercials when watching later. Watching streaming shows from existing online sources (CBS/ABC/etc.) is tedious, and rarely worth the effort. A DVR app could change that balance....

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