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Comment Gearbox in electric car (Score 4, Interesting) 136

I was curious as to why Tesla needs special gearboxes, but apparently the Model S uses a 9.73:1 single-gear reduction. I guess this lets the engineering team tweak the voltage to torque ratios (as opposed to rewinding the motors and modifying the drive circuitry). https://forums.tesla.com/forum...

Comment SlingTV (Score 1) 121

Last time I used SlingTV on Dish, every "skip" button press took about 3 seconds to process. Each commercial break is about 10 "skips" (6 to 8 forward-30-seconds and 2 to 4 backward-10-seconds). On the local Dish DVR, each skip takes about a quarter second to process. (And slower skips make me less likely to go back to see a commercial I'm interested in!)

Comment Re:Can I record it (Score 1) 121

Channel streaming services generally have embedded advertisements.* Netflix, as a content service, does not—they got that correct!

* And the streaming services (apart from Netflix and Amazon) that I've tried have very intrusive, irritating ads, that are frequently broken, so that if you skip to see a part of the show you wanted to recheck, you have to watch minutes of ads. Without DVR features, channel streaming is tedious.

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