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Comment Re:4K BluRay Player (Score 1) 108

What sort of circumstance would lead you to need a 4K Blu ray player?

His Slashdot profile page links to his professional page, and his profession is actually a good candidate for requiring 4k Blu Ray. It's either that or his nerdy A/V club kid neighbor kidnapped his cat and is holding it to ransom.

Comment Re:Bad headline (Score 3, Interesting) 35

Agreed. "Exposed ports" != "vulnerable ports".

I have no problem with telnet as long as you can't access anything too interactive (e.g., a shell) through it. After all, http, SMTP, POP, daytime, chargen and echo are all telnet-like protocols. (Ok, not really, but close enough,) It used to be quite fun to run a honeypot (fake) telnet server to see what was happening in the wild woolly internet.

Even open, unencrypted RDP and VNC have a [narrow] use case (broadcasting games and videos, anyone?)

Can't think of a good use case for open SQL ports though; except for very specialized applications.

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