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Comment Re:What's that about delusional rantings? (Score 1) 76

Now that's funny. I seem to remember Russian trolls such as yourself screaming about WWIII being started if the U.S. helps Ukraine defend itself from your invasion yet here you are threatening your neighbor with nuclear weapons. Maybe the U.S. should do the same to St. Petersburg since it was Russians, sponsored by Putin, who have been attacking the U.S.

Yeah, no hypocrisy there. Must have hit a nerve since you can't refute the truth.

Have fun with your vodka allotment.

Comment Re:DUH! (Score 1) 59

It's actually an article of faith among some here that having your content available to download for free doesn't in any way affect your sales negatively, an argument frequently used as a justification for mass copyright infringement.

The presumption people who make the argument usually have is that people download what they want to test it, and then buy the stuff they think is good. I'm not convinced, but there you have it.

Comment What's that about delusional rantings? (Score 4, Interesting) 76

I seem to remember, not too long, some high up Russian official laughing at the idea they would try to interfere with U.S. elections through hacking, or that they were involved with the Wikileaks email, or other related issues in the U.S. I can't remember the exact words but the word "delusional" was definitely in there.

Now, suddenly, Russia is claiming that foreigners are going to supposedly target the Russian banking system and oh yeah, they come from Ukraine.

How odd they should say this. Why would anyone from Ukraine want to hurt their neighbors banking system? As Russia has steadfastly maintained for over two years, they are not attacking Ukraine and no Russian troops are in Ukraine despite the weekly shipments of cargo 200, so why would Ukraine be singled out?

It looks Russia is trying to place blame somewhere else rather than their own incompetence and corruption, not to mention invasion, which is causing their banking sector to forcefully collapse in a manner similar to their ruble which now borders on rubble.

Funny how everyone else is delusional when talking about attacks on their country coming from Russia yet now we're supposed to believe Russia when they single out one particular country for these supposed attacks on their banking sector.

Comment Re:"a European cloud provider" (Score 1) 83

VPS providers usually have reasonable reasons to customize the distros they run somewhat to fit within the framework they're using to virtualize each server - which are vary rarely simple "VMWare on a Xeon" type environments due to cost/scalability issues.

My guess is that certain providers are crappier than others.

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 1) 132

Hello Russian troll. You mention St. Petersburg. That's where Putin has his paid army of Russian trolls who haunt the Net to spread disinformation, especially when it comes to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

That you claim everything is great when the facts say otherwise shows you are earning your keep. How many of the plunging rubles does Putin pay you? At 65 rubles to the dollar, things are getting expensive, aren't they? Or does Putin throw in a bottle of vodka as well so you can drown your sorrows?

No matter. The world knows the truth. With numerous shipments of cargo 200 going to Russia every day, and the freshly dug graves of Russian soldiers appearing, it is quite obvious Russian troops are dying in Ukraine.

Comment Re:Are we there yet? (Score 2) 196

Yet, the IRS (a Federal agency) has created rules for them to be able to report income and pay their taxes.

The overriding rule of the IRS is income (or revenue in this case) is defined as money derived from any source, unless explicitly exempted by law. As said just below you, the IRS makes no differentiation between money made by some guy working in a cube or the drug dealer on the corner. So long as both report how much money they brought in, and pay taxes on that money, the IRS is satisfied.

And no, I'm not kidding about paying taxes on money from dealing drugs. Read for yourself.

Therefore, the IRS expects these shops to pay their federal taxes just like the states expect them to pay their state taxes. There is no contradiction.

Comment Re:But will it run (Score 1) 124

Nokia had a range of operating systems that were, in every sense, fully functional computer operating systems, but were far more efficient. I'm not sure the choice between No Linux and Linux is what you claim.

At this point the market has decided everyone wants devices that, if you're lucky, might be able to last a day and a half on a single battery life (and that require battery technologies that have proven to be somewhat unstable to provide that amount of life.) So I'm not sure how much the "efficient operating system" thing counts right now, but I wish it did.

Comment Some examples of smeared time (Score 5, Funny) 173

At 4.37 it'll report that 4.38 molests goats. 4.38 will retaliate by claiming 4.37 killed a man and lied about it. 4.39 will accuse 4.38 of secretly having two wives who know nothing about one another. 4.40 will claim 4.38 and 4.37 are having a secret affair and are making up allegations about one another to hide the fact. 4.41 will claim 4.40 is a multiple felon. 4.42 will accuse 4.41 of cheating on his taxes...

Comment Re:Slashdot is officially worse than breitbart now (Score 4, Informative) 191

One has to understand, for Trump supporters, facts don't matter.

Not his use of illegal foreign workers (which he stiffed on paying), not his doing business with an Iranian bank which funds terrorists, not his use of Chinese rather than American steel, not his doing business with Cuba while it was under sanctions, not his assaults on women, not the fact his casinos never turned a profit while he personally ran them, not that his casinos went bankrupt more than once, not the multiple failed businesses, not the 4,000 lawsuits he's been involved in, not his "foundation" from which he illegally paid his legal and personal bills, not to mention the same "foundation" illegally buying him things, not the fact his corrupt "foundation" was barred from soliciting donations in the entire state of New York, not that he called people in the military idiots and stupid, or defamed a military family whose son died defending this country, not that he dodged the draft while claiming possibly getting an STD from sleeping around was his personal Vietnam, or the litany of other facts about him.

Nope. None of those facts matter. They're nothing more than sensational lies from the "extremist" left.

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