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Comment Re:Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" mark (Score 1) 195

This might be the next thing in portable gaming systems, but there is no way this will be 'console' class.

The latest Nvidia Tegra X series chips have excellent performance, in the same ballpark as previous generation of game consoles. Now, while you might say "Yeah, but not the current gen", Nintendo has lately prioritized price and flexibility over having CPUs and GPUs comparable to Microsoft and Sony's. If the Wii and Wii U were considered console class at the time, so is this. Except they couldn't cluster, while this one can.

I don't think it's reasonable to suggest it's a PS-vita with a dock either. The video is at pains to suggest the technology is designed for a more fluid playing experience, with the type of thing you want to do (play against friends, play a conventional game at home in comfort, play in a plane or train, etc) determining how you configure your console.

Will it work? No idea. If they can keep the price down, conceivably yes. I think the big problem with consoles right now is that they're expensive toys for a committed minority. Nintendo misfired with the WiiU, but the biggest, most glaring, fault wasn't the hardware, but the price and pricing.

Comment Re:Escalation? (Score 1) 281

They're not removing USB, they're removing the original, large, four dimensional USB socket for USB-C. It's a standard USB port, and about the only inconvenience is that you'll need adapters or new cables for your older USB gear. Right now, I'm seeing "USB sticks" as being the main loser.

You guys think this is bad, but I started computing in the 1980s, and I can tell you back then this kind of thing would have been considered a giant leap forward. Virtually every brand of computer had:

1. Its own idea of what a keyboard port should look like
2. Its own idea of what a monitor port should look like
3. Its own idea of what a serial port should look like (hell, that even varied from model to model in a computer makers own product line.)
4. Its own idea of what a printer port should look like
5. Its own idea of what a mouse port should look like
6. Its own idea of what a joystick port should look like
7. Its own idea of what a disk drive port should look like

USB-A switching to USB-C? Great! They're switching from one standard to another, but it's still a well supported standard, and there are good reasons to do so. Well done Apple. Now, if you could add USB to your iDevices...

Comment Re:I mean... (Score 1) 173

In fairness, pretty much everyone already knows about the Note 7 fiasco.


If the modder were to modify the mod to include references to other Samsung phones, other than the Note 7, which would be used in the same way, then Samsung can consider the merits of either leaving it be, or doing the same thing, resulting in a large amount of publicity for a story that suggests the Note 7 was not unusual, that Samsung might actually have an exploding phone problem in general.

Comment Re:Am I the only one (Score 1) 278

He's not Hitler. He's a lightweight Mussolini. Scapegoats minorities, smears and dehumanizes same, promotes violence against his opponents, has a contempt for the democratic process, wants to jail his political opponents and restrict and punish journalists who publish stories he and his backers do not like, promotes simplistic solutions to complex problems, usually with an absence of detail that makes the solutions suspect even without further analysis.

He would have to have a raging hate-on for a racial or religious group beyond reason to be a Hitler. He's shown signs of that against Muslims, but he's yet to cross the line that would make me worry about a Muslim holocaust.

Comment Re:OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 1, Informative) 278

I recall the same people attacking Clinton for accepting donations from the Saudis now were going out of their way to buy bland, boring, breaded chicken a few years ago because the CEO of the company that sold it had been funding a group that promotes laws that mandate the death penalty for homosexuality in various African countries.

So: taking money from bad people who do bad things to gays and donating to worthy causes is bad to them. But giving money to bad people who lobby to get bad things done to gays is, apparently totally A-OK.

Just so you understand the mentality here. If Saudi Arabia was doing exactly what it is now, but under the sign of the cross, they'd be celebrating it.

Comment Re:OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 4, Insightful) 278

Leaving aside the fact that you're confusing two entirely different countries, and that if the {Insert actual human rights abusing country} do not donate money, the human rights atrocities continue (it's not an either/or), I would totally take money from someone evil and spend it on something good. Why wouldn't you? Hell, I'd even steal it from them if I could get away from it.

Why would you do differently? Osama Bin Laden appears in your bedroom tonight. He says "Hoho, I'm not dead, I'm actually the October surprise, Clinton is going to be so screwed when it gets out I'm alive. Yeah, yeah, the Russians have been hiding me. Anywho, I just popped in because I heard you're great at picking charitable causes. Here's FIVE MILLION DOLLARS."

Do you say "Uh, thanks, but I'd rather you spend it on fertilizer, pressure cookers and airline tickets. Here, have your five million back", or do you say "I think I might just spend it on HIV prevention for Gay and Lesbian Jews?"

Pretty easy decision for me to make at any rate, but maybe I'm just not as moral as you.

Comment Re:As much as I dislike Trump ... (Score 4, Insightful) 377

And yet time and again Clinton is used to point out this or that even though he hasn't been president for well over a decade.

Make your mind up. If the lies and criminal acts of Bush and Cheney can't be used in a discussion than neither can Bill Clinton.

And no, crimes of past president's are not irrelevant. They are very relevant since they show the hypocrisy of people who will excuse those crimes but suddenly become appalled when someone else does the exact same thing. If you didn't consider it a crime then you can't consider it a crime now.

You can't have it both ways hypocrite.

Submission + - Exploding Samsung phones may be more widespread than previously thought (

squiggleslash writes: Samsung is already feeling the heat from its exploding Note 7 phones, but according to The Guardian a lawsuit has been filed alleging Samsung's phones have for years shown similar defects. From the S6 to the Acclaim R880, the lawsuit covers 30 incidents where phones other than the Note 7 ignited into flames or became burning hot. The lawsuit may light a fire underneath Samsung's engineering group and force them to confront the issue.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 466

if people start getting blackballed, hired or fired for having expressed mere support for X political party or Y viewpoint.

What do you mean, start getting blackballed? Too young to remember the wholesale blackballing of actors because of their supposed views?

This doesn't even begin to touch the surface of the obvious and hidden blacklisting which goes on every day. Numerous studies have shown your name alone can get you blacklisted from a job.

States have had to pass laws to prevent all kinds of people and groups from blacklisting people for whatever reason.

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