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Journal dexterpexter's Journal: As a fan... 5

...of ponies, I like the new April Fool's Day look. (Assuming that the splashes of green and lack of titles on Amigos pages were fixed.) But I am weird like that.

It is certainly nicer-looking than some of the other theme pages.

Can we keep it as an option? Perhaps ponies.slashdot.org? :)

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As a fan...

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  • They're there. Just white-on-white. :-)
    • I know. I poorly-worded my entry. I meant that the "invisible" titles are annoying because you have to highlight them. I don't think it was a purposeful part of the April Fools Day gag, either, just a side effect of setting all titles to white that happened to work out in their favor. :)

      Otherwise, the theme is cute! :)
  • I think my colorblindness made the joke even funnier than it was. I saw "OMG!!! Ponies!!!!" at the top and new colors. I figured they were pink. But I'll take the word of of you, O Bearer of the Matched Chromosomes of Color-Differentiation :)

    • Oh, it is definitely pink. My second oldest niece would love it for sure.

      And after getting past this first "Oh what's happened here", but knowing well the date, I still find it a bit surprising. Whether the white-on-white titles of Journal entries are a bug or a feature, it is hard to tell. I still get these "76 of 65 replies" indications on some of the low-priority story links on the first page... that one can't be a feature.

    • It is definitely pink. It's the bits of slashdot green that they neglected to change to pink that make the site not-quite-as-cute.

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