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Comment Re:Wonder why (Score 1) 194

In the cities talked about in the article, i.e. Austin and San Antonio, one is not spending $4,000 a month for a shoebox apartment. That much money would rent a very nice apartment, or buy a modest house in a desirable part of the city.

But many people are looking for a house that is about a maybe two or three square foot for every dollar of their monthly mortgage. That can be hard to find in the city. While one can find a very desirable house at very reasonable costs in the city, it is often in locations where there are diverse people.

The other item is similar to when people moved into the city. More young adults are used to living in the suburbs, and while may move to the city when they are young, are inevitably going to move back to their childhood norm, which increasingly is the exurbs.

Comment Separate Data from interface (Score 1) 232

I would think that the first thing a modern software develop should know is to decouple interface and logic and data. This is nothing new.

Composite/Structured Design was published way back in the late 1970' and detailed how rules should be in one place only as well as touching on the interfaces to access data and rules. Apple used the MVC structure to separate data from the viewer and methods. OO programming made this much easier to do. Computers are so fast any penalty, in most cases, is irrelevant.

My suspicion is that most software people now simply are connecting widgets to interfaces, and there is no actual knowledge of development or process. this is fine because the frameworks we have are so sophisticated that we can pay people to solve problems rather than figure out arcane error messages on why the code won't compile.

Comment Re:Relax... (Score 4, Insightful) 187

It is much simpler. Trump uses an unsecured easily hacked phone, so every spy agency on the planet is monitoring it. Which is a stupid waste of money as all they need is a twitter feed, a tv, and a membership at his golf course because he tweet everything he thinks, he releases classified information on tv, and public ally classified information during dinner on his every weekend vacation.

Comment Re:Blame it on the distros (Score 1) 109

A good example of how this could be done is the evolution of the Google home page. Without Googling for screenshots, who can actually tell the difference between the Google home page now and then?

I don't need to view screenshots.. I just have to look at page rendering times and view the page source. Google's homepage used to be lightweight and simple, and now it's a bloated mess of javascript.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 218

The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is a government entity supervising taxis in New York City.

However, such entities are often subject to regulatory capture--- no one talks to them more than the taxicab companies, no one cares about what they do as much as taxicab companies, no one is as likely to be involved in the discussion as to who's appointed to the commission as taxicab companies. So it's not surprising that they to a large extent look out for existing taxicab companies' interests.

Comment Re:Pray I don't change it again (Score 1) 149

> and will continue going into them to keep them up to date.

Yes, but they could give all that to you free, too. Why are they allowed to recoup tools R&D cost and not Apple?

The marginal cost of all these things is low. Even the dev hardware from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. The real cost is the initial development, the cost to build the first unit, and maintenance.

Comment Re:On our way... (Score 1) 295

What makes America great is immigration. No one wants America to fail, no more than conservative actives wanted America to fail when they born the birthed movement or blocked Obama at every turn. Conservatives really believed that Obama was key an and progressives really believe that Trump is going to turn the US over to Putin.

We want democracy and an African dicta actor like Trump who is going to block all immigrants is not going to help democracy. By your argument if we elected a lemur who just wanted to party, we would hate democracy if we opposed his plan to use taxpayer money to build free water parks in every town.

Frankly the guilt driving the US is that somehow we are not doing enough to placate the radical religious minority, not real fiscal conservative values. Honestly I y]think most policy is fear that we are going to see a resurgence in Christian terrorism like Eric Roudolph and the sovietiegn nationalists that went around killing cops.

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