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Comment Re:Quite the Opposite (Score 1) 271

Why do people insist that moving to management is your ultimate destination. Many of us don't like management and would never be good at it. Some of us are smart enough to know that. Others, well we all know you. We have a name for you - bad managers! And you correctly hint at the fact that they don't know 90% of what they profess! That's why they are management people i guess...

Comment Not interested (Score 1) 618

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of people who think that ads make money. They don't. Sales makes money. If you don't get a sale you ain't earned shit. The fact that you show me an ad yields nothing for you. Additionally, if I'm blocking your ads then what the fuck makes you think that if you happen to sneak by the ad blocker and show me your ad I'm suddenly gonna say "Well damn! Got through the ad blocker! Lookie here! New. Shiny. Must buy". Hell no! I just get even more upset and won't buy your stupid product. Why to advertisers insist on attempting to show ads to people who are obviously, demonstrably and actively saying "I don't want to see your FUCKING ADS!!!".

Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 634

When they put equal effort into increasing the number of men as journalists, authors, teachers, lab technicians therapists, editors, librarians, public relations officers and insurance underwriters then, and only then, will I believe they are sincere in attempting to balance the genders in STEM. However before then they look like hypocrites to me.

Comment Re:This needs to stop ... (Score 1) 388

Your hate of people trying to make a profit is foolish! Every business is in business to make a profit. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. Companies like Sony do not make profit "at the expense of everyone else". No they cannot force you to buy or deal with them in anyway. The "at the expense of everyone else" in this case means trading you a product that you agree to buy because you value it more then the money you are parting with for it. If anybody's at fault here it's you for making the deal idiot! Yes they extort you by providing you a valuable product. How dare they!

Comment Yeah right. (Score 1) 742

Sorry but this doesn't pass the sniff test to me. Do we have anything other than this Conal characters statement that this stuff happened? It doesn't seem like we do. We have to trust that what Conal said was exactly what happened. As they say, there are two sides to every story.

"Do or don't! There is no try!" What the fuck do you mean "attempted to cancel service"? It's like that other video on Youtube or something with some guy trying to cancel service to Comcast. You don't need to try that hard. Just do this - "I'm canceling service. I suggest you take me off your books. I won't pay another dime" then hang the fucking phone up. That's all you need to do. I know, I've done it several times.

I would take that $1820 bill and send it back with a note: You send your shit here. I suggest you pick it up by the end of the week or I'm fucking tossing it. I wouldn't lift a finger to return it. Not my mistake? Not my problem to fix.

If you schedule an appointment with a service like Comcast and they don't show up within the allotted 4 hour window you can sue them for wages lost. I know. I did it. Won $500 too.

If what this bozo is saying is really true then he has an excellent case against both his former employer and Comcast.

His conversations between him and Comcast are irrelevant to his employment. If his former employer really said that and he has proof then he'll be one rich man as he should sue the shit out of them. What I do in my private life between me and businesses of which I become a customer is no fucking business of my employer at all!

Comment Re:Can someone explain... (Score 1) 69

This lets bash execute anything as the afflicted user.

Yeah and who exactly is this afflicted user? Right, normally apache or some other unprivileged user who has relatively little power though granted you don't even want unprivileged users logging in from the Internet

So what can you do? Everything httpd can do - which may include accessing databases, or loading in other scripts and then getting those to run to get at databases, or dumping the server files.

You may not be able to write /etc/passwd, but you can certainly try to dump the user database for the web application.

Like suing in America, you could try. The question is will you succeed. IN the case of most DBMS's you need to log in to access anything. The unprivileged apache user without the knowledge of the username and password to access the database that contains the list of users is still a rather large huddle

It's a pretty deep bug because it's a design bug - POSIX doesn't specify how exported functions are passed from shell to subshell, so bash uses environment variables in a special format. One patch to fix it makes it so all functions must be declared as _BASH_FUNC_name= which helps limit exposure. There are going to be many other patches because fixing this is hard.

Note really. Just tell bash "hey, after the function definition is completed stop parsing (unless perhaps it's yet another function - which I don't think is allowed anyway).

Comment Invalid zip+4 forms (Score 1) 278

I've tried time and time again to get Kforce to fixed their fucked up form and accept zip+4 as a valid zipcode! How long has zip+4 been around? Since 1983! That's 31 fucking years and so many forms will not accept zip+4. Stupid.

My resume is on my web site. I just point people there. It's also under GPL!

Here's a neat tool: (don't know why it's .co but it is). It scans your resume and the job requirement and tells you how much of a match you are.

Comment Re:Great step! (Score 2) 148

Add to this that sometimes the reputable companies still don't do the right thing. As a large financial institution you'd think that Wells Fargo of all companies would at least be sporting an extended validation certificate! But they don't. And that's not their only fumbling in security ( I have my reasons for still dealing with them but I watch them like a hawk!

Comment Re: name and location tweeted... (Score 0) 928

No it's private property. It doesn't change your ownership just because you let people in. Sure the laws may say "Oh you're really a public space" just because they wish to invade our privacy yet again so they can regulate and tax but it doesn't change the state of reality just because some government official proclaimed otherwise. By your definition, if you've every let anybody into your house you've lost ownership of it, is fucking ridiculous!

Comment Re:Contractor Vs. Employee (Score 1) 193

Hate to tell you this dude but you're in the worse situation there is. A W2 with no benefits! What's the point? Oh I see you like them taking out taxes. Well if you were a real business you could easily pay a service to do that for you (I use Wells Fargo) for about $0.15/hr. Oh the 7.5% you need to pay in "employment taxes". Hmmm. I see. you're bad at math aren't you. If they are billing out at 2-2.5 times what you make that'd be about 100-150% more right. So if you subtract 7.5% off of 100% you could be making 92.5% more than you are now you idiot!

Saves you the trouble of doing sales? Really? You think that this consulting company will get you another contract down the line? You are new here aren't you? In the some 25+ years of contracting I've never, I repeat, NEVER had the same consulting company place me a second time. Extend me? Yeah that happens but another contract from the same consulting company - NEVER.

You sir are just the sucker these consulting firms thrive on.

Comment Re:Contractor Vs. Employee (Score 1) 193

You have no business sense. Insurance as a business owner can be had cheaply if you know what you are doing. Miss out on a lot of corp perks? They are really overrated. The perks of getting to keep more of your money by reducing taxes far out weighs these corp perks in most cases.

And if you think a full-time position as a real employee offers you any sort of security or permanence then you got another thing coming.

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