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Comment Re:Init alternatives (Score 1) 329

Until the error message that appears on bootup quickly scrolls out of view, and then out of the virtual console buffer. I've been burnt by this before. It's incredibly frustrating! For all its perceived faults, systemd definitely has an advantage here over sysv init.

Comment Re: All 400 active users will love this! (Score 1) 112

Yep, I agree. It's actually a really good game to chill out and spend an hour or so playing. If you spend too much time in it at once, it does wear thin, but an hour here and there is great pacing for the game.

I've already got my money's worth out of the game, so these updates are just a bonus. Also, reading all the angst, from people decrying HG for their lies, is pretty amusing. I guess more people have now learned that even developers don't fully know how their game will eventually turn out. Never set expectations about a game until it has been released.

Comment Re:The console advantage. (Score 1) 86

Have you tried a PS4? You'll find your windows PC updates much more frequently. Sounds like you don't fire up the console all that often. Also, PS4 updates can download in the background while you play.

Game patches can also be downloaded while you play, though multiplayer games would require you to install the patch before playing.

If you don't want to play multiplayer, the subscription fee can be avoided.

Fixed hardware targets aren't quite as anachronistic as you think. Just ask Batman Arkham Knight players.

Comment Re:I don't think that's enough (Score 1) 99

Do you really think that Sony will be able to keep it at console price points? I'll believe it when I see it. I'm willing to bet that we will also see an increase in console pricing.

  It's not beyond the realm of possibility that the Neo could be introduced at current console price points. The new gpu will be using ATI's new 14nm FinFET tech, down from 28nm in the current PS4 gpu. That'll make production costs cheaper for each gpu, even with a probable increase in transistor count and percentage failed QA. I really wouldn't be surprised if ATI will sell the gpu at a cheaper cost to Sony than current prices.

  Never mind further cost reduction because the new parts will draw less power, so thermal dispersion and power supply costs can be lowered, thermal design of the new system need not be as stringent as well.

  I believe that Sony have found themselves in the strange position of being able to lower hardware costs by increasing performance. Their quandary was, do they artificially limit the power of the new systems, or do they provide a two-tier console performance structure for this generation? Looks like they've gone for the second option.

  Of course, they'll likely sell the Neo at an increased price, but I think they'll start off at the original PS4 price point. Eventually, they'll run out stock of older PS4 units, and then move the Neo price down to the current level.

Comment Re:And the soul vacated Debian moments later. (Score 1) 160

It depends on the level of hate. If it's a mere dislike, then sure, go ahead, dislike it. I've got no problem with that.

If it's a rabid hatred of the package, then reactions to it go far beyond rationality. Take, for example, your comparison of systemd to Islam. That shows you have little understanding of both systemd and Islam, and the fact you tried to compare them shows you're not thinking rationally on the subject.

Unfortunately, most reactions to systemd seem to be of the rabid hatred type. Just like the parent post, which tried to claim that Debian is dead, was sold out to Red Hat, and a buyout from Microsoft is inevitable. This is just not rational. The author's level of hatred on the subject is excessive, and it's interfering with their critical thinking. When that happens, I'd generally label it as bad.

Comment Re:And the soul vacated Debian moments later. (Score 1) 160

Had a look at your example. It wasn't a particularly strong one. The guy was complaining about the network service failing. The reason was because he labelled his tethered phone interface as auto up. Not a good idea. Would have been better to label it as "allow-hotplug".

Another solution would be to use the systemd networkd configuration. That would react to the plugged interface event, and then automatically configure it.

So in this case, there was no fault with systemd. Seems like most complaints are because people don't understand systemd. Once you understand it, it's actually quite good to use.

Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 1) 340

Digital streaming requires your phone to establish a two-way communication with a cell tower, initiate the digital stream, process incoming packets, send packet replies, and then send the data to a DAC, and finally to an amplifier.

An FM chip can be almost entirely powered by the strength of the incoming FM signal. Power only needed for the amp. If everything else on the phone is shut down (cpu, display, cell transmission, etc), then I wouldn't be surprised if it was on the order of 100x more efficient than digital streaming.

Speaking purely theoretically here. No idea about the practicality of enabling FM reception on existing phones.

Comment Re:Racketeering? Really? (Score 1) 246

I believe her argument is that Google will only "protect" her works if she gives them a license to use her works. That could be considered racketeering or extortion.

And it seems to me that the artist has to license their work to Google, before Google has the legal ability to actually scan for it with their ContentID system. So basically, she wants Google to scan for copyright violations of her work, without legally allowing Google to do such a scan.

  Have I got this right? If so, score +1 for artist stupidity. At least we got an entertaining read out of it.

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