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Comment Re:Choices. (Score 1) 106

You mean as opposed to living next door to the houses in practically every suburban neighborhood where the kids have a garage band 'rehearsing' after school?

The thing is those are not mutually exclusive. There's a certain level of things we tolerate as a society. And those things add up. I have a few neighbors with noisy kids. Not all my neighbors have noisy kids, because statistics. If I have neighbors with noisy kids AND neighbors with noisy AirBNB, that's just twice as bad.

It seems to me that a private homeowner should be given the maximum amount of freedom to do with his property as he pleases

Yup. As long as it doesn't prevent other people from enjoying their properties.

Comment Re:Choices. (Score 1) 106

It's so much more complicated than that. We don't have many laws to handle things people don't generally do. Laws are almost always drafted as a reaction to things.

There's no law stopping llarge amount of strangers coming in an out of a peaceful neighborhood at any hour of the night. Because in a residential, high owner ratio neighborhood, that just doesn't happen.

Until AirBNB comes in and changes everything in a few years. AirBNB itself is often breaking municipal zoning rules (using a residential zoned area as mix use), which are a pain in the ass to enforce...because we usually don't need to enforce them.

It's not just people doing parties. The mere act of existing changes the character of neighbors semi-randomly (the same way renters do at a much, MUCH slower pace).

In a world where AirBNB itself is not doing anything illegal, hosts are almost constantly in the "fucking annoying, but not illegal" territory. The kind of thing that can ruin people's peace of mind and quality of life in a way they can't do shit about it.

As long as its kept out of purely residential zoned areas, follow all municipal rules, condo rules and rental lease rules, it's really not that bad. But I'd be surprised if even 5% of AirBNBs did.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with bots and vote brigading (Score 1) 480

Genocide doesn't require a "centrally planned and coordinated effort to exterminate the people". You admit that millions of Armenians did die - were killed, that is - as a result of Turkish action. That alone makes it a genocide regardless of anything else.

The fact that Hitler fondly cited it as a role model for what he did (and why others "wouldn't care"), is icing on the cake.

Comment Re:Agreed, though may I suggest (Score 1) 149

Thanks. I like the look of those a lot. It's a good deal cheaper than a similar Netgate device (my go to since they own PFSense). Only real area it looks like it would have notably worse performance would be VPN since it lacks AES acceleration. But so long as that isn't being used it should be around the same speed as the 4 core atoms Netgate uses.

I may think about one for home. I'll probably stick with my Edgerouter Lite since those Cavium chips just get lower latency than you can get in pure software at this point, but I am a bigger fan of PFSense than EdgeOS for sure.

Comment Re:That stuff is newbie trap though (Score 1) 72

Fair enough :) Thus the n00b trap (I'm a noob), where it's pretty hard to figure out what it will actually do.

When I was looking at benchmark for DDR4 RAM, most showed no real improvement in most games, but some drastic improvement in certain high end photoshop or 3d rendering tasks ::shrugs::

Either way, you really have to know what you're doing if you're buying something above 3200~

Comment That stuff is newbie trap though (Score 1) 72

I recently built a new computer, something I don't do very often (every 5 years~ and I got lazy last time and got a prebuilt, so it's been a while).

First, RAM speed barely makes a difference for most people since not everyone is editing videos all day (and in games it barely does anything).

Then, these kits only reach these speeds with the timings properly setup, on the right motherboards/cpu combo (even if all your hardware is advertised as being compatible with the speeds). Often only if you only use 2 chips (at 4 its a coin toss if it will reach it or not). And even with all that, it's still a lottery if the ones you got will reach it and then you have to decide if you care enough to play the RMA lottery.

Comment Agreed, though may I suggest (Score 1) 149

Moving to a better router? DD-WRT isn't as updated as it should be these days and has slow performance. Modern consumer routers are fast because they use packet acceleration tech built in to their chips. DD-WRT doesn't know how to do that (at least not that I've ever seen).

So what I recommend for geek types is go to three devices: Modem -> router -> wireless. You can repurpose your existing router as a WAP, or get a purpose built WAP. Either way, you don't do routing on it. Then get a purpose built router.

My top recommendation is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. About $100 for a little wired 3-port device that'll pass a gig of traffic with low latency since it has packet acceleration and knows how to use it. It's a bit on the complex side and you can't do all setup through the GUI (IPv6 requires commandline work) but it is powerful, and they are pretty good at updating it. Runs a customized version of VyOS and provides you with access to all the low level stuff. You can compile your own shit for it if you like (is MIPS64 though).

If that isn't to your taste my second choice is PFSense. You can run that on anything x86 but the devices they sell on their site, made by Netgate, are great choices. Its more expensive to hit a gigabit speed because it runs all in software, and that also means its latency is higher. However that said I like the interface better and it is an exceedingly powerful and flexible firewall. It's updated regularly, you can buy professional support, and since it is software you can run it on anything, including a VM. Runs BSD underneath and you can get access to the low level if you want to mess with it.

Third choice would be a something like a Cisco RV340 or maybe RV320. It's the same general hardware as the EdgrRouter Lite, a Cavium Octeon processor which is MIPS64+packet processing, but with Cisco's OS whacked on. Easier to use overall, though not as flexible. Cisco tends to be ok with security updates. They use a slower CPU and less RAM so you aren't going to get a full gig, but they are pretty fast and are nice and low latency. Not too bad price wise either, like $150 for the RV320.

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