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Comment Fuck iOS (Score 0) 129

I prefer my devices allow me to do as I wish with the content I already own. I like Android devices a lot better, and I'm someone who does pay for content and apps. I just refuse to do it multiple times.

What the fuck does a bug that requires social engineering and ignorant users installing sketchy software have to do with apple's alleged superiority? I have an iPad that a RARELY use. It has its place in my studio, but I haven't set that up since moving. For everything else, I prefer either my Samsung tablet with a proper screen ratio for reading comics without scrolling, or any of my other Android devices that don't try to nickle and dime me for every single fucking thing I do.

So much for Apple haters being silent.

Comment Re:The stakes are high (Score 1, Insightful) 280

For some of these athletes they are literally competing for their future financial well being. Winning an Olympic medal in some places can be life changing. It can make some of them national hero's and set them and their family up for years to come. Would you swim through a river of shit if it would drag your family out poverty? Because for some, that is the stakes on the table.

Given the odds and the competition, that's an incredibly short-sighted gamble. To devote years to something that unlikely when there are MANY better ways to provide. It's all about ego. "Look at me".

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