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Comment Headhunters (Score 1) 444

To everyone suggesting experience is superior to certifications and education, I completely agree. Unfortunately third party head hunting contractors hired by Fortune 500 human resource departments do not.

Your experience, intelligence and charisma will impress the hiring manager and might even get you the job, but.. you never got to meet him/her because you got rejected by the asshole third party headhunting contractor because your resume was not bit for bit identical to the job posting, even if you're an internal candidate for Christ's sake. Back in the good ol' days you could probably convince a human resources associate that even though you don't have required certification X, experience Y makes up for this. Today, that human resources rep has been replaced by a third party contractor whose job is to thrash through the thousands of resumes and present 25 precisely qualified candidates to the hiring manager. The hiring manager will never see any "maybes" or "close enoughs" or "willing to settles".

My advice is to hand tailor your resume to the specific job posting each time you submit it. If a job requires a certification or degree, you'd better have it. If it says "or equivalent experience", I'd put an "Experience Equivalent to Certification X" section right up top on my resume and emotionally prepare myself to be bumped by the hundreds of other candidates that actually have Certification X.

If you have Certification Y and the job posting doesn't mention Certification Y as a requirement or a desirable, leave it off. If you can get through the phone interview with the headhunter and get an interview with the hiring manager, this might be a great time to bring up Certification Y, but to a third party headhunter, superfluous education/certification can only over-qualify you. While suggesting you have a certification that you do not is dishonest and immoral, I've never heard of anyone getting fired from McDonald's because they forgot to mention that they graduated magna cum laude from Princeton.

If you are lucky enough to be happily employed I'd recommend taking every opportunity your employer offers to obtain education at their expense. Even if you don't need it now, having a vast portfolio of degrees and certifications will empower you to craft precisely targeted resumes in the future

If you are unemployed or looking to switch, I would hit every job posting for which I am precisely qualified first, then target jobs for which I am over-qualified at companies that will have much opportunity for advancement. If you are unemployed and under-educated/certified, target entry level positions at companies that will pay for or assist with training and education. "Does the hiring company offer education assistance?" is always a good question to ask a jack ass headhunter.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 920

No flames here. I agree with you. Manned missions are a pretty much a waste of money and, most unfortunately, lives.

What aren't wastes of money are the Mars rovers. I'd love to see hundreds of those little buggers buzzing around the solar system.

I was hoping to see a budget increase for that program and more programs like it. Can anyone shed light on the future of the Mars Rovers? Maybe a Mars Rover Tow Truck to get Spirit unstuck from the mud?

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