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Comment Re:"developed an artificial intelligence(AI) progr (Score 1) 142

But still, unless it is buggy all the intelligence in the system was engineered by the programmers; a "self-learning" algorithm only learns what it was engineered to learn, and what it learned accidentally due to bugs

We're perfectly capable of making systems we can't really understand, or which develop uses we hadn't thought of earlier. Lots of software does things that the developers didn't have in mind when they wrote it. We can't understand the internal values in a complex artificial neural net; all we know is how we arrived at them and what they appear to do.

Artificial neural nets are limited by their base complexity and by their inputs. Make one complex enough and give it enough input and you might well get general intelligence, although I doubt it's that simple.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 757

You seem awfully sure of what Assange did in Sweden, and it doesn't agree with the statements from the women that I read.

In the US, a rape charge is considered a criminal matter, and is brought by the government rather than the victim. Nor did the Swedish prosecutor charge him as a fugitive. The prosecutor filed an extradition request to bring Assange back to be tried, which is reasonable. Allowing someone to leave a jurisdiction is consistent with wanting them back later.for trial. Assange had the opportunity to legally challenge the extradition request, and the UK courts found it was valid. When Assange not only didn't report as required but took steps to evade UK custody, he was a fugitive from UK law, which is true regardless of what happened in Sweden.

Comment Re:Your move, Assange.... (Score 1) 757

I've seen it claimed, but not acknowledged. There is evidence that Assange is guilty of rape, and the UK courts determined that the UK would consider the alleged action to be a crime, and the extradition request valid. The evidence I've seen isn't conclusive, but it's certainly enough to start a prosecution.

What Swedish laws have the prosecutors allegedly broken?

Comment Re:Snowden wouldn't be ALLOWED to make his case (Score 1) 757

There is no question about Snowden violating the law, and so the court would only confirm what we already know. The question is whether Snowden should be pardoned, and I have mixed feelings about that, given that he revealed both domestic operations (which I respect him for) and international (which I don't).

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 757

I have seen no actual evidence that supports Assange's claimed fear of US extradition or extraordinary rendition. He traveled freely to Sweden and the UK after releasing Manning's leaks, and the UK is not the place to go if you fear US extradition. The US has some individuals who want him punished, but no part of the US government has made any movement in that direction.

The whole thing about fearing the US came up because Assange didn't want to face rape charges that Interpol and the UK found legitimate.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 757

That came out of left field.

You are not required to be considerate of anyone's feelings. Nor is anyone required to be considerate of your feelings. I'm not going to make you use any particular pronouns, but I will consider you to be a jerk under some circumstances, such as deliberately referring to someone in a manner they don't want to be referred to as.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 757

The extreme left has redefined neither gender nor sex. There have been people who assume social roles of a gender different from their biological sex for a long time. It's currently technologically possible to go further in helping people into social roles (specifically gender) they're more comfortable with, and so language needs to evolve to deal with that. Unless you can show that pronouns have always been used according to biological sex regardless of gender presentation, you don't have a case that there has been any redefinition.

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