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Comment Re:Why yes (Score 1) 281

Security is difficult. If it's at all onerous to use, people will either not buy the phone or not use the security. The idea behind Apple's fingerprint reader was that it was security people would actually use. Moreover, phones can be easily confiscated or stolen, so you're talking about strong security against an attacker with physical possession of the device. That gets real tricky.

Comment Re: No Dragon 2 Soft Landing Yet (Score 1) 332

Thing about Venus is that, while it might be reasonable to create a floating habitat high in the atmosphere, it gets really hellish at ground level. Conducting enough operations on it to be worthwhile is going to be really, really expensive. Not to mention that shipping things like gems and construction materials between planets is not going to be economically feasible.

Comment Re: In other news (Score 1) 159

Linux Torvalds designed both Linux and Git according to what HE thinks makes sense and how HE thinks things should work, with his basic philosophy of "this is how I think it should be done and if you disagree, fuck off and use something else".

And this would differ from any other open source/proprietary/free/closed source software in what way?

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1105

I've read about history, not just the news. I know what happened in Yugoslavia, in WWII, where a group of enthusiastic individuals with rifles and the like got into fights with poorly trained, poorly led, and poorly equipped regular troops. It wasn't pretty, and it would be worse now, and major power armies nowadays are neither poorly trained, poorly led, or poorly equipped.

Land wars, since the end of WWI, have been conducted by trained groups of people with a variety of weapons, including rifles, machine guns, grenades, and mortars. The German Army was highly successful in WWII, and their low-level tactics were based around machine guns, riflemen being secondary. Forces that were primarily rifle-armed, such as the WWII Chinese Army, were routinely defeated. ISIS has lots of weapons, not just rifles, from the collapse of national armies in the area.

Moreover, in the US it's illegal to go out and buy a modern infantry rifle. A private citizen may only buy automatic weapons that were made before 1987.

Comment Re: Unjust (Score 1) 194

The problem is that shareholders can't exercise effective control. Mutual funds, for example, will almost certainly vote their holdings as the board recommends. The result is that the boards are largely independent entities exercising control. If shareholder votes actually mattered for things like compensation, I'd feel a lot happier about it.

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