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Submission + - The Economist says Linux is easier than Windows (economist.com) 1

alexsingleton writes: "The Economist says Linux will become "the operating system of choice" for low-price PCs in 2008 and raves about the latest version of Ubuntu Linux: "No question, Gutsy Gibbon is the sleekest, best integrated and most user-friendly Linux distribution yet. It's now simpler to set up and configure than Windows. A great deal of work has gone into making the graphics, and especially the fonts, as intuitive and attractive as the Mac's.""

Submission + - Inside a Modern Malware Distribution System 1

Scrabblous writes: "This eweek.com article provides a peek at the backend code and control server associated with Pushdo, a complex Trojan downloader that meticulously tracks its victims. From the article: For starters, the Pushdo controller uses the GeoIP geolocation database in conjunction with whitelists and blacklists of country codes to allow the malware distributor to limit one of the malware loads from infecting users located in a particular country. It also goes a step further, logging the victim's primary hard drive serial number, tracking whether the file system is NTFS, the number of times the victim system has launched a Pushdo variant, and the Windows OS version that executed the malware."

Submission + - Thunderbird in crisis?

Elektroschock writes: "The two core developers of Thunderbird leave Mozilla. Scott McGregor made a brief statement: "I wanted to let the Thunderbird community know that Friday October 12th will be my last day as an employee of the Mozilla Corporation." and David blogged "Just wanted to let everyone know that my last day at The Mozilla Corporation will be Oct. 12. I intend to stay involved with Thunderbird... I've enjoyed working at Mozilla a lot, and I wish Mozilla Co and the new Mail Co all the best." I am scared. A few month ago Mozilla management considered to abandon their second product and set up a special corporation just for the mail client. Scott was more or less supportive. David joined in. While Sunbird just released a new version no appropriate resources were dedicated to the missing component. And while Thunderbird became the most used Linux mail client it is abandoned by Mozilla for 'popularity reasons'. Both messages from David and Scott do not sound if they as founders will play any role in the Thunderbird Mail Corporation. What happened to Mozilla? Is it a case of pauperization through donations?"

Submission + - The Cleaver and Master programmer

An anonymous reader writes: Too much cleverness in programming makes designs more complicated, code more fragile, learning curves steeper, and worst of all, it makes debugging harder. It takes a lot of time to become unclever and rise to the level of a disciplined master programmer. This article attempts to help programmers eschew cleverness and python metaclass abuses.

Submission + - Microsoft Security Evangelist Eschews Antivirus (beskerming.com)

SkiifGeek writes: "With October being Cyber Security Awareness Month (recognised here, amongst other places), news that one of Microsoft's chief Security Evangelists intentionally avoids running any Antivirus software is an interesting statement of faith in the capabilities of the Windows Firewall, Vista's UAC, and end user education.

Making such a bold statement is not without it's risks."

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