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Comment Re:If they're going literal.... (Score 1) 251

So you think every law needs to be essentially written twice, once describing its interface and once its implementation? And here I'd thought Slashdot was mostly against C-type header files!

If legislators can't be bothered to make the law clear in the first place (or write it deliberately ambiguously), why do you think they'll make the statement of purpose clear?

Comment Re:the problem is small independent book stores fa (Score 1) 309

or _doesn't know what they want._

You say that like it's a bad thing.

In fact, I don't know all the books I'd enjoy. I have favorite authors, but when you get past the first half dozen or so I'm probably missing authors just as good. If I just go by what I want, I'm going to miss out on some very good books.

In a bookstore, I can pick up books on a whim and look through them. I can look through various categories of books. It's easier to do this in the bookstore than it is in the browser.

If I wasn't buying eBooks primarily (for the simple reason that they do not take up space on my overstuffed bookshelves), I'd be hitting the bookstores for most of what I want to read.

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