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Submission + - Google recruits programmers based on their search habits

david.emery writes: Engaget reports that Google is soliciting developers based on Google's analysis of their search habits: Seriously. If you search the right terms often enough, Google might interrupt your quest for knowledge with a question: "You're speaking our language. Up for a challenge?"

Does anyone else find this disturbing?

Submission + - Target's internal security team warned management

david.emery writes: According to this story, Target's own IA/computer security raised concerns months before the attack: Quoting a story in the Wall Street Journal.)
But management allegedly "brushed them off."

This begs a more general question for the Slashdot community? How many have identified vulnerabilities in your company's/client's systems, only to be "brushed off?" And if the company took no action, did they ultimately suffer a breach?

Submission + - Samsung's comparison of Galaxy S to iPhone (

david.emery writes: "In a document from the ongoing Samsung/Apple trial, provided in both English translation and Korean original, Samsung engineers provided a detailed comparison of user interface features in their phone against the iPhone. In almost all cases, the recommendation was to adopt the iPhone's approach.

Among other observations, this shows how much work goes into defining the Apple iPhone user experience."

Submission + - Another insider critique of Wikileaks (

david.emery writes: WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange went from being "imaginative, energetic (and) brilliant" to a "paranoid, power-hungry, megalomaniac," a former colleague charges in a new book out Thursday. Further we read: Domscheit-Berg "damaged" WikiLeaks infrastructure and "stole material," WikiLeaks said Wednesday, and the website said it is taking legal action against him-- though Domscheit-Berg denied that. (I'm not clear on what it would mean to 'steal material' from something like WikiLeaks...)

Submission + - Assange on risks of informants (

david.emery writes: From the story: The title said he told international reporters: 'Well, they're informants so, if they get killed, they've got it coming to them. They deserve it.' The book continues: 'There was, for a moment, silence around the table.' The allegations were made in a new book published today by the Guardian timed to coincide with another title released by the New York Times. It also reveals that Assange was so worried that he was being followed by U.S. intelligence services that he disguised himself as a woman, it has been revealed.

Submission + - CNet Analysis on RIAA-Tenenbaum - appealbait? (

david.emery writes: CNet's Greg Sandoval provides his analysis/spin on the Tenenbaum decision reducing statutory damages. Among other items, it claims the Tenenbaum decision will make negotiating settlements harder, and is likely to be appealed with an assertion that the judge exceeded her authority. As seems to be typical in these cases, the litigation can go on and on until one side drops out through exhaustion.

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