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Comment Re: Two-minute warning (Score 1) 756

Fine. Then how about you go out on Monday, during lunch hour, at start kissing random women. See what happens.

And the tape was just released, where he describes what he has done. One women has come forward and said he has done at least part of what he himself has claimed he has done. I would expect that more women will come forward, some of who will have been "grabbed by the pussy".

Comment Re:Down the rabbit hole (Score 1) 311

Actually, most/many of them have. But the problem is, that the 'big four' ALSO require that each retailers system be certified/test to be compliant with whatever protocol in order to transfer liability off the retailer to the bank/credit card company. And, for some reason, many of these companies can't even get a date from the big four as to when they MIGHT be able to start the process of being certified compliant. In the meantime, the retailer is responsible for all fraud...

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