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Comment Re:No more nukes (Score -1) 314

Then we need to elect Trump now. Just tell him a windmill is actually a live camera connected to every home in America, and he will begin emitting hot air until someone tells him it isn't actually a camera.

Maybe we could just tell him he won, park him in front of a couple of them, and erect a wall around the whole system making it more efficient, prevent anyone from telling him that it isn't a camera and prevent him from wandering away.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 1) 145

Sure, there is nothing technically wrong with making a "universal" application.

Even with phones getting more and more memory, apps are getting larger and larger, and universal apps will have a bunch of resources and code not needed for the device it is running on. For example, one of my iOS iPhone+iPad weather apps is over 200Mb.

But the main problem will be, apps built with the framework, in general, will be crappy on most devices. They will be developed for one device, now generally a phone, but offered as a universal app that can run anywhere, so everywhere else, it will be crappy. It may or may not run (as it's not even tested on other devices), UI elements will not be located, sizes and/or work as expected on other devices. It'll basically be a "crapp(tm)" everywhere else.

Right now that's how it is in Google Play, where apps work for both phones and tablets, but the VAST majority of them aren't reworked so they work well on tablets, just auto-sized up, so the apps suck. You have to hunt for the apps that have tablet-specific UI.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 145

The problem with this scenario is UI. You may make UI libraries that support all the features of the various sized devices with various types of hardware attached (buttons/keyboards/touch screen/trackpad/mouse/multiple screens), but, as Microsoft has found out, app developers in general don't have the time, money, expertise, capability, or hardware to make/adjust the UI to work well on a variety of devices. What works great on a 5" touchscreen phone absolutely fucking sucks on a 27" monitor with a keyboard and mouse. Just auto-adjusting the size of screen elements doesn't do the job.

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