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Comment Re:Well, that's a start. (Score 4, Insightful) 117

Yeah. Hell, the ONLY reason these things are even making the news is because there is a/v evidence that it happened. But these things didn't just start happening now that portable video cameras are everywhere. They've been happening ALL ALONG, and the police have just been lying about it.

Comment Re:FF49, still a pig (Score 1) 129

For me, on MacOS X 10.10.5, FF 48.0.2 is using about 4.75 Gb of VM space, which is around where it sits most of the time (starts lower, then slowly creeps up, I normally have a whole bunch of tabs/windows open). But every once in awhile, FF will decide to start eating memory, until the computer runs out of virtual memory. It gets up to about 50-60Gb, and FF is completely unresponsive, and I have to force-quit the app. Wait a minute for the computer to reclaim the VM space (and reduce the size of the VM file), then relaunch FF and all is well again. Sometimes happens 1/2 after launching FF, sometimes after several weeks. And it's happened for a couple of years worth of versions.

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