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Comment Re:That's not what they said in emails (Score 2) 337

Not that Comey isn't trying to fix that. Interesting tweetstorm from former DOJ spokesman Matthew Miller:

This is such an inappropriate public disclosure by Comey. And sadly the latest in a long string of them.

Comey refused to even tell Congress if FBI was investigating Trump camp for Russia hack, but regular updates on Clinton are apparently A-ok.

I wrote a piece in July on why Comey's public comments about Clinton were such an inappropriate abuse of power.

He flagrantly violated DOJ rules with his press conference. Then went on to break new ground discussing details of the case to Congress...2/

Followed by quickly releasing FBI 302's, something they rarely do, and which I doubt they will do for future high-profile cases. 3/

Each time, he either violated or seriously stretched DOJ rule & precedent. Press conference was the original sin, & it begat the rest. 4/

But today's disclosure might be worst abuse yet. DOJ goes out of its way to avoid publicly discussing investigations close to election. 5/

Not just public discussion either. Often won't send subpoenas or take other steps that might leak until after an election is over...6/

Why? Because voters have no way to interpret FBI/DOJ activity in a neutral way. Who is the target of an investigation? What conduct? 7/

This might be totally benign & not even involve Clinton. But no way for press or voters to know that. Easy for opponent to make hay over. 8/

Which takes us back to the original rule: you don't comment on ongoing investigations. Then multiply that times ten close to an election. 9/

For whatever reason (& there are many theories), Comey continues to ignore that. But only for Clinton. 10/

FBI is undoubtedly investigating links between the Russian hack, Manafort, & the Trump campaign. But aren't commenting on it. Good! 11/

They shouldn't be commenting on investigations! But that should apply to all. Instead Clinton consistently treated differently/worse. 12/12

Comment Re:PGP? (Score 1) 337

According to the investigation, only three emails on server had any classified marking on them. None contained classified headers, only (c) markings. The investigation determined that given HRC's lack of expertise in these regards, it's likely that she did not know what that symbol meant; classified documents are usually given to top officials with classified headers. She was however faulted for not treating sensitive information as classified regardless of whether or not it was marked as such, as is government policy.

Now, there was a lot more classified information on the server. At the time it was sent, 113 emails contained classified information, although as mentioned the overwhelming majority hadn't been marked when it was sent to her. During the investigation, investigators looked over all information and retroactively classified 2093 emails as containing information that should be classified. Of those 2093, HRC authored 104. But those were not classified at the time.

A separate report revealed that Powell had in his tenure received two classified emails in his private mail, and staffers of Condoleeza Rice received ten.

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 3, Insightful) 337

Yes, vote for the vaxxer-apologist who wants a moratorium on pesticides and whose primary economic policy initiative - ordering the Fed use quantitative easing to forgive student debt - is based on a complete misunderstanding of the relationship between the government and the Fed, and what quantitative easing even is.

Comment Re:Oh drop it already (Score 5, Insightful) 337

I cannot support Hillary because she is corrupt. The depth of her corruption is breathtaking and her blatant disregard for the rule of law is a danger to the republic.

The depth of Republicans spending three decades trying to convince Americans that she's corrupt is what's breathtaking. How many bloody investigations have they held into her? Now, how many times has she been convicted?

Comment Corrections and more (Score 5, Informative) 337

1. They did not say that they are reopening the investigation. The memo itself makes that clear.

2. The emails are related to the server, but not from Clinton

Pete Williams is reporting that the emails have A) nothing to do with Wikileaks, and B) were not withheld by Clinton.

Beyond that, we know very, very little right now. Actually it's rather bizarre that Comey would throw a bombshell like this 11 days before the election. But let's see where it goes.

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 2) 166

Set 10 years before the events of the original Star Trek series

God Damn It. Star Trek was about the future. I want a series set after DS9/Voyager. Stop @#(* with the timeline and do the formula that has worked in the past.

Star Trek movies were after TOS. TNG was after TOS movies. DS9/Voyager were after TNG. Enterprise went back in time and it all went to shit.

What happens after the Dominion War? Is there anything else in the other quadrants? Maybe make up some new techno bable and explore the 26th century. Make some new pretty ships.

I was a die hard Trekkie. I had the LCARS Star Trek encyclopedia. Knew all the specs of their ships and they managed to lose me with this constant mucking in the Trek 'past'. Now we have a movie franchise that just blew away all of the original timeline I grew up with.

Comment Re:Proof that Jobs is Gone. (Score 1) 328

None of those things are something that you notice in the first 60 seconds of using something. Jobs was always about the first impression and how it 'should work'.

Apple spent money and design time on their packaging. Compared to other MP3 players of the day the iPod was gorgeously packaged and easy to get to.

Having to use a dongle to use your brand new phone with your brand new laptop is one of those things Jobs would have flipped out about. Not an antenna that he likely never used (Always on Wifi), the long term reliability of the Mag Safe, over heating laptops, etc.

And that 'round mouse' brought Apple's stock back from the teens. It seems that plenty of people liked it just fine.

Comment Re:proper mail voting explained: (Score 1) 252

1) Embassy voting is not a real thing. Nor would it make any sense, as different states handle elections differently, but embassies are a unified federal system. Nor does the US have embassies in every country. Nor are embassies guaranteed to be anywhere remotely near where a person lives within a country.

2) "Advance voting" makes no sense for expats. Believe it or not, some citizens live overseas. Including the military, by the way, who you apparently want to disenfranchise.

3) Your #1 case does nothing to guarantee vote privacy. The person can very well watch the individual fill out their ballot and then seal it up. All it does is make it harder/more expensive for the disabled to vote.

Comment Re:I wanted to take a photo of my ballot (Score 1) 252

Because I still have citizenship and because I still have to fill out stupid freaking IRS returns every year (unlike every other country on earth concerning their expats)?

US citizenship is a big disadvantage to carry around and getting to vote is the one decent thing that one gets out of it as an expat.

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