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Comment Normal everywhere (Score 2, Insightful) 993

Well, as someone who seems to pride himself on being unconventional and breaking the status quo, you would think he would understand the position HE put HIMSELF in.

This happens everywhere, I architect'd some stuff for a company using SQL Server and SSRS that was almost free, others in the organization wanted to continue using DB2 and Cognos for millions more $$. Do you really think I had an easy time? I had subtle threats, and plenty of well connected people trying to get rid of me.

So what? If you can't take the heat, keep with convention!

Comment Bob Lutz is actually a car guy (Score 1) 267

The parent poster is correct!

For all the car analogies, very few people here seem to know much about the auto industry.

Bob is a real car guy from way back. He did time at BMW, Ford and lots at Chrysler (where he was responsible for the Viper for example).
He got tired of not the new Chrysler ownership not listening, and moved to GM.

Comment Re:Hottest quarter? (Score 1) 552

In Man, Sask and Alberta there is a history of soil mismanagement as well.
My Brother works in the Oil industry and is up in Estevan now. He does not understand why so few farmers use trees as wind breaks, there are correct ways to do it, and they just don't.
(Beyond that, you have the sunniest spot in Canada, and almost no "solar" activity)

Comment Re:It's a huge risk (Score 1) 45

I don't remember TSMC even keeping up with AMD most of the time, and they were a node behind Intel at almost any time.

It appeared to me that TSMC may have seemed to keep up, but AMD and Intel were producing huge dies and had to have a process really fixed before they ramped. TSMC had the luxury of announcing they were at a node, while only producing simple stuff with it and fixing the bugs over a long period of time.

An Aside: In my opinion Intel chip designs have been less than spectacular given the R&D resources they have, it has been the process engineers that have given them the dominance in performance.

Comment Re:Slippery Slope (Score 1) 1633

I am sure some people may miss the difference, I did not.... thus the title slippery slope.

Anyway, just yesterday some student up in Calgary (Canada) stabbed 5 other students to death with I knife (if I remember correctly).
Totally stupid/evil stuff, that is why they will have to take away the knives after they take away the guns. They are all "Arms"

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