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UK ISP Disconnecting Filesharers 106

bs0d3 writes "A small VPN service, Koppla, has had its service terminated by its host, Santrex Hosting Solutions. Despite actively advertising their services to be oriented toward file-sharing including torrents and XDCC, even going so far as to put 'Seedbox Hosting | An Effective Solution' in the title of their contact page, the UK based Santrex will independently act to terminate users who are thought to be distributing content that they don't own the copyright to. This is regardless of whether the infringement is done by a third party, as is the case with a VPN service such as Koppla."

Comment Re:DNA GATC (Score 1) 101

Another problem they never mention are artifacts from the chemical protocol; just the other day we found a very unusual anomaly that indicated the first 1/3 of all our reads was absolutely crap (usually only the last few bases are unreliable); turned out our slight modification of the Illumina protocol to tailor it to studying epigenomic effects had quite large effects of the sequencing reactions later on.

Do you have any more details about this? I'm working on solexa sequencing of ChIP DNA with (modified) histone and transcription factor targets. These runs are expensive so it would be nice to avoid problems that someone else has already gone through.

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