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Comment Re:For those who aren't aware of this... (Score 1) 102

That's one reason why weapons clients prefer to buy battle tested equipment which has had a large production run. It means the kinks have been ironed out.

One way to prevent these issues is to have someone from the client physically present on the production facility to inspect the vehicles before delivery.


Scientists Name 11 New Cloud Types ( 28

The increased use of technology capable of photographing and sharing images has prompted the World Meteorological Organization to add 11 new cloud classifications to their International Cloud Atlas. "A far cry from simple white puffs, these 11 new cloud types roll, dip, and menace their way across the skies," reports National Geographic. From the report: These 11 additions are the first updates that the atlas has received in 30 years, and much of the change can be attributed to citizen scientists who can share and discuss clouds by uploading photos to the Atlas's site. 2017 is the first year that the renowned atlas will be published entirely online, but a hardbound version will follow later this year. Asperitas, Latin for roughness, is the cloud type that has citizen scientists most excited and has been a special victory for the UK-based Cloud Appreciation Society. This photo, first spotted in 2006, captured their attention for its inability to be described by existing cloud types. Marked by small divot-like features that create chaotic ripples across the sky, asperitas were championed by enthusiasts who noticed they did not accurately fall under existing categories. Other clouds that formerly went by more colloquial names, such as the wave-like Kelvin-Helmoltz cloud, and fallstreak holes, will now be recognized with the Latin names fluctus and cavum, respectively. You can watch a time-lapse of the newly classified asperitas here.

Comment Re:Research to extend lifespans should be banned (Score 1) 123

I think causation is a mental crutch to help us navigate the world of patterns around us but should not be thought of "real."

You say this just after you wrote, "if you drink poison it will kill you instantly."

You are on to something though. I'd say, "we use 'weakly founded' assertions of causation as a crutch to help us navigate the world of patterns around us." IOW, we stereotype everything all the time, because we just can't individually analyze every person and every circumstance.

Comment Re:For those who aren't aware of this... (Score 1) 102

Well sure they have issues. Ukraine's economy is quite poor so they can't spend much on their military. They are also presently at war with Russia and their weapons factories are often close to the Russian border and sometimes used to buy parts and materials from Russia proper (the relations date back from the USSR). So of course they're having a hard time fulfilling the order. But AFAIK the Ukrainians have always fulfilled their weapons deals in the past. There may be delays but they've always done their part as long as they get paid for it. One example is the deal with Pakistan with the T-80UD a couple of years back. When Russia denied them some critical parts the Ukrainians just made their own replacements locally. They have some good talent on engines and gas-turbines. Their tank, naval, and aircraft industries are presently mostly export oriented.

The T-90 has had its own issues as well. The Indians complained there was a wide variation between tanks. Some had turrets installed different from the original specification. Quite a lot of them were in fact remanufactured T-72 chassis. So it isn't just Ukraine that does this. There's quite a lot of ex-USSR equipment lying around so of course they'll reuse it as much as possible.

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