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Comment Re:Gouge the middle class to make them poor (Score 1) 275

That's much of why a nuclear family in the '50s got along fine on a single income and a two-parent family now involves both parents working and the kids in child care,

Of course, the nuclear family of the 1950s had:
a 1200 (not 2200) sqft house,
formica (not granite) counters,
stainless steel appliances,
automatic dishwasher,
automatic dryer,
*might* have had a TV (not a 54" LCD),
car without multiple built-in DVD player, infotainment center, ABS brakes, half a dozen air bags, computer controlled *everything*, 2000W stereos,
game consoles,
ad nauseum.

Comment Re:Don't be obtuse (Score 1) 375

I've owned a home for 6 years and the price has doubled. I put 20% down originally, so as an investment, I have literally tripled my money in 6 years.

So how does that work? And how about compound interest? I only makes sense to buy a house on a loan when you plan to live there for 20 years. Or whatever the period is to pay back the loan. And one thing is alleged value and another is the actual money you get for selling a used house. If anything, by looking at people who actually managed to save to buy a house, the best way is to live on the minimum amount of space you can, rent, or like a lot of people I know who worked in California live in with someone else in their couch or whatever. Then save to buy your own house. Preferably not in California.

Comment Re:Fewer children per capita? (Score 2) 375

We both have really fantastic jobs, but can only afford a 1 bedroom here, a two or even three bedroom apartment would bankrupt us.

This is exactly the problem. Property prices are way too high so people can't get enough living space to raise a family. This is due in a great degree to zoning restrictions and the lack of vertical residential all across California. Because of the zoning restrictions people have to move out into the suburbs instead.

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