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Comment Re:Americans no longer want to pick fruit. (Score 4, Interesting) 105

I'm in a "weird" part of the country without much in the way of migrant workers and Americans do all "the jobs Americans won't do".

A friend of mine has a teenage son who's worked at a nearby orchard for a couple years, after school and summers. I know, he can't exist according to labor economists who don't get that bottom-wage jobs are for kids with no experience. He's off to college next year, and I doubt a robot will be taking his job.

Comment Re:What governmen brought to the table (Score 3, Informative) 106

Solids have horrible failure modes for a manned space flight platform. Not to mention they are inefficient like heck. The only reason to use solids is because you're indirectly funding ICBM tech. I'm not sure I agree with the LOX/H2 thing though. It kind of depends on the vehicle and engine design. But it is true hydrocarbons are a lot more dense and hence result in less vehicle manufacturing costs.

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