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Comment Re:Anti Trust (Score 1) 88

There's no law against monopolies.

There are laws that prohibit becoming a monopoly by merging with your competition. That's why mergers have to be approved by the government (many governments in the case of multinational corporations). Often mergers require spinning off divisions or other conditions to maintain some level of competition. Some have complained that regulators have been too lax or have applied the wrong standards in approving deals that lessened competition, but the point is that we do have laws. Amazon in acquired a lot of smaller companies, but most of their dominance has been grown internally.

There are laws that prohibit companies from abusing their dominance to force out competitors or to use their monopoly in one market to force a monopoly in another. These are the rules that led to the AT&T breakup and almost lead to a Microsoft breakup. In retrospect, many people thing the AT&T breakup was the best thing that could have happened to the company, and I would assert that Microsoft would have been a much better off if it had broken up into several separate companies. These are the rules that Google is often accused of breaking, using their dominance in search to gain dominance in other areas. All large companies have to watch out for these rules.

But if a company becomes a monopoly without buying out their competition and doesn't use their position in such a way to block potential competitors, then they are doing nothing illegal.

In short, there are no laws against monopolies in general, only against abusive monopolies.

Comment Re:I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 181

You are right. Trump is accused of being unethical in business practices and probably guilty of several tax statues and possibly rape or sexual assault.

Clinton in the meantime has been accused of breaking federal criminal law, and despite the evidence will never see a trial because of prosecutorial discretion from other members of her political party. She has also defended an adulterer, perjurer, and also possible rapist/sexual assaulter...

Comment Re: I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 181

Well considering a court will never get to decide whether or not Hillary broke federal law or just had "poor judgment" in your words or "extremely careless" in Comey's words. Deciding not to prosecute isn't the same as not having broken the law. It doesn't take a lawyer to know that people don't destroy phones and use bleach bit to keep wedding emails out of the public eye.

Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 2) 654

Exactly. Where is the option for "I believe in science in regards to knowing the theory behind why the earth is getting warmer but I deny that it is necessarily going to be a catastrophe and that it is the biggest threat facing humanity that needs trillions of dollars spent to reduce carbon emissions for an unknown future potential benefit."?

Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score -1) 327

Hmm, I taught people who I hire to work for me, that is over 30 people that I needed to teach. I also taught some kids. But that's irrelevant, the only relevant part is that today we have more resources to provide extremely cheap education to people because of the technology that we built and yet due to government intervention with all the money flowing into the system the prices are extremely high and will only increase over time *because* of the money.

The more money that is betting for a service the more expensive the service will be and it has nothing to do with how cheaply and universally the service can be provided without all that unnecessary money.

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 2) 79

No, there's no good reason for the solar shingles to use inferior PV cells, but they do. The shingle design is bad because they're much smaller than a typical panel, requiring much more wiring for a given surface area.

I'm guessing that they'll have something that mimics a metal roof more than a shingle roof, but we'll find out soon enough.

What would be absolutely revolutionary would be something that is self-healing, such that roofers can drive nails through it, cut holes in it, etc., and have it still work. Just roll out sheets of it over the wood, nail it down, and hook up wires at the top (running down through the attic to the side of the house). I don't think we're going to see that anytime soon.

Comment Re:Wot? (Score 2) 79

Standard panels are mounted over the top of standard roofing shingles, often with a small air gap. There have been some solar shingle products in the past where special photovoltaic shingles are used instead of asphalt shingles. The problems include that they're much more expensive, much less efficient, and must more labor intensive to install. From the sound of the hype, I'm expecting a new product that overcomes all three of those shortfalls.

Comment Re:You Mispelled "Bradley Manning" (Score -1) 399

Yeah, sure, and if a guy calls himself an ostrich then we must 'keep up'. Now, it's none of my business what the guy thinks he is, a female or anything else, that's his business. I do mind calling a person with a dick and balls a female though. I think he is a male, he'll have his physical surgery and will become a former physical male, fake physical female from my perspective, fine, then I'll concede that's not a he any longer.

Comment Re:Thelema (Score -1) 539

Objectivism is a much more valid construct than any religion, as to Twitter and bad people, that's funny. How about ISIS? How about almost every war on this planet with vast majority of the people participating being religious (vast majority of all people are religious).

Torture, murder, genocide, theft, destruction of all types, burning people at the stake... best people, ha?

And what the hell is 'faux-Lbertarianism'?

Comment Re:Got it right (Score 1) 91

The depth is also not there. Catching rats and pidgeons (that have a stupidly high flee rate) gets really old and is 80% of the way you level up (lucky egg and cheap evolutions). Gym battles are stupidly biased toward the attacker and the battle system is repetitive and requires no skill or strategy. It also can only occur in limited locations.

I play the game, but I don't really have much incentive to really go out and play much other than to fill the Pokedex with mostly useless creatures. There are really only a dozen or so Pokemon you ever see in gyms.

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