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Comment revenues are not profits (Score 0) 81

I am 100% against every form of income and wealth taxation and redistribution, but if we set that aside this so called 'article' claims that Amazon "made revenues of around 2.5 billion euros in Italy", well revenues are *not profits*. The taxes are not paid on revenues (revenues are income before covering the expenses). What were the *profits*?

Comment OMG, could cars go 200km/h??!! wow (Score -1) 150

How can such a crazy idea ever come to someone's head, cars travelling at 200km/h?

Of-course I routinely go at speeds much higher than that in my car, not in tunnels though. How about private infrastructure, like private roads built with private money and the owner of the road charging to build/operate/maintain it? Naah, impossible, that's a government's job.

Comment Automatic Conversion (Score 1, Insightful) 371

It's been a while since I've touched COBOL, but it should be possible to develop a program that parses COBOL and outputs the equivalent in a modern language, even preserving the comments.

Since financial institutions seem to be completely unaware that programmers can quickly adapt to different languages, it would seem like an automatic conversion program could be quite profitable.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 0) 521

Pure nonsense, there is no contract, I didn't sign it, it is an invention by the collectivists that want to justify their oppressive collectivism, statism, theft, robbery, injustice, oppression, slavery.

Yes, this is precisely how I see things, this is how I always saw things (for 4 decades years now), this is how I am going to see things in the future, nothing changes, I see it this way regardless of my personal circumstances and I had many interesting different personal circumstances. The type of circumstances that may turn people into complete socialists, may turn some people to faith, whatever, doesn't matter.

I see the so called society as a monstrous system that I was born into not by choice, if I had a choice then I would have preferred a completely totally anarcho capitalist society, not any form of collectivism. But I was born in the former USSR and moved around this planet quite a bit after that.

I am all for paying for infrastructure, I am all against paying to any form of government for anything. Infrastructure and everything should be private and when I need to use it I am all for paying for it to the owner of it.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 0) 521

Yes, taxation is theft and now that Trump came up with his plan to drastically reduce taxes and to starve the Beast, for the first time I feel like he is not going to be a complete disaster that I expected once he reneged on the promise to shut down ACA and such. But finally I am seeing some serious proposals to reduce this oppression though personally I see even 1% even 0.0000000000001% of income and wealth taxation as complete and utter injustice, oppression, slavery and complete destruction of all individual liberties.

Go Trump I guess!

Comment Re:Incorrect (Score 3, Informative) 478

With climate change, there's more energy in the atmosphere than before, so pulling a tiny amount out with wind turbines will help, not hurt. That said, the sort of wind power being installed now can't be taking more than a fraction of a rounding error of energy out of the atmosphere so it's only theoretical.

Comment Re: minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 0) 521

That's completely idiotic on all accounts, every single one of them.

No, a business does not benefit if all the other businesses that it trades with gets hit by thieves. Every business loses when it gets hit by thieves, the prices go up due to losses, increase expenditures for protection, lost productive capacity and time.

No, a business is not better off if others get stolen from, he also gets stolen from, a business is better off without theft.

I am a person, I have a family, I started a business without any real wealth except for what I saved over a few years. Yes, I could have failed, yes, I took the risk. That's the point - taking a risk with your own money thus being diligent about the risks you take.

Taking risks with other people's money does not require anything, any idea of how to generate a profit in either short or long term.

Of-course UBI requires this 'BI' to be 'U', which means everybody gets this Universal income, which brings the value of that income to nothing. The market will adjust the prices up to the correct level and UBI will buy nothing. Of-course government wants their high inflation numbers, so maybe that's the actual goal - expand the money supply, expand the nominal dollars collected, never mind the fall in the actual value of the currency.

As to believes, you are the one inventing nonsense like 'Industrial Revolution caused massive poverty', when the reality is absolutely the opposite of your meth induced hallucinations. Industrial Revolution took people out of poverty, people moved to the cities who would never exist otherwise, would have stayed subsistence farmers and would only be able to consume what they themselves produce, thus never having any improvement in their standard of living.

Industrial Revolution brought up the standard of living of all to the point that they increased the population since that time 7 fold.

Comment Re:minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 0) 521

In what insane world is businesses "pushed away" by people having money to spend ?

- in the world where that money is taken from that very business, so that the business does not see positive trade balance, it sees a negative one. In the world where the value of money itself is destroyed via schemes of this nature because the money is not backed by any actual inherently valuable property, either commodity or even just labour.

For an equitable trade to happen between two sides, both sides have to receive something of value that at least matches what the sides are giving up. For you to understand this forget about cash, think barter.

2 sides only benefit when both end up with something they did not have before that they willingly traded for something they owned. You have a pig to trade and the other guy has a few bags of wheat, the market tells you that the exchange is equitable and you trade, both are left better off.

If one side has nothing to offer (is not producing anything) it's not actually trading, it's subtracting from people who are trading.

Person A runs a wheat farm, person B runs a pig farm, they can trade.

Person C does nothing, but lets say he steals a pig from person B. Now person C can trade some of the meat with person A.

However this theft subtracted from the productive capacity of the pig farmer and it never added anything to the productive capacity of the thief. The wheat farmer still gets the meat in exchange for his wheat, but if he went directly to person B and omitted the thief altogether it would be better for the real market participants (A and B), they have something to gain by trading with each other, it's a long term deal.

The theft by person C subtracts from the productive capacity directly, by removing the productive output (the pig) from the producer and it creates inefficiency where the pig farmer now has to start thinking about protecting his property where he didn't have to do that previously.

The business owners that protect their property by outsourcing, automation, by buying politicians are correct to do what they are doing, they are being stolen from.

people who could never DARE risk it before suddenly are able to open their own businesses - and employ their neighbours.

- nonsense. I never 'dared' to open a business, I just did, I put my savings on the line and used it to do so. But to say that UBI would allow somebody to start a business and even to pay something to an employee? Pure nonsense, with what money would they 'pay', they don't have anything *more* than the neighbour, after all, both are on UBI, which is supposedly only large enough not to starve in the streets. If it is large enough to open a business you are really advocating the type of wealth redistribution that makes even less sense economically, you are reducing the productive power of the existing valuable, viable businesses so much that others can spend that wealth doing whatever comes to their heads without really bothering with the consequences of the risk they are taking, because that's not their money.

People don't unnecessarily risk their money. Even the most idiotic collectivists would agree that if the government didn't guarantee the losses for the banks the banks wouldn't be taking risks with their own money. People tend to be careful with the money they *earned* as opposed to the money they got for free.

Bad outcomes: none.

- aha. I would argue that every government program ends up being a bad outcome, every one of them. Every one of them ends up doing the type of harm they are purporting to reduce. The war on drugs was won by drugs. The war on poverty was won by poverty. The war on terrorism seems to be lost to terrorists, they win because the individual liberties are in the craper and the government has only grown. Minimum wage laws create unemployment, public single payer health care destroys health care for all in the long term, it can eventually even bring entire systems down because the money can never stop flowing from individual to the government, and the governments always needs more of it, never less, pushing out and destroying businesses in the process.

s ago now to deal with the massive poverty the Industrial Revolution caused

- aha. So the Industrial Revolution caused so much poverty that now the population is 7 times greater than what it was before the beginning of industrialization.

The real fraud is in destruction of individual liberties that come out of government under the guise of 'helping' the poor and you are trying to sell that fraud here.

Comment Re:minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 0) 521

Supply side economics has clearly failed.

- no, American economy (and Canadian and many other Western economies) are failing to produce because they have failed the entire concept of economics, which is production. You cannot demand anything if you don't produce, these experiments will further drive poverty up in communities where they take place by ensuring further erosion of the value of the money they are using and by pushing businesses away, further increasing the perceived need for government intervention, which will intervene further by taking more from those who produce and redistributing to those who cannot.

This will end in a failure of the economic system and dismantling of the political structure, pushing entire nations into abject poverty (see Venezuela, North Korea, USSR, Cuba, etc.)

Comment Re:Not in my America (Score 1) 287

That is indeed the ideal goal - automation and AI should allow us to achieve a post-scarcity 'Star Trek future' for mankind. However, to transition to this relatively more post-scarcity society requires significant and very careful changes to how society is structured politically. These changes can only be performed successfully by good quality political leadership (ha ha) that has both vision and a good understanding of technology. We simply do not have "good quality political leadership" anywhere in the world right now. This is a major concern. So there will likely be further unrest along the way. This is partly why we're already seeing a rise in leftist-Marxist protesting/unrest.

Comment Re:CEO's fear (Score 1) 287

I'm curious how such a study would define the benchmark of what 'correct' decisions by those CEOs would have been - how could they know? Play out alternative universe simulations in which the CEOs took an alternative decision? That's not possible. Not being facetious, am seriously wondering ... the types of decisions CEOs make aren't easy, and are made with incomplete information - if the CEOs (who have the most information) can't easily make the "correct" decision then how can some random scientist doing some study know the "correct" decision?

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 267

The people claiming this is "weird" or "fucked up" are either strange themselves, or they're pretending. Either way, they're pushing a moral or ethical idea that contradicts nature

Yeah; to the guy's saying it "shouldn't matter" to the father whether the child has his genes, I say, let me have sexual access to your wife and impregnate her and you pay the child-rearing costs, I'm sure they won't mind as it "shouldn't matter".

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 267

The specific primary reason I wanted children was to pass my genes on. This is an extremely deep, natural instinct to most people. I'd never in a million years want to invest a lifetime of resources (financial, time etc.) parenting and supporting some other man's child, to further his genetics - whether the clinic made the mistake or my partner cheated - that is not the deal. The deal is, my genetic offspring in exchange for my parenting resources. If I was this poor German father I would be trying to pay 0% of the parenting costs ... he's been supremely cuckolded by someone's incompetence. Most men don't have the financial resources to raise many children as modern child-rearing is very expensive, you only get one or two or a few chances at best, and he's now lost one of his chances at having kids of his own. This is a travesty.

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