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Comment Re:Economics of climate change (Score 1) 266

A good primer maybe, but definitely biased. When doing a cost/benefit analysis of climate change, the only possible benefits they included were:

Increased agricultural production in cold climates
  Lower heating costs
  Less deaths from exposure to cold

Looks to me like they found a lot of costs and heavily weighted them and really kind of skimped on the benefits... I'm hardly a climate scientist, but I'm pretty sure there's more than 3 benefits to a warmer climate. The only actual item to appear on the benefit side of the balance sheet was Nonelectric heating -1.3 billion.

Comment Re:No one ever says that (Score 1) 266

The land in the Netherlands will be gone, but I'm pretty sure the EU compact allows people from that country to freely move to, live in, and work in other member nations. Shouldn't be a huge problem under current legal standards, and that's not even considering if we started planning for coastal migration before it becomes a crisis. As far as Bangladesh, it would make far more sense for them to migrate to neighboring nations, but I have no problem if some of them want to come to the melting pot of the USA. I have not visited China, but my brother has fairly recently. I have no desire to go. Beijing is mostly well above sea level and 9/10th of the population there wasn't there 50 years ago. Shanghai is quite at risk due to elevation, but the population trend is similar to Beijing and the rest of China. China itself isn't that densely populated, just the urban areas are. Japan has well more than twice the population density of China and seems to be doing fine...

Siberia IS in the arctic circle, as is a lot of Canada and Alaska. That was my point. Currently no one lives there because it's too cold. If the climate gets warmer, people will be able to live there, and farm there, and provide there. The effectiveness of agriculture on existing lands is not likely to be reduced due to advances in productivity, genetic engineering, and increased production from longer growing seasons and more CO2 concentration.

Comment Re:No one ever says that (Score 2) 266

The upward trend in the cost of natural disasters is more highly correlated with the increased standard of living of the average person and the concentration of populations in areas subject to natural disasters. If the same Katrina hit in 1800, the damage cost, even inflation adjusted, is far less than it is now. Any increase in frequency or strength of storms is not the primary cause for more "billion-dollar events." It's the increase in billion dollar areas.

Comment Re:No one ever says that (Score 1) 266

The first step is to stop encouraging people to move TO the coasts. The government needs to stop subsidizing flood insurance and helping to replace and repair coastal area development after hurricanes. Stop the incentives to live on the coast and people will move inland on their own.

As far as not enough space for mankind on this globe... Umm by what metric are you coming to this conclusion? Have you been to Alaska? Canada? Siberia? Plenty of space there... Not currently very populated because it's really cold, but hey... Climate change is going to kill all the polar bears and free up that space right?

More land area on earth is currently uninhabited than is currently developed. And it's not even close. The total inhabitable landmass on earth is likely to go up due to a warmer climate.

Comment Re:End of the glaciation was ten thousand years ag (Score 1) 266

You changed the AC's definition. Glaciation is different than ice age. Ice ages refer to parts of history where there are ice caps at the poles that last over entire years. There have been times in earth's history when that was not the case and life continued.

One thing we do know for sure. The earth is warming, humans are contributing, but we don't know how much of each of the climate factors are contributing. The earth has been warmer than it is now in the past.

Comment Re:No one ever says that (Score 1) 266

Unfortunately, reducing CO2 emissions is a guaranteed waste of billions today and all of your natural disasters can't directly be linked to CO2 levels or global temperature. It's just a bullshit argument that all disasters are obviously because of climate change. Where are the dollar figures for benefits of climate change? I know personally, I'm saving money and CO2 emissions for the fact that my heater hasn't turned on in almost 2 weeks and it's January... Want to get a calculator for me?

Comment Re:At this rate... (Score 0) 266

I'm pretty sure the correct action is to melt down (yay recycling) your old car (using massive amounts of energy of course, probably coal fired near steel plants) and buy a brand new hybrid car that has a much larger manufacturing environmental footprint, but signals to the world that you care.

Comment Re:As if this is new (Score 0) 370

You cannot 'give money to keep the owners in business'. Real money is created with production. The money is created by work, it is created by the productive people.

Trade is exchange of the goods and services, it is not gifting of goods and services.

If 2 people are trading with each other by exchanging the products they created, injecting a non productive third person into the mix does not increase value for the 2 productive individuals, it may increase the nominal amount of trade, if their products are taken away by force to allow the unproductive to use the products and to trade the products with the first two, the actual value of the trade goes down, because the unproductive one consumes part of the product that he gets from the first two and can only trade a small part of what is left over from his consumption.

UBI is a modern version of communism and as all such schemes requires nationalization of productive resources, companies and property. When the state nationalizes (steals) stuff, it is not done to make anything better, it is all about enriching some politicians and their friends.

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