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Comment Re:Not in my America (Score 1) 287

That is indeed the ideal goal - automation and AI should allow us to achieve a post-scarcity 'Star Trek future' for mankind. However, to transition to this relatively more post-scarcity society requires significant and very careful changes to how society is structured politically. These changes can only be performed successfully by good quality political leadership (ha ha) that has both vision and a good understanding of technology. We simply do not have "good quality political leadership" anywhere in the world right now. This is a major concern. So there will likely be further unrest along the way. This is partly why we're already seeing a rise in leftist-Marxist protesting/unrest.

Comment Re:CEO's fear (Score 1) 287

I'm curious how such a study would define the benchmark of what 'correct' decisions by those CEOs would have been - how could they know? Play out alternative universe simulations in which the CEOs took an alternative decision? That's not possible. Not being facetious, am seriously wondering ... the types of decisions CEOs make aren't easy, and are made with incomplete information - if the CEOs (who have the most information) can't easily make the "correct" decision then how can some random scientist doing some study know the "correct" decision?

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 266

The people claiming this is "weird" or "fucked up" are either strange themselves, or they're pretending. Either way, they're pushing a moral or ethical idea that contradicts nature

Yeah; to the guy's saying it "shouldn't matter" to the father whether the child has his genes, I say, let me have sexual access to your wife and impregnate her and you pay the child-rearing costs, I'm sure they won't mind as it "shouldn't matter".

Comment Re:Bullshit, Todd. (Score 2) 266

The specific primary reason I wanted children was to pass my genes on. This is an extremely deep, natural instinct to most people. I'd never in a million years want to invest a lifetime of resources (financial, time etc.) parenting and supporting some other man's child, to further his genetics - whether the clinic made the mistake or my partner cheated - that is not the deal. The deal is, my genetic offspring in exchange for my parenting resources. If I was this poor German father I would be trying to pay 0% of the parenting costs ... he's been supremely cuckolded by someone's incompetence. Most men don't have the financial resources to raise many children as modern child-rearing is very expensive, you only get one or two or a few chances at best, and he's now lost one of his chances at having kids of his own. This is a travesty.

Comment Re:The Market at Work (Score 3, Interesting) 144

This isn't Google showing merely 'showing the indexed results' ... it's copying and reincorporating his content such that the users never visit his site in the first place. You shouldn't have to require not being indexed to not have Google behave like a greedy monopolistic parasite, but such is the world we live in.

Comment Re:Sorry not that impressive (Score 1) 141

I agree, that video looked rigged as hell. I've seen a lot more convincing animatronics in theme parks.

To me this looks kinda like effectively a demo video designed to show the potential of the (next generation of this) technology, given further funding (which they are probably likely to get). I'm not worried about robot soldier tech of today, but given it another 10 or 20 years development and it's not going to be a joke anymore.

Comment Re:lame (Score 1) 141

The "robot" doesn't even appear to move at all as targets fall at significant angles relative to it.

I think you failed to notice the fitted lasersights, which are an obvious giveaway as to the mechanism they're using for visual targeting, and given that, the only movement necessary is very small adjustments of the hands and perhaps lower arms.

Comment Re: Almaz (Score 2) 141

What I take away from that video is that they're not-so-subtly courting further investment from the military in order to develop a way more lethal 'version 2'. And the military is going to jump on this .. expect them to succeed in getting further funding and ultimately, bulk orders. This trend is worrying and likely inevitable ... scoff now, I would not want to be facing down an army of these invading my jurisdiction after another decade or two's advancement of the tech (this will happen in our lifetimes). The 2nd Amendment could become an important defense against robot armies.

Comment Re: Someone triggered a /. dupe? (Score 1) 448

That's like say, if I leave my front door open and a trespasser enters, "YOU invited that situation by buying a house with a door! YOU caused the issue!" ... that's just dumb. Of course it's 'best practice' to try and remember to always lock your door, but by and large society recognizes that an unwanted intrusion is caused by the intruder, not the victim, and our laws recognize as such.

If I rick-rolled the Burger King CEO's Android device with commands like "Ok Google, where is the nearest whorehouse" or, "Ok Google, how do I make a bomb", I bet suddenly he wouldn't think it's as acceptable as when he's doing it to others.

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